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The RFS is an outdated, flawed program that should be repealed or significantly reformed. It’s original objective, to reduce crude imports, is being achieved instead by rising domestic production.

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"Instead of banning fracking, Florida would be wise to work with states that have more experience with science-based fracking regulations. Colorado and Pennsylvania, for example, have developed unique regulations that fit their geology and the conditions and needs of their communities. Both states are reaping the benefits of inexpensive energy production and doing it safely."

Former EPA official to Florida: Don't ban fracking
Keystone XL represents tremendous opportunity – for energy, infrastructure, jobs and state and national economies

Keystone XL Opens New Push
Beyond the job and economic benefits, exporting U.S. LNG will help allies overseas – especially those seeking more options in terms of LNG supply – in particular, countries in Central and Eastern Europe, who’ve seen energy used as a weapon in a market dominated by the Soviet Union and now Russia.

A great interactive look from the Washington Post on the progress the oil and gas industry has made in the past few years.

The United States of oil and gas
With new crude exports and growing capacity to export LNG, the United States is just now discovering its potential as a global energy supplier.

"Natural gas and oil are much, much more than just fuels. Oil and gas are all around us – in paint, makeup, the components in bionic parts, life-saving medical technology, clean fuels, space suits and … rockets."

The Right Stuff for Space Exploration – And More
The fact the U.S. leads the world in oil and natural gas production is critically important, given the role both play in our economy and everyday life.

"Many Floridians do not realize that, as those energy prices were climbing toward $4 per gallon, Florida tourism growth was subsequently slowing down. After the hydraulic fracturing revolution led to increased supplies and lower prices, Florida’s tourism soon reached record levels — a correlation that can be easily drawn."

Ban on fracking might bring back $4-a-gallon gas: Front Burner
The link between hydraulic fracturing and U.S. global leadership in oil and natural gas production is direct: Without fracking, there’d be no American energy renaissance – or the array of benefits it is providing to our economy, to individual households, U.S. manufacturers and other businesses.

"According to a recent poll commissioned by the Arctic Energy Center, approximately 70% of Alaskans including Native groups across the state, support offshore energy development."

For Alaska, Offshore Energy is Key to a Better Future
"More than any other factor, fracking added approximately $1,000 to each household’s disposable income last year."

Fracking, Lower Gasoline Prices Returned $1,000 To Household Budgets Last Year
We are pioneering new frontiers - and doing it more efficiently than ever before with the help of oil and natural gas. Learn more at
The benefits of abundant American energy extend beyond our fuel tanks. Since 2008, roughly the start of the America’s production surge, average annual energy costs per U.S. household have dropped 14 percent, lowering Americans’ overall cost of living.

"There was no question that the original intent of the ethanol law was good: to make America less dependent on foreign petroleum. But the law’s supposed environmental benefits have turned out to be less than advertised. And the need for more domestic fuel has become less urgent over the last decade, as hydraulic fracturing has sparked a near doubling of U.S. domestic oil production. So the...
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Greens and Oil Industry Joined in Opposition to Federal Ethanol Mandate
"In addition to the economic advantages of lowered energy costs, construction of these pipelines will result in thousands of construction jobs. It is estimated that the Keystone project alone will add 40,000 jobs, ranging from construction workers to those employed in the manufacture of the materials used to construct the pipeline. The Dakota pipeline is estimated to generate 12,000 jobs...
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Wolfram: Pipelines will boost the economy
"To ignore fossil fuels' potential contribution to America's energy future would be a serious blunder."

Fossil fuels are key to America's energy future
You don’t have to look very far to see the American energy renaissance at work for U.S. consumers.

"The [Dakota Access] pipeline is a $3.78 billion investment supporting 8,000 to 12,000 jobs in four states. Finishing the job means well-paying work for America's construction sector – a highly trained workforce – and a long-term investment in U.S. energy security."

America needs Keystone, Dakota pipelines
The American people have a firm understanding of the importance of oil and natural gas.

Energy Opportunities Abound for Trump Administration