End Polio Now
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Former United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon reflects on how Rotary and the UN can continue to work together to end polio. [ Endpol.io Link ]
End Polio Now
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"I am proud of my job and my family is proud of me too." Meet Tahera, one of the over 65,000 Afghans working to end polio. [ Endpol.io Link ]
End Polio Now
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Automated machines at the CDC are increasing the number of samples tested for polio and for immunity against it. [ Endpol.io Link ]
End Polio Now
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The fight to eradicate polio gets a $35 million boost from Rotary in support of immunization activities and research to be carried out by the Global Polio Eradication Initiative. [ Endpol.io Link ]
Learn about our 2017-18 theme, Rotary: Making a Difference, with President-elect Ian Riseley, live from International Assembly in San Diego, USA.
Rotary President-elect Ian Riseley has announced his theme for the 2017-2018 year. Rotary: Making A Difference. Join a Facebook Live chat with him today at 2:00 p.m. Chicago time to learn about his theme and what it means to him. facebook.com/rotary
Join Rotary President-elect Ian Riseley for a special Facebook Live chat on Monday, 16 January at 2:00 pm (Chicago time) to learn about his presidential theme and how you can get involved. [ Facebook.com Link ]
Supermodel, mother, and Rotary ambassador Isabeli Fontana shares why immunizing children against polio in India was a life-changing experience. [ Endpol.io Link ]
India saw its last polio case six years ago, marking one of the greatest global health acheivements in history. Globally we had the fewest recorded cases in 2016. Help us end polio for good: endpolio.org
Check out these 6 key numbers in the effort to wipe out polio forever. Via World Economic Forum: [ Endpol.io Link ]
For nearly four years, half a million children in northwestern Pakistan were inaccessible to vaccinators. Now we're able to reach hundreds of thousands of children of migrant families with the vaccine. [ Endpol.io Link ]
Pakistan saw a drop from 306 cases in 2014 to 19 cases in 2016. Visit the new rotary.org to learn about how we’re ending polio in Pakistan. [ Endpol.io Link ]
Pakistan saw a drop from 306 cases in 2014 to 19 cases in 2016. Visit the new rotary.org to learn about how we’re ending polio in Pakistan. [ Endpol.io Link ]
Visit the NEW for interactive features & stories about all of Rotary's causes including efforts to end polio.
"The excitement is genuine; it is vital to celebrate this tremendous success. It is also critical to keep sharing the message as polio is endemic in two countries in close proximity to India (Pakistan, Afghanistan) and recently resurfaced in Nigeria." endpol.io/2jkq0bF
We won't quit until we reach every child with the polio vaccine. Learn about the new approaches we're taking to get the job done. endpolio.org
Since June 2015, Pakistan and Afghanistan have been coordinating major program activities, as success in one country depends on success in the other. Immunization campaigns have been synchronized so that no child on either side of the border can fall through the cracks. [ Endpol.io Link ]
We saw the fewest cases in the fewest places in 2016. Find out more about what we're doing to end polio for good: endpolio.org
As we begin a new year, we thank all of our supporters in the efforts to eradicate polio. We can't end polio without your help. Learn what more you can do: endpolio.org