It's sickens us that there are people who are that full of hatred towards women and gay men and are that disgusted in femininity and sexual passivity that they think it's ok to use sex acts as away to humiliate and punish other people.

Lifeline: 13 11 12

Video shows sales team being forced to simulate sex acts
"What does matter is the size of your heart & the strength of your character."

Who's old enough to remember the Munsters? :)
Be careful of the conversation coming to Australia, using marriage equality as the latest starting point.

They speak of broadening "religious freedom", but what they're really talking about is how a faith can be used to control your life directly.
What is it about the Australian Christian Lobby that means they are on the opposite side of every. single. reform. intended to remove unjust prejudice directed to LGBTI Australians?

Australian Christian Lobby says removing the ‘gay panic’ defence in Queensland will place women in danger
South Australia completes the set of all Australian states & territories that now allow LGBTI people to adopt. Great news.

Why is marriage taking the nation so long?
The Finnish parliament voted down a last minute effort initiative by opponents to delay the commencement of fully equal marriage laws.

The country remains set to shift from civil union laws to full marriage equality on 1st of March!

Finnish parliament votes down efforts to reverse equal marriage
VIDEO: Not only does John Alexander MP add to the majority of MPs who now support #MarriageEquality, he calls for a #FreeVote.

Things are definitely heating up. Send a new message and tell our supporters you want a free vote too:
Fear of Trump Is Pushing LGBQT Lovers to Rush to the Altar.

Fear of Trump Is Pushing LGBQT Lovers to Rush to the Altar
BREAKING: Tonight John Alexander announced his support for marriage equality & called for a review of the coalition's current policy blocking a #FreeVote.

Your effort is paying off! Coalition MPs are coming around & our allies within the parties are working together more than ever! Send a new message - this is great progress!
Days after being condemned by the Senate for speaking at a far right, anti-Islam fundraiser, federal government MP George Christensen has given an interview to a podcast with a history of making homophobic, anti-Semitic and anti-Aboriginal "jokes".

George Christensen Has Spoken To An Anti-Aboriginal, Homophobic Podcast
The Heritage Foundation, a conservative group with strong religious ties in the US, claims there is no human right to be protected from discrimination ...except for people with a religious belief.

Expect this logic to arrive in Australia in 3, 2, 1...

Think tank with ties to Trump says 'religious freedom' means no LGBT protections
"The Canberra Liberals have resisted calls to sign a tripartisan agreement in support of marriage equality, with leader Alistair Coe accusing the Barr government of trying to divide the assembly."

Canberra Liberals resist calls to sign tripartisan agreement to support same-sex marriage
Two in one day! 1. Where is Pauline Hanson finding these people? 2. How can posting insults on a public platform like Twitter EVER be explained away as "locker room talk"?

Parliamentary candidate rants about ‘poof poof’ marriage and gay ‘poo games’
How can it be that Liberals WA have done a preference deal with this mob:
Pauline Hanson's One Nation?

One Nation’s Ross Slater suggests gay marriage would lead to incest and polygamy
Our next challenge is to push for a new bill & a coalition #FreeVote. You can help by messaging our coalition supporters and saying we want action:
Marriage equality is the pursuit of equality under civil law. But it's good to see that the Church of England is moving, albeit slowly, towards acceptance.

Important to note that England achieved equality without the church's blessing ...we should be able to achieve the same here.

Church of England Synod rejects report reaffirming opposition to same-sex unions
"Allowing discrimination on the basis of ‘conscientious beliefs’ should be completely off the table." - Senator Janet Rice.

Despite Positive Report, There Are Still Challenges Ahead