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Anti-energy activists are rallying in Tallahassee pushing false science about hydraulic fracturing. Fracking is safe and helping our environment. Period. Their ban isn’t just on fracking, it’s on Florida’s way of life. Learn more:
Energy Citizens
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We expect energy to be there whenever and wherever we need. But without energy infrastructure, we would not be able to experience the ample benefits that abundant, affordable energy can provide.

That’s why we must say yes to pipeline projects that put everything we want within reach.

Energy Infrastructure Makes Life Possible

If we want to keep moving forward, we need to say YES to pipeline projects that put all the things we want, all within reach. Learn more at

Energy Citizens
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Energy Citizens should take a minute to check out the blog over at the Chamber of Commerce’s Institute for 21st Century Energy. There is a great post that discusses the importance of fracking to our everyday lives:

Let’s Not Forget the Important Things that are Brought To Us By Fracking
Energy Citizens
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Fracking is safe and has revolutionized oil and natural gas development, creating jobs and making America more energy secure.
“Nevada lawmakers should reject the fracking ban.”

COMMENTARY: Fracking ban would be bad for Nevada
Clean and safe natural gas production is finally within reach for Western Maryland.

We need to show that Marylanders want responsible energy development and are opposed to any attempts by anti-energy activists to ban it in General Assembly.

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Nearly everyone is on board. Labor & business groups team up in Nebraska to support the #KeystoneXL.

State Chamber and Union groups voice support for Keystone XL
By updating our nation’s energy infrastructure we’ll continue supporting America’s energy renaissance, putting millions of Americans to work and building a stronger America for future generations.

Pennsylvania is once again open for business.

Mariner East 2 pipeline shows Pennsylvania open for business
What can offshore drilling do for the U.S.?

“Currently, nearly 90 billion barrels of oil and 405 trillion cubic feet of gas are untapped. Leasing these areas for development would create 840,000 jobs, put $200 billion into the federal treasury, and ramp up domestic energy production by 3.5 billion barrels of oil a day.”

Fuel the American economy with offshore energy
This cannot afford to wait any longer. New England consumers are relying on their legislators to modernize its energy infrastructure.

New England Must Improve Energy Supply
“Republicans on the House Energy and Commerce Committee are planning to push legislation this year to change the federal ethanol mandate and make pipeline approvals easier.”

House GOP to prioritize ethanol, pipeline legislation
“Fracking is the energy miracle of our century.”

Fracking has created good paying American jobs, strengthened our economy, and made American a more energy secure and independent for decades to come.

ACP project pipeline will bring jobs, growth
On top of creating jobs across the country, “Fracking is well understood, highly-regulated and safe. So fracking bans would set a terrible precedent by ignoring science and expert opinion.”

Fracking is proven, safe, and has revolutionized American energy development

Porter: Florida shouldn’t just ban fracking
They’re at it again today. The same people at Tuesday’s hearing threatening to sell their million dollar second homes in Garret County are in Annapolis pushing false science about hydraulic fracturing.

Meanwhile, Energy Citizens in Western Maryland are making their voices heard: They want the opportunity and security that comes with natural gas production.
Fracking shouldn’t be, and often isn’t, a partisan fight. Republicans and Democrats both need jobs – and in Western Maryland, they’re all asking for them.

LETTER TO CTN: We need natural gas jobs
Stop the attack on Frack!
Energy Citizens making their voices heard, supporting Maryland energy!
Obama’s last-minute methane rule was an abuse of executive power and we must fight to roll back this excessive, costly regulation.

GOP Considering Repealing Obama’s Methane Rule
Natural gas, developed in neighboring states via fracking, has already helped Maryland families with significant savings and lowered air pollution.

Join us to tell Maryland state senators to not cave to pressure from anti-energy activists who want to ban fracking in Western Maryland!

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Just days before leaving office, the Obama administration pushed through a methane rule that will have a long lasting financial effect on American businesses. We must overturn this burdensome and costly rule.

Republicans gear up to eliminate BLM's methane waste rule