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This newly published toolbox provides guidance and advice for youth workers working with young people at risk of violent radicalisation. Take a look.

Support for youth workers tackling violent radicalisation - Youth - European Commission
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This Erasmus+ project is working to close the gender gap in voluntary projects. Find out how:

Closing the gender gap in voluntary service projects - Erasmus+ - European Commission
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For inspiring us to keep celebrating the little things in every day, congratulations to Virginia Petetti - winner of a €100 travel voucher for her competition entry!

Check out her entry here: [ Link ]

Have your own story to tell? tell it @ [ Link ]
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The European Commission has launched a public consultation aimed at updating the 2006 Recommendation on Key Competences for Lifelong Learning. Get involved and give your opinion!

Take part! Public consultation on the review of key competences for lifelong learning
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Free movement in Europe means that through Erasmus you can travel, explore, meet new people and learn new languages. And as Esther explains, it can also be a boost to your career!

More @ [ Link ]
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Are you an I.T. teacher? Read our latest report on recent research findings on computational thinking, gaining an insight into the implications for policy and practice.

Developing Computational Thinking in Compulsory Education - Implications for policy and practice
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Erasmus+ student? Make the right kind of impact on your second home.

10 tips to become a sustainable Erasmus student
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Sixty years ago in Rome, the foundations were laid for the Europe that we know today. Today, we celebrate!

Get involved by updating your profile picture with the EU flag and #EU60 logo: and find events near you @ [ Link ]

Join the #EU60 celebration
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Do you prefer to host international guests in your own country, or are you always on the move? Find out which Erasmus+ type you are in our quiz, then compare with your friends!

What Erasmus+ type are you?
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Have you shared your Erasmus+ story with us yet?! Here's a small selection of some of our favourite entries so far. So take a look, be inspired and then tell us the plus of your Erasmus+. The grand prize is a €600 travel voucher!

Enter @ [ Link ]

And this weekend, we'll be giving out a €100 travel voucher to one of the inspiring entries received so far. So stay tuned!
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60 years, 60 seconds. Tomorrow EU leaders and people across the world will come together to celebrate 60 years since the signing of the Treaty of Rome. Celebrate with us!

03/24/2017 at 08:00. Facebook
Einar believes that there's a lot to be learnt from each other. What did the people you met on Erasmus+ teach you?

Learn more about Einar's experience in Italy @ [ Link ]
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Hanging out with your Erasmus+ friends this weekend? Add some music into the mix with these simple (and cheap!) DIY speakers!
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Europe. A continent of vibrant cultures and breath-taking landscapes. If this sounds like somewhere you'd like to study, head on over here to find out more: [ Link ]
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Learn about the impact mentoring has on teachers and students in making a positive contribution for those from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Mentoring: an investment for students, families and teachers
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Part of an organisation? You could benefit from Erasmus+!

Find out how you can get involved in our programmes @ [ Link ]

Erasmus+ - European Commission
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It’s not too late to post an idea on the future of Europe!


New Narrative for Europe
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Since the launch of Erasmus student exchanges in 1987, more and more countries have opened their doors, to enable students from diverse countries and backgrounds to take advantage of all that Europe has to offer.

Find out when your country joined the programme and learn more about this month's topic in the spotlight @ [ Link ]
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Loved living in another place through Erasmus+ and want to share your experiences with others? Become a Mov'in Europe ambassador!

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Do you work in a school? Read the latest report on How to Prevent and Tackle Bullying and School Violence. Learn the best practices in ensuring a safe environment in schools.

How to Prevent and Tackle Bullying and School Violence. Evidence and practices for strategies for inclusive and safe schools