Join us in congratulating Margan who is now one year seizure free! Woot woot!!
The Williams' family fought tirelessly to find a diagnosis and care for their son Emmett's seizures. Diagnosed with infantile spasms, Emmett has been seizure free for six months.

Learn more about infantile spasms here: [ Link ]

Front Page | National Walk for Epilepsy 2017
#WalkWednesday Fundraising Tip: Send a reminder to those who have not yet donated or have promised to donate towards your #EpilepsyWalk goal. Include fundraising updates in your reminder. We all need a friendly reminder now and then.

Register today for the National Walk for Epilepsy on March 25th: [ Link ].

Congratulations to the winners of last week's contest! The winners of free...
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Front Page | National Walk for Epilepsy 2017
Join us in congratulating Dylan from Australia who is recently 6 months seizure free!
The Epilepsy Foundation's Wellness Institute wants to support you on your fitness journey! Whether you are looking to start walking around the block once a week, stretch once a day, or start jogging, the Wellness Institute is here to answer your questions about exercise.

Learn how to get started: [ Link ]

Fitness and Exercise
Partial seizures can be very alarming, because the person having the seizure is fully conscious but not acting like themselves. It’s important to know how to identify these types of seizures and to stay calm. Learn more here [ Link ].

Simple Partial Seizures
Diagnosed at age 12 with epilepsy, Lillie Rozell of South Georgia works to raise awareness in her local community. WALB News 10 shared her story last week: [ Link ].

We applaud Lillie's efforts! To learn more about how to get involved in raising awareness, visit our website: [ Link ]

South Georgia teen with epilepsy fights to spread awareness
Miss the last The George Washington University Epilepsy Grand Rounds? Watch the recording here: [ Link ]

George Washington University Epilepsy Center Grand Rounds Series
Let's hear it for Najja who recently celebrated one year seizure free!!
Don't miss a chance to ask YOUR questions about seizure management and epilepsy! Join a webinar hosted by the Epilepsy Foundation of Oklahoma at 6:00 PM CST to ask experts about seizure observations, triggers, seizure medicines, and more.

Register here: [ Link ]

Webinar on February 20: Partnering with Your Healthcare Team
A review article in Epilepsy & Behavior examined the causes of premature death in people with Dravet syndrome, with a focus on sudden unexpected death in epilepsy (SUDEP). The literature review reported that the two most frequent causes of premature death in people with Dravet syndrome are SUDEP and status epilepticus.
Read the study results: [ Link ]

Mortality in Dravet Syndrome: A Review
Join our community on Wednesday, February 22nd, at 8:00 p.m. EST to discuss your #EpilepsyLifeHacks. This a free and open chat for anyone living with or caring about epilepsy. [ Link ]

Chat About #EpilepsyLifeHacks
Don't miss a webinar on Monday, February 20th at 6:00 CST to ask your questions about seizure observation, triggers, seizure medications, and working with your healthcare team.

Register today: [ Link ]

Webinar on February 20: Partnering with Your Healthcare Team
Join us in saying congratulations to this brave young man who is now two years seizure free!
Tracking your seizures can help you and your medical team identify and manage potential triggers and determine if changes are needed to your treatment plan. Learn more at: [ Link ]

Tracking Individual and Cluster Seizures
The Epilepsy Foundation Kids grew is growing! Nearly 100 kids from 30 states are making an impact in their communities. We just launched a new video page at [ Link ] so kids can learn more about the Kids Crew and how they can make a difference. If your child is not yet a member of the crew, please consider joining. The Kids Crew is for all kids 14 and under and it’s free! The Kids Crew...
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Kids Crew Videos
Congratulations to Kaytlynn who is now six months seizure free!!
Learn about your rights under Title I of the #ADA and what reasonable accommodations are and where to find help. [ Link ]

Understanding Reasonable Accommodations
Help us say congratulations to Kaley who is 18 weeks seizure free!!
A study revealed that only 1 out of 3 women received counseling about contraception during their first visit with an epilepsy specialist. Share what your experience has been in the comments. [ Link ]

Counseling by Epileptologists Affects Contraceptive Choices of Women with Epilepsy