Today is nutritionDay worldwide, and what better way to celebrate than by championing the work of our very own Janet Schloss from the Office of Research, Endeavour College of Natural Health.

When Janet was appointed to the coveted role of nutritionist at the Mater Hospital Private Breast Cancer Centre’s outpatient clinic in 2013, she began working alongside nurses, oncologists and surgeons...
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Nutritionist helping Brisbane cancer patients rebuild their lives - Wellspring Blog - Endeavour College of Natural Health
In Denmark the issue of undernourishment in hospitals is a big concern. So two companies got their heads together to develop a frozen sorbet range high in protein and fibre specifically for hospital patients with small appetites, an impaired sense of taste and swallowing difficulties. Pretty inspiring stuff.

DuPont and dairy create protein-rich sorbet for hospital patients
Did you know it is expected there will be 392 million people over the age of 80 by the year 2050? A new report is showing this growing group will be vulnerable to 'nutritional frailty', a condition associated with sudden weight loss and loss of muscle mass and strength which can increase the risk of age-related diseases.

We couldn't agree more with this key finding of the report: "Better...
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Nutritional considerations for healthy aging, reduction in age-related chronic disease
As part of our support of nutritionDay worldwide this week, we're sharing three credible nutrition journals we rate highly. These publications form part of our regular reading to help ensure we stay on top of cutting-edge nutrition research as a natural health education provider.

1. Annual Review of Nutrition: [ Link ]
2. The British Journal of Nutrition: [
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We all have days when we’re feeling a bit down, sad or not in the mood to be social. However, people with depression can experience these feelings constantly, for long periods of time, and sometimes without any apparent reason. Cathy Vanzanden gives her take on how naturopathy can help support medical treatment.

A naturopath's perspective on depression - Wellspring Blog - Endeavour College of Natural Health
Endeavour is a proud supporter of nutritionDay worldwide taking place this Thursday, 23 February. Given our focus on teaching holistic, evidence-based nutrition, this initiative caught our eye because of its work to draw attention to the challenges posed by malnutrition in hospitals, nursing homes and acute medical settings.

We will get behind nutritionDay by raising awareness of the value of...
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Commencing study with Endeavour is an exciting time for new students who will be joining a community of like-minded learners to become part of the health and wellness industry. For students commencing on campus in Semester 1 2017, Orientation Week is a great opportunity to make new friends, get comfortable with life as a student and set yourself up for ongoing study success.

New students,...
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"I feel pretty lucky to spend every day doing what I love in a beautiful clinic listening to bamboo flute meditation music. Frustration doesn’t exist in our world. If we have an extra busy week or are feeling the pressures of life, we schedule in time for an acupuncture treatment of our own, and problem solved,” said Endeavour acupuncture graduate Stephanie Flockart about her job working with...
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A new study has found that $3.4 billion could be saved from the country's health budget by the introduction of taxes on sugar, salt, saturated fats and sugary drinks, along with subsidies for fruit and vegetables. It could also add an extra 2.1 years of healthy life for every 100 Australians.

Read the full study at [ Link ]

Sugar, salts and fat taxes could save health budget $3.4 billion and increase life expectancy
The 2017 Jean Hailes Women’s Health Survey is now open.

By identifying gaps where effective information and resources currently exist, and understanding what prevents women from accessing valuable and trustworthy information about their health, Jean Hailes for Women's Health can better develop strategies and resources to address these areas.

Help shape women's health is Ausralia by...
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Jean Hailes Women's Health Survey
News has just broken that the plant kava has been legalised across the country to help treat anxiety.

Great to see Dr Jerome Sarris (Endeavour graduate and Research Fellow The University of Melbourne, Department of Psychiatry) interviewed about his clinical trials which have shown kava can improve symptoms in chronic anxiety sufferers, with less risk of dependency and side effects than other...
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Did you know PRACI (Pracitioner Research and Collaboration Initiative) is the largest national practice-based research network for complementary healthcare practitioners in the world?

In this video complementary medicine practitioners from different disciplines discuss how PRACI is making research meaningful for practice. View more at [ Link ] or visit .

PRACI: Making research meaningful for practice

Complementary Medicine practitioners discuss connecting research and practice. PRACI is the largest national practice-based research network for complementar...

Acupuncture may help babies who cry too much, according to a new study. Infants with colic (crying for more than three hours a day, for at least three days a week) had fewer symptoms after getting the traditional Chinese needling technique compared to the standard treatment.

The Soothing Benefit of Acupuncture for Babies
Could this be the best thing we've seen today? The obsession with greens is spreading for Adelaide naturopathy student Niki Porter - Naturopath, with her dog Wendy following suit. Yum yum carrot tops!
University researchers have found the Mediterranean diet can help those suffering from severe depression as a complementary therapy to traditional treatments. The team put dozens of patients with major depressive disorders on a Mediterranean-style diet rich in wholegrains, legumes, fresh fruit and vegetables, olive oil and nuts.

After 12 weeks of healthy eating, researchers said one third of...
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Mediterranean diet can help in fight against depression: study
Melbourne naturopath Roberta Nelson from Naturo Medico learnt a thing or two about the power of social media as a marketing tool when vitamins giant Blackmores contacted her out of the blue with an enticing offer after becoming a fan of her Instagram account. And she's been working with them ever since!

How my Instagram account led Blackmores to my door - Wellspring Blog - Endeavour College of Natural Health
One business is trying to disrupt the dairy industry with its pea milk. It's said to be one of the cheapest, most sustainable forms of plant protein available. Creamy too!
Ever wondered about making the ultimate impression as an intern? This interview with naturopath and founder of thriving Brisbane multi-modality clinic Katherine Maslen is for you.

How to strike internship gold - Wellspring Blog - Endeavour College of Natural Health
Every step towards doing what you love is bringing you closer to your dream natural health career, just like Endeavour College of Natural Health graduate Lola Berry: [ Link ]

Whether you're inspired to become a practitioner or to develop your own wellness product, an industry recognised Bachelor of Health Science (Nutritional and Dietetic Medicine) will give you the knowledge...
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"Have you noticed how sugar is everywhere? Our kids can’t escape it. Lollies at the checkout. Our school canteens stocking sugary drinks and food. Endless sweet treats from well meaning family and friends. What used to be a special treat when I was a kid is now part of everyday life.

"When I was a boy at cricket training, we’d look forward to the orange quarters in the breaks. These days...
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Let’s hit sugar for six | Jamie's Food Revolution | Jamie Oliver