Bark, bark - and...... OUT. (IG: @windycityfrenchie)
When the music comes on, this Bull Terrier pipes in with his solo. Aside from having an incredible voice - he's darn handsome too!

Have you ever met a bull terrier that loves to sing?
Learn about the Top 7 Superfoods for Dogs with this useful infographic from EntirelyPets! Superfoods are foods high in nutrients and low in calories that have proven benficial properties when taken.

7 Superfoods to Add to Your Dog's Diet
Oh don't mind me human... just watching my favorite TV show... (IG: yumesamaslover)
Ruckus likes to sleep with his favorite toy. If it's not in his mouth, it's on his arm like this... hehe. :P
Rosie isn't your typical shelter dog... which is perhaps why finding her a permanent home was such a long road. Rosie is deaf. But shelter volunteers were determined to help her step out of her shell. What did they do? They taught her sign language. ...

Rosie is a special rescue dog, you'll never guess why!
Ever wonder what your cat does with your toothbrush when you're not home?
Well... you should!

Congratulations to Joey for being a winner in our contest this week!
How can Lyme Disease affect your #dog? Learn about it here:

How to Prevent Lyme Disease in Dogs
We asked you to share your pet's silly antics with us... and we all had a whole lot of laughs out of it!

Congrats to Cosmo for being a winner in our weekly contest. Cosmo enjoys sneaking into bedrooms he isn't suppose to be in and climbing into cabinets and shutting the door behind. :P
So you think you have a cat... but sometimes wonder if he might be part dog too. Here are 8 signs that might suggest your cat is actually a dog.

8 signs your cat is actually a dog
Treat your dog to a healthy snack with this recipe for delectable salmon jerky dog treats from Kirby the Dorkie!

This Homemade Salmon Jerky Will Drive Your Dog Wild
Zues-Zoo rockin' his new sweater. What a cutie!

Thanks to his wonderful human April for being such an active member of our community. We love seeing photos of Zues-Zoo. Congrats again.
2 #Dachshunds and a #hedgehog! Quite the site. <3 - [ Link ]
That one friend you always thought twice about, before inviting to the sleepover. (IG: roofusandkilo)
It's true that lots of dogs love car rides, but this husky takes it to a whole new level. He refuses to get out of the car when his human asks. You'll laugh at his response to her request!

This husky refuses to get out of the car...
Looking for a fun way to get out and active with your dog? There are countless National Parks that are both beautiful and dog friendly. These parks are ideal places for a fun adventure with your favorite canine!

Top 10 Dog Friendly National Parks
Griffin's cute... what's even cuter is Griffin's snorts. Listen closely! (IG: @griffinfrenchie) #frenchies
Congrats to our Pet Of The Year winner Samson!

We loved Samson's story, and are so proud of him for being such an influential part of his human's life. Congrats again to this handsome lab!

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