Eric Burdon
Eric Burdon
04/19/2017 at 16:55. Facebook
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Enter to win FREE tickets to see Eric Burdon & The Animals May 6!

Eric Burdon, lead singer of the legendary band The Animals, has generously donated 3 pairs of tickets to DJEMF for their upcoming show at the beautiful outdoor Libbey Bowl in Ojai, California!

When you donate $10 to The Davy Jones Equine Memorial Foundation between now and April 14, you’ll automatically be entered to win one...
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Eric Burdon 03/28/2017
The Davy Jones Equine Memorial Fund
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Heidi Valentine
We are excited to announce that we will be performing at KAABOO DEL MAR in September 15-17. Passes are available here: [ Link ]
See you in Del Mar!
We are excited to announce that we will be performing at KAABOO
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Without Chuck Berry, there would be no Rock and Roll. No Lennon, no Dylan.
To say he was Rock and Roll's original poet is an understatement.
He was the poet of our time who made all the others possible.
Hail hail, Chuck Berry....
Without Chuck Berry there would be no Rock and Roll No Lennon no Dylan
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The Animal Kingdom is getting some attention.

Somebody at Universal Studios Entertainment must have been listening when Bruce Springsteen a few years back at SXSW, poked fun at my appearance in an old TV show,
saying, "It was like putting a gorilla in a suit”.

So recently, while we were at sea with Mickey Dolenz from the Monkees, John Goodman in Skull Island faced the King of All Animals:...
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The Animal Kingdom is getting some attention

See King Kong Punch Helicopters in Final 'Skull Island' Trailer
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Dear Music Lovers-

It is our great pleasure to announce the long-awaited return performance by the legendary Eric Burdon and the Animals at the Ojai Libbey Bowl, on May 6, 2017 in support of CADA (Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse).

Some of you may have already witnessed Eric’s Animal magnetism on stage. This time, Eric will perform with his new, wild band of Animals, featuring Ojai's...
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Eric Burdon 03/14/2017
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To all the Women of Planet Earth, I honor you, in your struggles and in your life-giving wisdom. I support your fight for equality, freedom and human rights! And to the woman I love, my wife, your intelligence, your compassion and your strength, is awe-inspiring. Thank you, to all women, all around the world on this day and every day...
To all the Women of Planet Earth I honor you in your
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Just about to hit the stage... and look who crashed the party.....
Just about to hit the stage and look who crashed the party
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