These two labs both want to sit on the float, but will they fit? They definitely both know how to relax in the sun!

When Both Dogs Want To Get On The Pool Floatie...
Check out the following 7 fun ways to exercise your dog. You might just find your next favorite activity to do with your bff.

7 Fun Ways to Exercise Your Dog
Luna and her friend enjoying their prizes from our Pet Of The Week Contest. Interested in entering? Here's how: [ Link ]
Celebrating the human's return. :D (IG: the_lee_pack)
This family was out kayaking when they met an unlikely passenger who wanted to join the fun! A sea lion cub hopped on the kayak for nearly their whole ride, enjoying the weekend fun.

You’ll Never Guess Who Decided To Go Kayaking With This Family!
Why should you choose Metacam for your dog? Learn how it differs from other NSAID's here:

Does Your Pet Have Arthritis?
In case you haven't met Lilly, she is our EntirelyPets Sponsor. And she's finally back in the water!

Have You Met Lilly?
And our Pet of the Week winner is... It's hard to miss Duncan, because he is one big pooch! This handsome fellow is a Neapolitan mastiff and Great Dane mix residing in New Jersey. He has impressed his entire family and their friends with how well-mannered he is with their toddler. Learn more about him here.

Duncan is HUGE, but he's all love when it comes to his littlest human.
For the 26th year in a row, the Labrador Retriever is the mos popular pooch! We love labs, along with every other dog.

What's everyone's favorite dog breed? Anyone else have a lab? :)

Breaking News: The Labrador Retriever Wins Top Breed for the 26th Year In a Row
When taking a stroll through the woods, you would never guess who came to say hi! These 4 tiny kittens were happily rescued.

They Were Walking Through The Woods And Stumbled Across These Guys!
It's a new year! Let's get to it! Here's a few fun things to do with your canine friend.

5 Fun Things To Do With Your Dog In The New Year | EntirelyPets Blog
Synchronized #parrot singing? Yes please!

Synchronized Parrot Singing? Yes Please!
#Catproblems.(IG: @harunosuke_meow)
The family's adorable pug is blind, so they decided to help him wake up in the most adorable way possible!

This Pug is blind, just wait until you see how his family wakes him up every day! | EntirelyPets Blog
The 10 healthiest ways to #relax with your #cat:

The 10 Healthiest Ways to Relax With Your Cat
When you've had enough kisses for one day... (IG: @i_min_u)
When this dog's owner realized how close her dog was getting to a visiting friend, she knew she had to pull out her camera. These two have such a special bond, and we couldn't help but watch the video twice.

This deer and dog are best friends, and we couldn't believe it! | EntirelyPets Blog
Here are a few things you should do before bringing home your emotional support animal.

Preparing Your Home for Your New Emotional Support Animal
Some snacks are just too good to share, at least that's what this cat thinks about his chips!

When your cat won't share the chips... | EntirelyPets Blog