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New report shows Russia engaged in an anti-fracking campaign to hurt the U.S. energy industry.

Hacking report: Russia engaged in anti-fracking campaign
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The RFS is bad for cars, boats, motorcycles – even lawnmowers.

The RFS is bad for America. It’s time Washington repeal the #BrokenRFS: [ Link ]
We must not let pipeline opponents curtail our energy sources: [ Link ]
If Maryland is going to combat climate change, the LAST thing the state should do is ban natural gas production.

Don’t ban fracking in Maryland
The ethanol mandate is a huge failure.

President Trump should make its repeal a top priority. Do you agree?

Trump should dump ethanol fuel mandate
We all want to breathe cleaner air, while continuing to power our way of life. And that’s all possible with American-produced natural gas. It simply makes sense to continue to invest in this clean burning, abundant source of domestic energy.

Learn more about the benefits of natural gas here!

Environmental Benefits - Energy Citizens
In New England, expensive energy doesn’t just cost dollars and cents – it robs communities of badly needed jobs.

When desperately needed natural gas pipelines are blocked, businesses leave. We can’t afford to keep this up.

LePage says 2 companies, 400 jobs poised to leave Maine - The Portland Press Herald
President Obama’s last ditch effort to ban offshore drilling in parts of the Arctic and Atlantic oceans may be illegal.

Obama’s Last-Minute Offshore Drilling Ban Could Be Illegal
American manufacturing is rebounding. What’s responsible? Cheap and abundant energy, thanks to fracking.

Thanks to fracking, America is undergoing a manufacturing revival
Allowing the export of US crude oil and LNG – after a 40-year ban – will fuel our economy for years to come.

Lifting energy export ban fuels our economy
“Removing the constraints on exports of liquefied natural gas will not only improve the energy security of some of our key allies, it will also reduce Russia's bargaining power in Europe and further stimulate our own economy.”

It's Time To Move On Liquid Natural Gas Exports
New poll shows that more than 80% of Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Virginia voters believe investment in energy infrastructure would have a positive impact on the economy.

New battleground state polls show support of energy infrastructure investment
From one Energy Citizen to another, cheers to a healthy, happy, and warm holiday season!
It’s time for Maryland to adopt sensible fracking regulations, and take full advantage of America’s energy revolution.

A rally for a better way of life : monoblogue
“To promote a healthy market that encourages risk-taking and innovation, Congress should repeal the Renewable Fuel Standard and let consumers make their own choices at the pump.”

5 Reasons to Scrap the Renewable Fuel Standard
This winter, Jack Frost will do his best to freeze you in your tracks.

Thanks to America’s oil and natural gas, he doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell.
The Maryland legislature can't help but hear us, loud and clear: Marylanders need energy jobs, and the state needs the energy they'll produce.

SHARE to support the passage of REASONABLE energy regulations -- the kind that won't hamper job creation.
The RFS is an unrealistic federal mandate that hurts drivers, families and small businesses. It’s time to End the Ethanol Ruse.

The wrong 'mix': End the ethanol ruse