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The Christmas tree - it’s the centrepiece of the holiday season. But it turns out not all festive trees are made equal — at least not when it comes to environmental friendliness.

So, which is better for the planet — a freshly cut tree or a fake one?

Real Christmas Trees Or Fake Ones -- Which Are Better For The Planet?

What do you think of this gadget as a way to reduce the amount of wrap going into landfill?
Need a blanket cuddle? These weighted blankets are designed to help fight anxiety and insomnia by placing deep pressure on the body to help release neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine.
Breathing-based meditation may work as an alternative for the millions of people who do not respond to antidepressants, a new study says.

How to fight major depression? Breathing, study suggests

An ice cream sundae topped with brownies – does a more comforting dessert exist? Here plant-based nutritionist Hayley Richards from Raw Karma shares with us her vegan take on this classic, featuring swirls of choc-vanilla and banana nice cream with a black bean brownie ‘topper’.

The ultimate vegan nice cream sundae - Wellspring Blog - Endeavour College of Natural Health

It's the archaic sickness that struck down 18th century sailors, but dreaded scurvy has resurfaced in modern day Sydney.

"It's something you associate with the First Fleet and the days of Arthur Phillip and Captain Cook. You don't expect it to be around in the 21st century," said scurvy patient Penelope Jackson.

Archaic sickness that plagued sailors resurfaces in Sydney

This tattoo artist uses real plants, flowers and herbs as stencils to create tattoos "with the lingering impression of the greenery as her guide".
How incredible is the power of touch? A new study has found having Swedish massages twice a week may be a useful treatment for anxiety in reducing both mental and physical symptoms.

Massage Therapy May Be Useful in Treating Symptoms of Anxiety

For our sensitive souls.
Despite experts predicting a growing number of Australian jobs will be placed at risk to automation over the next 20 years, the 'high touch' and people-centered jobs within the health and wellness industry are expected to be far more challenging to automate.
After feeling underwhelmed by the holistic health festivals she’d attended across the world over the years, nutritionist Briony Goldsmith hatched a plan to create a spiritual festival unlike anything Melbourne had ever seen before. We asked Briony to take us behind the scenes of her upcoming Soul Star Spring Festival.

Nutritionist creates Melbourne's newest spiritual festival - Wellspring Blog - Endeavour College of Natural Health

Congratulations to Endeavour student Paige Christodoulou who received a Highly Commended in the Student of the Year award at the 2017 Natural Health & Wellness Industry Professional Awards presentation on Saturday!
Why mess with a classic? Well, in this case there are plenty of reasons. Nutrition student Clare Holberton shares her nutrient-dense version of Australia's much-loved vegemite spread.

Once you try this DIY Vegemite Recipe you'll never go back - Wellspring Blog - Endeavour College of Natural Health

Nutritious food, positive thoughts and kind words are all important. Via Ana Hall - Live Clean Coach.
A new study has linked regular acupuncture treatments with lower blood pressure levels by stimulating the release of an opioid in the brainstem.

Acupuncture Activates Opioids To Lower Blood Pressure Levels: Study

Date-based treats are all around us, promoted as a healthier alternative kinder to our blood sugar levels than traditional desserts. However, is it as simple as swapping one for the other?

We asked natural health experts Alyce Serpell and Emily Seddon for their take on whether we should be approaching date-based foods with caution.

Dategate: Are your raw desserts just junk food in disguise? - Wellspring Blog - Endeavour College of Natural Health

Across Australia tonight people will be flocking to skyscrapers and beaches as the largest supermoon since 1948 rises into the night sky. Will you be watching the supermoon of the century?

How, When And Where To Watch Tonight's Supermoon

Endeavour students: During the examination period each campus will have a chill out zone dedicated to study and relaxation. This is a quiet area for you to use for study and to regroup before going into your final theory exams. (Please do not use this area for group study so as not to disturb those students around you.)

In these rooms you'll find light refreshments and activities designed for...
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More and more, researchers are understanding the affect of the sun on our physical, emotional and mental health. A new study has revealed time in the sun is linked to decreased mental health distress and better sleep.

So, how much time do we need to spend catching rays anyway?

"When the UV index is 3 or above (such as during summer), most people maintain adequate vitamin D levels just by...
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The sun matters more for mental health than we think

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