Thinking of heading to the salon for a keratin hair straightening treatment? Think again. These treatments are full of harmful chemicals.

Brazilian-style Blowouts: Still Poisonous, Still in Salons
"A crop like strawberries will always have lots of pesticide residues because they are vulnerable to pests, they grow directly in the soil, have a high water content and lack a protective outer peel." - EWG's Sonya Lunder tells USA TODAY.

Strawberries and these other foods have the most pesticides
"Agricultural interests and their political patrons are celebrating the Water Works' loss. But the real losers are all Iowans suffering from dirty water.​" - EWG's Craig Cox writes in The Des Moines Register. This is just one example of how agriculture pollution is affecting human health across the country.

Water Works Lawsuit's real losers: Iowans suffering from dirty water
Our guide can help you find seafood that is high in healthy omega-3s, low in mercury and sustainable: [ Link ]

Want to eat fish that's truly good for you? Here are some guidelines to reeling one in
Scientists have detected phthalates in many types of food with particularly high concentrations in dairy and meat.

Hormone-Disrupting Plastic Chemicals Found In Food
By pairing certain foods you can maximize their cancer-fighting benefits.

An Eating Plan For Cancer Prevention, Straight From EWG
You could unknowingly expose yourself to flame retardants, phthalates, formaldehyde and other chemicals from common items in your home.

10 Common Household Toxic Chemicals To Avoid While Pregnant
It took a lawsuit from UC Berkeley, but California public health officials have released draft guidelines advising cell phone users to keep phones away from their bodies, use speaker phone and limit use. EWG first published a review of the science of cell phone radiation eight years ago—why is it taking so long to get new cell phone standards?

California Cautions Cell Phone Users: Keep Your Distance
Common chemicals in cleaning products have been linked to asthma, developmental toxicity and cancer.

How to Spot Potentially Harmful Chemicals In Dish Soap & Find Healthier Options
President Trump signed and executive order that will gut the Clean Water Rule and put the drinking water of 117 million Americans at risk. EWG created an interactive map that will show whether this affects you and your family.

Trump’s First Environmental Assault Endangers Tap Water of 100 Million Americans
Former Georgia Gov. Sonny Perdue’s confirmation hearing to head the USDA is set to begin this week. The Senate Agriculture Committee members MUST ask him these top 10 questions.

10 Questions for Sonny Perdue, Trump's USDA Nominee
While there's still work to be done, this massive pesticide protection law has allowed us to remove some of the most dangerous pesticides out of the food supply. Now, 20 years later, Congress is considering the Regulatory Accountability Act that would make it virtually impossible to create rules like this one aimed at protecting public health. [ Link ]
"In order to shop smarter, it is essential we shop cleaner and avoid as much as possible of the destructive, unnatural compounds that destroy our bodies in a stealth way." - Kimberly Snyder says of our Shopper's Guide to Pesticides in Produce™.

EWG Shopper's Guide: The Smartest Way to Use Your $ to Buy Your Food!
"Members of Congress should take any simple steps they can to reduce barriers to transition and help expand the organic farm footprint here in the U.S."​ - EWG's Colin O'Neil tells EcoWatch.

How to Meet the Soaring Demand for Organic Food
Once again, EWG is under attack from the pesticide industry.

The Pesticide Lobby's ‘Alternative Facts’ About EWG’s Shopper’s Guide
Everyone deserves access to safe and healthy food.

Regulatory Reform Could Mean the End Of Food Safety
Are you a pesticides expert? Test your knowledge with BuzzFeed's quiz based on out Shopper's Guide to Pesticides in Produce™.

This Fruit and Veggie Quiz Will Teach You When To Buy Organic
They’re cheap, appealing and easy to find. But should you be using them?

The Trouble with Disinfecting Wipes
“This is not a philosophical debate about regulations or ‘deconstructing government,’ but about our health, our safety and the world we’re going to leave to our children.”​ - EWG President Ken Cook tells The Huffington Post.

White House Budget Proposes Sweeping Cuts To EPA, Environmental Programs