Mostly though, a small business has minimal staff, is started with a small amount of capital, and it carries low overheads.

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I am working on a big project right now and need to focus; can you wait and tell me what’s going on, at lunchtime/after work?

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Here are four of those most common habits of millionaires who have gone broke:

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If you’re still uncertain that you’re business is in serious trouble, then pay attention to the following eight telltale signs.

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Want to become the next successful women entrepreneur? Here is a selection of business ideas for women that will cost you next to nothing to start.

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So for all the start-up founders who are just embarking on their first venture (or facing year two or three in the trenches), here are some of the lessons I learned – and some of the things you can expect – in your first 10 years in business.

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As with any business idea, you need to identify the good and the bad.

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There will also be areas of your life that require more attention at different times. Once you accept this, you can be more present in each task.

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Consider these five productivity hacks to optimise your daily hustle.

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Everyone – from the CEO to an entry-level worker – could see what his or her colleagues were taking home.

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Starting lean? This one page business plan will help you consider all the ins and outs of your business.

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Factors such as the rapid penetration of smart phones even into the lower LSMs will change the local landscape dramatically.

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Here are some of the things you can do to set yourself up for the win when planning your new venture:

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“We ensure the guest leaves with the best possible experience, even if the staff is having a bad day.”

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“With BDODrive we combine people, technology and insight to help your business thrive. We become your trusted business adviser.” - BDO South Africa

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Unlike in South Africa, where all the necessary equipment is fairly readily available, some regions of Africa may not have stock of certain equipment, so it is important to cover all bases carefully when planning.

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“It is very important to understand the cash flow of your business if you want it to survive.”

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Starting your own business is the most exciting decision to make. Your mind is likely overwhelmed with all the things you need to consider and all the success you hope to have.

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What is it that keeps me going through the pain, the disappointment and the drama of venture capital? What lessons can other entrepreneurs learn from failure?

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