We've been fascinated by Australia's first happiness cafe Serotonin Eatery, Exercise + Education since it opened, and thought it was the right time to dig out our review from the archives. Don't forget you have until Monday April 3 to enter our competition for a chance to have your recipe featured on the Serotonin menu for a whole month and enjoy the ultimate happy feast with a friend. (We'll...
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A review of new happiness cafe Serotonin Eatery - Endeavour College of Natural Health

In a bid to ease Queensland's obesity crisis, legislation will make it compulsory for the energy content of food and drink to be displayed on in-store menus, online ordering websites, apps and takeaway menus of fast food and snack chains from tomorrow.

Our new weapon in battle of the bulge

Some of the best bits of the natural health world are the meaningful bonds that are formed - those rare relationships that are impossible to replace. For naturopaths, educators and ‘opposites’ Randa Karzon, 50 and Amie Steel, 37, what started as a work association evolved into an irreplaceable connection and the friendship of a lifetime.

Forming the natural bond of a lifetime - Endeavour College of Natural Health

When Canobolas Rural Technology High School hired a new canteen manager full of ideas for healthier food options he was told he'd never sell any fruit, but he ended up doubling their sales figures within a year. Today the canteen is loaded with fresh meal and snack options made on site, and the kids are loving it.
As part of our quest to celebrate happiness this week, we turn to some of our favourite health and wellness experts who give so much to others to ask them how they keep their own happiness tanks full.

“It is the small, simple things like a morning beach run, cooking a delicious meal, dancing to my favourite song, a deep meditation session or a sweaty yoga class, that help me connect with that...
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How the healers keep their happiness tanks full - Endeavour College of Natural Health

The United Nation's highly anticipated World Happiness Report is out and Australia was revealed as the ninth happiest country in the world out of 155 countries, with Norway taking out the top spot.

Why measure happiness? The report quotes experts who believe it is a better measure of a nation's progress and that using social wellbeing as a goal drives better government policy.

“It’s the...
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United Nations releases list of world's happiest countries

Competition time! Today is International Day of Happiness, and we're celebrating across all our campuses. We've also teamed up with Serotonin Eatery, Exercise + Education who share our fascination with food for happiness through their nourishing eatery that has become a Melbourne institution. Here the founder of Serotonin Emily Hazell launches the competition we’ve been cooking up together. It...
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With these five simple tips by Roberta Nelson from Naturo Medico, you can get back in control of your sugar cravings for good:

"Pump up your breakfast with some protein, arm your desk drawer with liquorice tea, buy yourself that drink bottle, switch the 3pm sweetie to a tub of yoghurt and seeds and keep a batch of bliss balls in the fridge for when you deserve the treat and a touch of sweet."

5 easy ways to wean yourself off sugar - Wellspring Blog - Endeavour College of Natural Health

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is the most common disabling disease among young adults, with eighty per cent of those diagnosed being forced out of full-time work within 10 years. Here two doctors previously diagnosed with MS claim an unconventional treatment cleared them of the symptoms of the disease.

The program was devised by Melbourne professor George Jelinek and uses exercise, meditation,...
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Doctors back unconventional treatment for multiple sclerosis

'Notella' mousse tarts - what's not to love? These raw vegan tarts created by Hayley Richards Nutrition are a great healthy dessert option free of refined sugars and gluten and packed with nutrients you’d usually miss out on with more traditional desserts.

The perfect low sugar chocolaty treat: ‘Notella’ mousse tarts - Wellspring Blog - Endeavour College of Natural Health

It all points back to natural. A new study has shown one in three Australians report adverse health effects from fragranced products, including breathing problems, migraine headaches, skin irritation and asthma attacks.

Fragranced products are making us sick, study finds

Twilight Open Day on Thursday 6 April 2017 is an opportunity to be immersed in the Endeavour College of Natural Health experience. Speak with lecturers and students, find out all about our Bachelor degree courses, explore our campuses, learn about educational pathways and study options, and find out if a career in natural health is for you. 6pm to 8.30pm at all Endeavour campuses. [...
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As students settle in to their study this semester, naturopathy student Andy McLintock shares his thoughts on the future of naturopathy and how future naturopaths can prepare to take their place in the industry.

"As students it is important not only to focus on the successful completion of our studies but our place in the profession and industry and how we envision the future. As the old...
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Our future as naturopaths on a holistic level: A student’s perspective - Wellspring Blog - Endeavour College of Natural Health

Our ancient ancestors cleverly made plant-based painkillers and antibiotics to treat aches and illnesses 40,000 years before penicillin was developed, new research has found.

Neanderthals used primitive versions of penicillin and aspirin for pain: scientists

It made our International Women's Day to see our graduate and food as medicine pioneer Sam Gowing's Food Health Wealth featured in this wrap up of Queensland women ruling the food industry. Keep shining Sam.

Five inspirational Queensland women in food | Gentefolk

An ad from a bakery franchise promoting bread rolls sprinkled with M&Ms as a lunchbox choice for schoolkids has been banned by the advertising watchdog for promoting unhealthy options for children.

The billboard ad featured three product images including a white roll with bacon and cheese, a cheese and Vegemite scroll and four white finger buns with M&Ms sprinkled on top. The accompanying...
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Bakers Delight ad promoting bread rolls topped with M&Ms as kids' lunch slated by ad watchdog - Mumbrella

Self-guided positive imagery training can help combat negative emotions in everyday life, according to new research from Norway. It showed imagery training is a powerful tool that allows positive changes in the brain functions, which can lead to an increase in happiness and the quality of life.

“These results suggest this has the potential to be a practical and effective method for boosting...
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Imagery Training Effective In Improving Everyday Happiness, Finds Study

With 25% of Indigenous Australians living in remote communities where fresh and healthy food is expensive and hard to access, how can we close the nutrition gap? Fascinating viewing.
This machine called 'Almond Cow' says it can turn 1/2 cup of fresh soaked almonds into 1.3 litres of almond mylk in thirty seconds. Interested?
The results of the world's largest survey on rest indicate that to feel truly rested, a lot of us want to be alone. Even extroverts.

"There is a hint that when you're on your own, as well as switching off from other people, you get the chance to switch off from your own inner monologue as well."

How being alone may be the key to rest - BBC News