Thank you to everyone who participated in the National Walk for Epilepsy! We had a great time and hope you did too!! #EpilepsyWalk
Our "Ask the Experts" session starts now at the #EpilepsyWalk! Thank you moderator Dr. Wendy Miller. Wendy participated in our #ShareMySeizure campaign.
Thank you to our top fundraisers and teams! #epilepsywalk
Who's your #EpilepsyHero? We're at the #epilepsywalk asking folks. Tell us who your hero is in the comments.
#TalkAboutIt! at the #epilepsywalk
Good morning live from the #epilepsywalk! We are so excited to be here raising funds and awareness for epilepsy.
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What's New March 24, 2017 by Epilepsy Foundation | Free Listening on SoundCloud
Charles W. will be representing Kentucky at the Epilepsy Foundation's Teens Speak Up! advocacy conference this weekend in Washington, D.C. A young man living with generalized primary epilepsy, Charles will speak with his representatives and senators on Capitol Hill and raise awareness for epilepsy. Charles will also be participating in the #EpilepsyWalk on Saturday, March 25th.

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Student chosen as Kentucky representative at epilepsy advocacy event in Washington
Congratulations to 6-year-old Gio who had his left frontal lesionectomy earlier this month! You are our epilepsy hero.

Learn more about epilepsy and surgery here:: [ Link ]
The American Health Care Act would radically change the Medicaid program and erode many of the patient protections that have lead to meaningful access to care for many Americans, including people living with epilepsy and other chronic conditions and disabilities. Ask Congress to preserve meaningful access to health care at [ Link ]

Ask Congress to Preserve Meaningful Access to Health Care for Vulnerable Americans
Using her internet fame for good, Hamlet the Piggy is training to become an emotional support animal for children with epilepsy. And Hamlet comes into her training with a lot of experience! Her human lives with epilepsy and Hamlet providers her countless hours of comfort and support.

Circa shares their story: [ Link ]

It is also #NationalPuppyDay! Learn more about seizure dogs here: [...
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This Instagram-famous piggy is not only adorable, she helps people recover from illnesses
Watch actor and epilepsy advocate Greg Grunberg talk about his graphic novel series Dream Jumper and announce an exciting auction featuring Hollywood memorabilia. The auction includes hand-painted guitars from musicians such as Maroon 5 and Ringo Starr. Proceeds from the auction will benefit the Epilepsy Foundation.

Thank you Greg for continuing to be an amazing advocate for epilepsy!

Greg Grunberg Shares the Inspiration for His Graphic Novel and Hollywood Memorabilia Auction
Kids from 32 states are members of the Epilepsy Foundation Kids Crew. The program is a year old and is spreading around the country. In the coming months, there will be more for kids to learn about epilepsy, how to create awareness, and ways to educate others. We will share inspirational stories and videos as well as more opportunities for kids to get involved. We will also highlight local...
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Little Jack (with his Papa at the beach) recently celebrated one year seizure-free!
Lyndsey Crunk, a 15-year old student at Scott County High School in Georgetown, KY, is a strong advocate for epilepsy. Diagnosed with juvenile myoclonic epilepsy in 2014, Lyndsey's current goal is to make the entire Scott County School District seizure smart. Lyndsey will also be representing Kentucky this coming Sunday as an Ambassador for Teens Speak Up! an Epilepsy Foundation program that...
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Champions of Change - Lyndsey Crunk, Scott County High School
What are you waiting for? We canโ€™t celebrate without you there! Visit and sign up to join us on Saturday, March 25th. Register now:

Already registered? Get all your FAQโ€™s answered on our Walk website: [ Link ]

Front Page | National Walk for Epilepsy 2017
Phyllis Givens, program manager with the Epilepsy Foundation, is presenting at the American Society on Agingโ€™s โ€œAging in America Conference" in Chicago, Illinois. Her presentation, Seniors and Seizures: A Training Program for Organizations Serving Older Adults, will showcase the Foundationโ€™s Seniors and Seizures Training program. Learn more about the conference: [ Link ]

For more...
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Look for Us at the Aging in America Conference
Zoey Rowland, a 6-year-old girl from Indiana with Lennox-Gastaut syndrome, and her family are raising funds for the 2017 National Walk for Epilepsy this Saturday in Washington, D.C. In addition to walking in the #EpilepsyWalk, the Rowlands have participated in the Purple Pumpkin Project and plan on hosting a Lemonade for Livy stand this summer. You can learn more about the Rowlands in an...
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Rowland family asks for donations for epilepsy walk
Regardless of oneโ€™s current level of seizure control, there are many proactive steps people living with epilepsy can take once they have committed to exploring all options to stop seizures. Learn how you can strive to #AimForZero seizures at [ Link ].

Strive to Stop Seizures
Residents and physician assistants from Duke University School of Medicine Neurology Department led discussions about seizures and epilepsy at 7 schools around Durham, North Carolina, last week. This effort was part of their second annual Brain Awareness Week event. Students watched videos about different kinds of seizures, learned first aid information, and asked questions of the...
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Sharing a love of the brain, again: Duke Neurology residents make second visit to Durham middle schools | Duke Department of Neurology