Charter schools are not a Republican plot to destroy public education. They are a bipartisan solution for giving more children the single most important thing they need to build successful lives: a high-quality education.

Gov. McAuliffe could do his part today by signing the legislation on his desk and expanding quality charter schools into the neighborhoods that need them the most.

Eric Cantor column: McAuliffe can improve education for underserved kids
Where we used to control them all, Republicans currently hold no statewide offices in Virginia. It is absolutely critical that not be the case come 2020. I firmly believe we can turn Virginia red again, but doing so will take a concerted effort between now and then.

Here are some of my thoughts on how we can make that happen: [ Link ]

Eric Cantor column: Rebuilding a responsive Virginia GOP
Happy birthday, Jenna! You make us proud every day.
Important read from Yuval Levin. One of the most concise assessments of what ails our movement that I've read.

How Conservatives Lost the GOP
Deeply saddened by the passing of Shimon Peres—one of the world's greatest statesmen who always stood for the advancement of mankind.

His tireless advocacy for democracy—his belief that it is the best path to peace and security for all—will forever be an inspiration.
Sitting on the tarmac, #13 for takeoff. Looks like this guy will be first in line!
Something was different about this year's Republican and Democratic conventions (and I'm not just talking about the candidates themselves). For the first time since 1974, your tax dollars weren't used to pay for these political conventions.

Skip the balloons, fund medical research
Happy birthday Mikey!! Great to celebrate 22 years last night.
The job of the VA is to care for our veterans, many returning from long stretches of war and in need urgent medical attention. There are few causes that should unite us more, regardless of party or politics. And there are few departments that demand greater accountability.

[ Link ]
Great to spend last night with family and friends at the Richmond Greek Festival!
This is a thought provoking interview and a great starting point for the discussion both parties need to have. What's our answer to the kid who's known 15 stepdads, and a mom who's addicted to drugs?

Trump: Tribune Of Poor White People
Thanks for the kind words Arthur Brooks, Steny Hoyer, Vice President Biden.

Two years ago, Eric Cantor lost his House seat. Was it just in the nick of time?
“This is no reality show, this is serious business. This is about the livelihood of our kids and grandkids.” – retired Maj. Gen. James Livingston, USMC
Here's my question for tonight's #GOPDebate:
How will candidates grow the economy?

Cantor: How will candidates grow the economy?
Great new video from Jeb Bush: "This is why I'm running for president"

Jeb Bush: The man who killed Donald Trump's casino dreams.

Jeb Bush: The man who killed Trump's casino dreams
Looking forward to tonight's #GOPDebate! #AllInForJeb