Robyn's an ally & champion for equality! Here's her latest letter to her local member Ian Goodenough MP.

Inspired? Send your own & make it your own:

From Robyn:

I have just sent this message to my local member, Ian Goodenough. If you believe in marriage equality, would you please consider sending a message to your local Federal member?


Dear Mr Goodenough,

I have emailed you at your...
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Make it law
Don't see much chance of any of us shutting up about equality. Do you?

Let the coalition know we're only going to get louder!

CEO of Qantas says he’s not going to shut up about marriage equality
"Outdated and unfair." AFL men's season kicked off tonight. They did not stick to their knitting.

Join them in taking a stand for marriage equality:
If you needed any convincing it was a bad idea, Tony Abbott has come out in favour of Peter Dutton's postal plebiscite brainwave.

Ask the Coalition who's in charge. Is it Dutton? Is it Abbott? Is it opponents of marriage equality, because it certainly looks like they're calling the shots:

Abbott 'confident' about Dutton's push for same-sex marriage postal ballot
Rodney Croome: The new plebiscite proposal wouldn’t just be easy to rig, it would be inherently rigged.

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If you're done with delay tactics, go to:
Pretty simple really.
Yep, mad ...and only promoted by the opponents of marriage equality.

Call on our coalition supporters to get out there & call on action, not delay:

A postal vote on same-sex marriage? Has Peter Dutton lost his mind?
How out of touch is the government?

You can ask them to better represent you & to better represent the values of a majority of Australians:

Marriage equality inertia shows just how out of touch the government is
How is it that Australia has achieved a rainbow pride edition V8 Supercar, but we can't get the Australian government to vote on a civil rights issue 70% of Australians agree with?

Tell the Coalition it's beyond time:

Great work Holden Virgin Australia Supercars Championship Brad Jones Racing

Top Holden team to be rainbow warriors
There are still some inequalities to address in NSW.

An LGBTI Agenda for NSW
So, the so-called "gay panic" defence has been removed from every state and territory in the country ...except for South Australia.

While it's hard to see why it still exists in 2017, here's an explanation. Keep going Jay Weatherill & South Australian Labor, Tammy Franks MLC & South Australian Greens!

This Is Why South Australia Still Has The "Gay Panic Defence"
No plebiscite. Marriage equality through our Parliament. Contact your MP:
All the messages you're sending the coalition are working!

Keep going, write more! Encourage more MPs & Senators to stand up for equality:

Marriage equality should be 'settled' in this term of parliament, says Arthur Sinodinos
The great folk across the dutch* don't understand why we haven't achieved marriage equality yet. The New Zealand Herald celebrated the wedding of Charity and Phoebe, who married in a beautiful area north of Wellington. The couple featured in Bride and Prejudice series.

Congratulations Charity and Phoebe! To honour your marriage we want our supporters to send a message to coalition MPs and...
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Same-sex Aussie couple find wedding refuge in New Zealand - Lifestyle - NZ Herald News
Congratulations Wade and Chris! They've had a tough run, but clearly their love for one another (and a little help from Adele) is seeing them through.

We don't want the lads to have to wait to get married among family and friends. How about sending a message to coalition MPs & Senators to get their skates on, for Wade and Chris (and countless other Australians):

'It was unbelievable': Australian same-sex couple's proposal wows Adele
"Cabinet minister Steve Ciobo said concerns about 18C could not be allowed to "fester" and must be addressed, adding the Government was not afraid to take tough decisions."

Yep, we wouldn't want concerns over legislation to fester. *cough* 13 years and still no marriage equality *cough*

Tell our coalition supporters to make the tough decision to stand up to their conservative colleagues:

Turnbull denies bowing to the right on race hate laws
The Australian Christian Lobby's primary argument against marriage equality is that the reform will allow same-sex couples the ability to form families (Eeeek, right?) and denying us marriage is the only way to prevent it.

As of last night, EVERY STATE AND TERRITORY IN AUSTRALIA now gives same-sex couples access to IVF and surrogacy services and (except for NT) also joint adoption...
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Did you know the campaign to revoke Qld's "gay panic defence" was lead by Catholic priest Paul Kelly?

It was through his tireless efforts, and that of others, that yesterday's reform was made possible. Thanks for your humanity, compassion & dedication, Fr Paul!

I stood side-by-side with a Catholic priest to overturn Queensland's homophobic law
Unsure if this really happened on Malcolm Turnbull's Facebook Live last night or someone was really accurately channelling how we're feeling. :)

If you're feeling annoyed don't waste it here! Tell Coalition MPs how you feel: