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Research has shown ditching sugary drinks in favour of water has a tangible impact on cavities in children's teeth. One NZ school adopted a 'water only' policy for drinks and asked parents to provide healthy lunches, and what happened? Over seven years the average number of cavities dropped 'significantly' and the number of extractions due to decay halved.

The decile 1 school that quit sugar and improved its pupils' teeth

Wonderful to see findings from our very own Office of Research, Endeavour College of Natural Health recognised by the mainstream media.

Led by Dr Amie Steel, the results showed Australian women trying to fall pregnant were 50 per cent more likely to see an acupuncturist and 30 per cent more likely to consult a naturopath than women not attempting to conceive.

This is also a heartwarming...
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Alternative therapies give new hope

A new study has shown 'chair yoga' (yoga performed sitting on a chair or while holding a chair) can help reduce pain and improve quality of life for people suffering from osteoarthritic pain.

"The potential impact of this study on public health is high, as this program provides an approach for keeping community-dwelling elders active even when they cannot participate in traditional exercise...
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Chair Yoga: Effective Alternative Treatment For Osteoarthritic Pain

Love watching Australia's favourite herb nerd Reece Carter - Naturopath wax lyrical on campus about why he chose ginger as a key ingredient for his first liquid tonic DOSE. He designed this concoction to restore the body's energy systems, support healthy cognitive function and improve resistance to stress. It's made from top shelf herbs with no sugar or caffeine, we might add. No wonder we...
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Endeavour's Summer Research Program students are well into assessing relevant articles for their systematic literature reviews, on topics related to global complementary medicine use, and medicinal cannabis in cancer. We will post the final papers once they are accepted for publication. Great work, Danielle, Rose and Michelle!

The Endeavour Student Summer Research Program is coordinated by...
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This hospital is bringing fresh produce to its patients by growing it on a block of land on site. With just a half acre block, they've grown a tonne of organic produce for patients as a way to help combat some of the lifestyle-related diseases many of them face.
Do you know the story of naturopath Jacqueline Evans, who graces our latest cover of Wellspring Magazine as one of Endeavour's most inspiring graduates? When she learned to concoct natural beauty products after graduating, she quickly realised there was no turning back.

Ten years and tens of thousands of bright bottles later, Jacqui’s skincare range Jacqueline Evans Naturopathic Skin Care is...
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Naturopath turned entrepreneur takes on the world’s beauty giants - Wellspring Blog - Endeavour College of Natural Health

A centuries-old Chinese medicine has been found to potentially aid in the treatment of tuberculosis. In a promising study, the ancient remedy artemisinin stopped the ability of tuberculosis-causing bacteria to become dormant. This stage of the disease often makes the use of antibiotics ineffective.

Tuberculosis killed 1.8 million people last year according to the World Health Organisation (WHO).

Life-saving malaria drug artemisinin also shows promise in the treatment of tuberculosis

"This isn't about avoiding or demonising consumption. It's about asking what would happen if we looked to optimise it and to maximise what is most important in life.

We could focus more on giving the gifts of quality time, good health, less debt, less stress and a flourishing planet to each other. Perhaps even create the space to give more to those less fortunate."

Enough’s Snough: Why Buying More Stuff Isn’t The Answer To Happiness | 1 Million Women

This is for everyone who likes exploring the world solo...

"Doing things alone eventually dissipates the feeling of self-consciousness in public places and fosters self-awareness instead. It takes a degree of confidence and initiative to do things solo, of which you should be proud. And if I’m going to be frowned upon because I’m eating dessert alone then, well. So be it."

Don't Feel Bad For Me Because I Do Things Alone

"We lose ourselves in books. We find ourselves there too."

We hope you're fitting in some reading over the break.
Wishing our community a day full of love, care and meaningful connection.
When a major US study found watercress achieved a perfect nutritional score of 100, we asked naturopath Meg Thompson from My Wholefood Romance to create a recipe for us with the number one powerhouse vegetable as the star ingredient.

Summer salad featuring the world’s #1 powerhouse vegetable - Wellspring Blog - Endeavour College of Natural Health

"One of my personal favorite boundaries is: 'I am unwilling to absorb anyone else’s energy. I want to be aware of it, but I’m unwilling to absorb it.' This boundary was such a huge paradigm shift for me. Prior to enacting it, I was somewhat like a sailboat, just floating whichever way the wind blew me."

Boundaries for Empaths | The Huffington Post

Every year we hear Mariah sing: "I don't care about the presents underneath the Christmas tree," but have you ever thought about what a Christmas without gifts would be like?

"Our family helps deliver donated toys to families in our neighbourhood, for kids who wouldn't otherwise receive anything this holiday season. I can't wait to invite our guest to help. I'll explain the part of Christmas...
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Is It Possible To Do Christmas Without Gifts?

Let's get some all natural spicy fragrance through our homes to mark the festive season, shall we?
"Through our demand for superfoods, we are pushing Indigenous populations into switching to cheaper, less nutritious, and less flavourful imported staples."

Hipsters’ insatiable appetite for superfoods is starving India’s ancient Indigenous people

Where do Australia’s top foodies love to eat when someone else is cooking? That’s what we asked entrepreneur and wholefoods lover Valeria Ramirez from The Well Nest, who took us to her Brissie faves Pressed Juices and Billykart West End and explained what keeps her coming back for more.

My favourite nourishing dining options in Brisbane - Wellspring Blog - Endeavour College of Natural Health

Scientists have found migraine sufferers have a different mix of gut bacteria and can have severe headaches triggered by eating meats, leafy vegetables and some wines.

Migraines could be caused by gut bacteria, study suggests