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On the 100th anniversary of the U.S. National Park Service, our users are debating whether the government has adequately balanced the need for public access with preservation efforts: [ Onbriga.de Link ]

VOTE: The National Park Service has done a good job balancing the need for public access with preservation efforts

Hillary Clinton unveiled her environmental conservation plan. Will it help her win California Primary and/or millennial votes? Join the debate on Brigade: [ Onbriga.de Link ]

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People on Brigade are now calling for Governor Rick Snyder to be removed from office for his role in the Flint, MI water disaster.

Sign the petition: Flint's Water Disaster: Remove and Arrest Gov. Rick Synder

Weigh in and see how others feel... | Pixabay

Are low oil prices good for the planet?

Celebs threw their support behind the Paris climate conference, calling on world leaders to take action: [ Onbriga.de Link ]

Celebrities joining climate change protests care more about publicity than the environment

Could the Paris climate change conference be a turning point for efforts to curb global warming? [ Onbriga.de Link ]

Should we be betting on the Paris climate change talks?

Yellowstone National Park wants to kill nearly 1,000 bison to prevent the spread of potential diseases to local livestock during the herd's annual migration. Is the culling justifiable? [ Onbriga.de Link ]

Should bison that migrate outside of Yellowstone National Park be protected?

Was rejecting the Keystone XL Pipeline the right thing to do? Make your voice heard: [ Onbriga.de Link ]

Obama just killed the Keystone XL Pipeline

Would you buy an electric car if the government offered you a tax credit? Weigh in and see what others said:

Would tax credits for in-home charging stations spur mass adoption of electric cars?

Reports of shark encounters and attacks are on the rise and authorities in coastal cities are debating how to deal with the issue. One controversial idea is shark culling -- capturing and killing sharks in the vicinity of swimming areas. Do you think it's the right approach? Weigh in and see what others think:

Is shark culling to reduce the risk of attacks on beachgoers inhumane?

Do the economic benefits of ecotourism outweigh the potential hazards? What’s your stance?

Is ecotourism harming fragile ecosystems?

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency this week set a new national ozone standard, tightening limits on air pollution linked to asthma and other respiratory illnesses. But business groups argue the rule is unnecessary and could harm jobs. Click the link to tell us what you think:

Is America's air getting cleaner or is more regulation needed?