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Natural gas, developed in neighboring states via fracking, has already helped Maryland families with significant savings and lowered air pollution.

Join us to tell Maryland state senators to not cave to pressure from anti-energy activists who want to ban fracking in Western Maryland!

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Energy Citizens
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Just days before leaving office, the Obama administration pushed through a methane rule that will have a long lasting financial effect on American businesses. We must overturn this burdensome and costly rule.

Republicans gear up to eliminate BLM's methane waste rule
Energy Citizens
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“Fracking is an environmentally and economically responsible method of obtaining energy, and banning it would be counterproductive to our societal, economic and environmental goals.”

Submission: CALPIRG’s stance on fracking is misguided, unrealistic
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Updating America’s energy infrastructure could support millions jobs, and contribute billions to the economy. It’s time to proceed with the Mariner East 2 pipeline.

Time to let Sunoco proceed with pipeline
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Some of America’s richest reserves are in government-controlled offshore areas and are currently off-limits.

By supporting offshore drilling you can help bring thousands of jobs and much-needed fuel to our country: [ Link ]
Without pipelines, usable energy simply wouldn’t exist. That’s why it’s so important to keep improving our energy infrastructure. It creates jobs, lessens the chance of supply disruptions and strengthens our energy security.

Atlantic Coast Pipeline 'encouraged' by Trump's energy infrastructure push - Triangle Business Journal
In Pennsylvania, the Wolf Administration’s methane proposal is unneeded & will harm jobs.

Unnecessary regulations will harm Pennsylvania jobs, and do nothing to improve air quality: PennLive letters
Offshore drilling can help unlock reserves that could bring much-need fuel, government revenue, energy security and jobs to our country.

Offshore Drilling - Energy Citizens
Opposing #KeystoneXL is “anti-energy, anti-jobs, anti-consumer, anti-science, anti-security & anti-friendship with Canada.”

Ambrose: Trump undoes Obama’s oily moves on pipelines
Completing the Keystone XL & Dakota Access pipelines is the right thing to do.

Trump is on the right side of the pipeline debate | Editorials | Dallas News
“Trump’s willingness to proceed with the Keystone XL and Dakota pipelines will be a boost to our economy and provide us with a safer and cleaner way of developing our nation’s energy sources.”

Wolfram: Pipelines will boost the economy
The #BrokenRFS is bad for cars, boats, motorcycles — even lawnmowers.

Tell Congress to put an end to this policy!

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23 State Senators introduced a bill today that would ban fracking in Western Maryland. Based on faulty science, this would deprive the region of badly needed jobs, and the entire state of lower energy prices.

SHARE to support all those who joined us in December to advocate for the jobs and economic benefits that fracking would bring!
“America is well-positioned to become a leader in the global LNG export business if the incoming Trump administration and Congress move quickly to cut through the red tape and expedite the permitting process for constructing LNG facilities.”

Regulatory logjam on U.S. liquefied natural gas exports threatens Ohio jobs: Robert W. Chase (Opinion)
In addition to helping the economy, producing our own oil and natural gas means less reliance on unfriendly nations for our energy needs and reduces the risk of supply disruptions.

Offshore Drilling - Energy Citizens
Energy infrastructure includes pipelines, roads, rail, trucks and ships that carry our oil and natural gas. Without it, usable energy simply wouldn’t exist.

Infrastructure - Energy Citizens
Who is pushing anti-fracking propaganda? Vladimir Putin.

Putin's Other American Propaganda Effort: Anti-Fracking News
The Renewable Fuel Standard is an unrealistic federal mandate that hurts our engines and our economy.

It’s time our leaders in Washington repeal this unworkable rule.

Roundheads Against King Corn: Why the Renewable Fuel Standard Deserves To Die
Today’s Executive Orders from President Trump advancing the Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines will help keep us energy secure here at home and create thousands of good-paying American jobs.

Fantastic day for American energy!
We are sitting on decades of clean-burning natural gas. Fracking allows us to access the vast reserves of natural gas and oil that’s right beneath our feet.

Hydraulic Fracturing - Unlocking American Energy

Hydraulic fracturing (a.k.a. fracking) is a safe, proven way to extract oil and natural gas and generate affordable American energy. Hydraulic fracturing has...