Raise your hand if you agree with our Chairman Manfred Weber that Europe should not roll back the tightened regulations for banks put in place after the financial crisis.
“The current system doesn’t work. We need to improve it. We have to implement a system that is more efficient and is trusted by our citizens. We all want to drive clean and safe cars,” says Ivan ŠTEFANEC. New, more efficient, legislation will change that. Full video: [ Bit.ly Link ]
A recent study by the Center for Global Enterprise says among 176 platform companies surveyed around the world, more than half are in Asia. Only 27 of them are in Europe, a third of those in the UK. We want European companies to succeed. So how can Europe catch up? “We have to be very careful what we regulate and not over-regulate,” says Jyrki Katainen, European Commissioner for Jobs, Growth,...
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We must prevent any similar scandal along the lines of the VW scandal in the future. New legislation on the market surveillance of motor vehicles is in the process of being adopted and will be part of the solution. A key aim of the new law is for the EU and national authorities to be able to monitor the car manufacturing market better and, where there are cases of fraud, take action such as...
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Today, the Latvian parliament Saeima approved the EU-Canada Comprehensive and Economic Trade Agreement, just one week after the European Parliament voted on #CETA. Canada is Latvia’s 22nd largest non-EU trading partner. How will #CETA benefit the Latvian economy and Latvian businesses? First of all, it is a value-based partnership with a like-minded country. For the processed food industry,...
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Henna Virkkunen hosted a public hearing on “How to make the EU succeed in the platform economy”. Business representatives, experts and EU officials discussed the future of Europe's digital single market. Currently, European companies are not among the world's leading platforms. We want to help them to succeed. Full video: [ Bit.ly Link ]
The European Commission has tabled new legislation designed to drive up motor vehicle safety and environmental standards across Europe. A key aim is to have a more efficient system of market surveillance and one that is trusted by EU citizens so that they can drive cleaner and safer cars. Ivan ŠTEFANEC is confident that it will improve standards and prevent any scandal along the lines of the...
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We were excited and honoured to learn that the city of Karlovac in Croatia is backing up our initiative to give a free #Interrail ticket to every European on their 18th birthday. Tell us if your city would be keen to be participate!
Imagine there is an architect in Slovenia who would like to work on a house located in Spain. However, Spain does not recognise the professional qualifications of architects in Slovenia. An architect from Slovenia therefore has to contact a local intermediary in Spain or obtain the relevant local qualifications. If the architect from Slovenia wants to set up an office in Spain, the company...
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Single Market: Europe’s problem with services

Successful European online platform start-ups like Spotify and Booking.com have called for less regulation but a level playing field to encourage more success stories. Watch what Henna Virkkunen has to say on the booming online businesses that are shaking up sectors and markets around the world, making up the platform economy. Full video: [ Bit.ly Link ]
“There is a difference between economic migrants and asylum-seekers or refugees,” says Carlos Coelho, as he explains the need for an EU asylum agency. Full video: [ Bit.ly Link ]
“We live in historical times. It is important that we don't stop believing in Europe, like Erasmus of Rotterdam,” says Milan Zver.

Happy Birthday, Erasmus: a European success project turns 30

“Among those on the right and the left who are against Europe, are people who are demanding solutions but constantly rejecting the specific instruments which provide solutions. So this means they don’t want solutions, they don’t want citizens to have a solution, so they are able to capitalise on that sentiment. This is anti-citizen behaviour. What the right and left opponents of Europe want...
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The EU-Canada free trade agreement gets the final green light from the European Parliament, boosting the prospect of more jobs for both economies. “The agreement is a golden standard for all further trade deals”, says Artis Pabriks. Full video: [ Bit.ly Link ]
It's already been three years since the Venezuelan opposition leader Leopoldo López was imprisoned. For his part, Antonio Ledezma, the mayor of Caracas, will on 19 February have spent two years out of a sixteen-year sentence under house arrest. Our MEPs have called the situation “deplorable” and are asking for the restoration of...
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Watch our Chairman Manfred Weber talking about the EPP Group’s report on Europe’s future that gives job-creation top priority. Full video: [ Bit.ly Link ]
The anti-terror law aims to prevent so-called foreign fighters - young, mainly Muslim Europeans, from going to conflict zones and then returning to plot attacks back home. Monika Hohlmeier explains that the legislation calls for greater cooperation among Member States to track and arrest the ’lone wolves’ who pose a threat to security. Full video: [ Bit.ly Link ]
“The war against Ukraine is a test for Europe’s unity and transatlantic resolve. Therefore, we have a vital interest in stopping Putin before he moves to other countries in Europe”, urged Sandra Kalniete during a Plenary debate on the deterioration of the situation in Eastern Ukraine.
Sandra Kalniete took the lead in a Plenary debate on the deterioration of the situation in Eastern Ukraine. “If the Russian aggression escalates, we should prolong and further increase the economic sanctions”, she said. We are calling on Russia to withdraw its forces, proxies and weaponry from Ukraine and to honour the ceasefire.
We have had a very busy Plenary week in Strasbourg. Adopting the EU-Canada free trade agreement, debating the future of Europe, fighting terrorism by backing a report that calls for EU-wide, stepped-up coordination, and a call to consider new sanctions against Russia due to renewed fighting in eastern Ukraine were among some of the key issues this week. Full video: [ Bit.ly Link ]