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Nutrition Calculator for Cancer Prevention

“This extensive trail of emails reads like a yearslong chain of love letters between soul mates.” - EWG President Ken Cook tells The New York Times.

The Pruitt Emails: E.P.A. Chief Was Arm in Arm With Industry

"While certain individual foods and nutrients may be linked to decreased cancer risks, there are also strong hypotheses that it’s the synergies between the nutrients and phytochemicals in foods that are probably of the greatest benefit." - EWG's Curt DellaValle.

An Eating Plan For Cancer Prevention, Straight From The EWG

Save money by prioritizing when you buy organic with our Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteen lists: ​[ Ewg.org Link ]

5 ways to eat healthier food — while also saving money​

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"When, on his first day at the agency, Scott Pruitt told EPA staff that energy development needn’t conflict with environmental protection, you have to believe he means the minimal protection for air and water that Koch, Devon Energy and other fossil fuel interests always have in mind." - EWG President Ken Cook tells Bloomberg.

EPA Chief Battled Agency Armed With Industry Talking Points

"For too long, our voices have been drowned out by profit-focused agribusiness. We plan to change that. Congress should be on notice: From now on, when it comes to food policy, eaters will have a central seat at the main table.” - Tom Colicchio.

Plate of the Union: because healthy food and clean water are our right: [ Plateoftheunion.com Link ]
Toxic nonstick chemicals are used on everything from grease-proof food wrappers to rain jackets. When one is phased out due to health concerns it's often replaced with another that could be just as harmful.

Nonstick Chemicals: A Hydra-Headed Family of Toxic Compounds

"It is shameful that someone with your anti-environment record and philosophy has been handed the most important environmental job in the world. But you will not get a free pass to trash America’s air and water as you did in Oklahoma, when you claimed that the interests of polluters were synonymous with the interests of the people of your state.​" - EWG President Ken Cook in The Huffington Post

An Open Letter to New EPA Chief Scott Pruitt: You're Not in Oklahoma Anymore

We've teamed up with Food Policy Action Education Fund to launch the Plate of the Union campaign for clean water and healthy food. “The decisions made in Washington shape how we grow our food, what we eat and who has to go to bed hungry. If consumers don’t rise up and demand change, big agribusiness – not us eaters – will continue to make the rules.” - EWG President Ken Cook.

Plate of the Union: Fight for Your Right to Healthy Food and Clean Water

The toxic family of chemicals recently detected in fast food wrappers could also be in your drinking water.

Is Your Drinking Water Contaminated with Toxic Non-stick Chemicals?

Our updated sunscreen guide is coming soon! If you would like to see ratings of your favorite brand encourage them to submit their products to this year's guide by e-mailing skindeep@ewg.org. The deadline for submission is March 17th.

Coming This Spring: EWG's 2017 Guide to Safer Sunscreens

Did you know: The EU has banned or restricted more than 1,000 ingredients from use in cosmetics, while the FDA has only banned or restricted 11! Verified products CANNOT contain any ingredients that have been banned by the U.S., EU or other international government agencies. [ Bit.ly Link ] #RaiseTheBar
Babies and children are especially susceptible to the negative health effects cause by exposure to toxic chemicals and personal care companies in the U.S. can put almost anything in their products. We are so excited to see healthier baby products on the market through our EWG VERIFIED™ program like those from Baja Baby Gear.

Environmental Working Group

EWG compiled the first comprehensive inventory of known or likely carcinogens that have been measured in people. The scope and range of this chemical pollution, known as body burden, has finally been tallied!​

The Pollution in People: Cancer-Causing Chemicals in Americans' Bodies

Did you know: manufacturers can put almost any chemical into cosmetics products and there's no safety testing required before products are sold to consumers?!

That's why we've created our Skin Deep database and EWG VERIFIED™ program to help #RaiseTheBar on cosmetics safety and help you easily find cosmetics without risky ingredients.

Top tips for safer cosmetics

Find healthier personal care products for your whole family with our Skin Deep® database and EWG VERIFIED™ program!

Myths on cosmetic safety

"As Scott Pruitt takes the reins at the EPA, we expect to see an unprecedented assault on public health protections. We will stand with our colleagues in the environmental movement, and the thousands of committed professionals at the EPA, to resist that assault and uphold the right of all Americans to clean air, safe water and a healthy environment.​" - EWG President Ken Cook.

BREAKING: Near-Partisan Vote Confirms Pruitt for EPA, Imperiling Public Health Protections

The Senate is set to vote on Scott Pruitt's confirmation today at 12:30pm ET despite the fact that an Oklahoma state judge has ordered him to release 3,000 emails between his office and the fossil fuel industry due to a potential conflict of interest. The vote should be postponed until the contents of these communications can be reviewed. Urge your senators to demand to see Pruitt's emails...
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BREAKING: EPA Nominee Scott Pruitt Ordered to Release Industry Emails

"Millions of women get a little bit of toxic lead on their lips everyday, with every swipe of their lipstick." - Gwyneth Paltrow. Sign the petition today: [ Bit.ly Link ]

Gwyneth Paltrow Joins EWG to Raise Lipstick Safety Awareness