Historic news clips reveal that scientists forecasted the effects of climate change as early as 1883.

A 1912 news article ominously forecasted the catastrophic effects of fossil fuels on climate change

President Trump should take note: America’s clean energy industry is booming – and creating millions of jobs.

The rise in clean energy means more U.S. jobs

These two creative approaches could provide a bright future for corals – even with climate change.

Two Creative Approaches Could Provide Hope For Future Of Corals

President Trump has promised to create millions of American jobs, but coal is not the answer. Here’s the biggest industry he’s overlooking.

Trump promises a renaissance for coal – but these clean energy numbers tell a different story

This roadmap for meeting the Paris climate goals is staggering – but could it convince countries to act?

Scientists made a detailed "roadmap" for meeting the Paris climate goals. It’s staggering.

These unexpected heroes are redefining what it means to be an environmentalist. Find out how they are leading a quiet revolution.

These heartland conservation heroes defy stereotypes

New EPA administrator Scott Pruitt has an inherent misunderstanding of how the agency functions.
The EPA protects our air and water for just a sliver of the federal budget. What’s the sense in cutting funding? Tell Congress to protect the EPA.

Tell Congress: Reject Any Budget That Attacks the EPA

President Trump’s plan to reverse the Clean Power Plan would be reckless. These carbon pollution limits are the right path forward for America, and these facts prove it.

These Facts Underscore Why the Clean Power Plan is the Right Path Forward for America

A new analysis shows that 47% of environmental spending benefited Republican districts.

Trump’s Environmental Spending Cuts Could Cost Republican Districts Billions

Trump’s budget puts special interests ahead of protecting the most vulnerable Americans. Here’s how children and the elderly could suffer the most from drastic EPA cuts.

The president's EPA budget lacks compassion for seniors and kids

Why is President Trump determined to reverse these climate rules that a majority of Americans support?

Trump Lays Plans to Reverse Obama’s Climate Change Legacy

What’s driving Rust Belt states to tackle methane when President Trump won’t? Economics.

Why rust belt states are tackling methane when Trump won't

These maps show that Americans overwhelmingly support pollution limits on coal power plants.

How Americans Think About Climate Change, in Six Maps

No one benefits from methane leaks: They add more greenhouse gasses to the air and waste millions of dollars. So why is Congress attacking these commonsense standards to limit the pollution?

Trump wants to reduce waste and grow jobs? Good, these methane policies do just that.

Head scratcher of the week: According to new EPA head Scott Pruitt, states have the right to pollute but not to protect the environment.

According to Scott Pruitt, states only have the right to pollute, not protect their environments

Deforestation and degradation make up almost 20% of global greenhouse gas emissions. The good news? We can end it with these 3 solutions.

3 ways the marketplace could end Amazon deforestation

President Trump wants to gut the EPA, but we can’t afford to go back to the days of dirty air and water. Add your name if you agree. [ Edf.org Link ]
This fascinating graphic shows what the U.S. will look like when your kids get old – and it’s not pretty.

What the US Will Look Like When Your Poor Kids Get Old

Alternative facts have no place in the White House. Here’s what’s at stake when we ignore the truth.

What's at stake when facts are ignored? Here are 10 examples.