Why would any school, Catholic or otherwise, think there's any benefit to the student to use an end of year formal to say that simple & respectful inclusion is asking too much?

It won't make Mitch less gay. It will only teach him that he is worthy of prejudice & discrimination later in life. How is that a good outcome?

Please sign & help Mitch go to the ball!

Allow same-sex partners to attend Catholic Year 12 Balls

From the Toronto #WomensMarch. GOOD dog :)
'Angelo's friends said he had a tortured relationship with his brother, who hated the fact that he was gay. "Jimmy never accepted gay people, he was a very homophobic person."'

He attacked Angelo before going on his rampage. Angelo remains in a critical condition. We need to continue to build a respectful, inclusive Australia. Our thoughts are with Angelo & all the families impacted by the...
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'He was always smiling': the critically injured brother of the alleged Bourke Street attacker


500,000 people have march in Washington DC against sexism and Donald Trump and they have been joined by over 2 million people marching in over 600 cities across the U.S and around the world.

500,000 Women Swamp Washington For Anti-Trump Protest March - Live Feed | Zero Hedge

"Thousands of people gather in Sydney and Melbourne for Women’s March to protest President Trump."

Thousands of people gather in Sydney and Melbourne for Women’s March to protest President Trump

The Australian Christian Lobby has opposed removing the "gay panic defence" in Qld saying "The changes may result in adverse consequences for many accused of murder."

Yep, the ACL finds it easier to defend those accused of murder than allow reform that seeks justice for murdered LGBTIQ people.

Moves to remove gay panic from Queensland law raise questions

Many are struggling to process the US inauguration but humour seems to be helping to blunt the pain and fear.

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Tens of thousands are expected to rally between 2am and 7am, Sunday morning (Sydney time) in Washington DC to protest Donald Trump and his appalling behaviour, attitudes and policies towards women.

It's expected to be one of biggest protests ever in the U.S

Planes full of women head to D.C. for Women’s March

When Australia wakes, Obama's presidency will be history.

For now, thank you, Mr President.
Toronto Pride have voted against having a police float at future pride events.

[ Globalnews.ca Link ]

Pride Toronto votes to remove police floats, marches from parade

This piece gives some interesting insight into the thought process of much of the religous right.

Donald Trump and Militant Evangelical Masculinity

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"They say that in Taipei it’s called a “gay movement,” but in Beijing it’s “gay activities.” You can have all kinds of activities, but you can’t allow any of them to turn into a movement."

Regardless, things are moving!

On Taking Gay Rights From Taipei to Beijing: Don’t Call It a ‘Movement’

A counsellor who falsely claimed accreditation with the Australian Counselling Association made a submission to the senate inquiry into the draft amendment to the Marriage Act, suggesting gay people are more likely to abuse children.

The Australian Counselling Association confirmed the counsellor isn't accredited, but is that enough? The harm these statements cause LGBTIQ people, not to...
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Counsellor Suggests Gay Parents More Likely To Abuse Kids

What are you doing this Saturday? There's Women's Marches occurring around the world & around Australia!


Through law reform & progress in social acceptance more than 10 million Americans are now comfortable to say who they are:

More Than 10 Million Americans Now Identify As LGBT

"President Obama Pardons Georgia Man Imprisoned For Being Gay In The Military."

President Obama Pardons Georgia Man Imprisoned For Being Gay In The Military

Have you seen this? LGBTIQ Australians have resoundingly said equal means equal! Equality isn't achieved by creating new laws that treat LGBTIQ Australians differently to others.

Here's the full report: