Moms were the big winners last night : )

8 Times The Oscars Gave Props to Moms
This is a fascinating story and it really hits home how we never know what life will bring us.

#RetireReady #Ad

How Our Little Girl Turned Our Retirement Plans Upside Down
Imagine opening up a book and finding this surprise!
Bookmark this --> Details on products recently recalled by manufacturers, retailers, and Health Canada.

Product Recalls Canadian Parents Should Know About
Many of us take something as simple as seeing a rainbow or putting a spoon in our mouths for granted. But what if you or someone you love has a disorder, injury or a disability that impairs their ability to do these tasks?

There's some really cool new technology out there that's helping make the world a brighter and more accessible space for our children and other loved ones with blindness,...
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5 Cool Gadgets that Can Help With Disabilities
I’m on the internet all day, every day for my job and consider myself to pretty on top of what’s going on in the lives of teens/tweens but this was something I had never heard of.

Here’s what you need to know about this very dangerous drink.

Do You Know What Purple Drank Is? You Should
Almost all of these made us cry laugh but we'll dedicate the funniest tweet this week to all the parents who have ever had to grab for a cup.

Funniest Parenting Tweets of the Week
We do!
If you were ever curious how many calories per hour you burned... this is your guide.

Just How Many Calories Do You Burn In That Fitness Class?
We never thought kilts and yoga could go together so naturally, but prepare to be amazed.

(Bare bum alert at the end!)
This popped up in the feed and I can't help but think that today this guy deserves his own Oscar.
Our kids need to handle problems. But our kids also need us to be their voice when they can’t speak for themselves, and to protect them from some of the world’s difficulties.

Here's how to know which is the right course of action.

I'm Telling on You: When To Be A Tattle-Tale Parent
Need a healthy snack to watch the Oscars tonight?

Sweet & Salty Caramelized Chia Seed Popcorn
Join @YMCBuzz tonight for #YMCOscars Bingo on Twitter, just for fun! We're kicking things off on the Red Carpet at 7pm ET.
Seems legit.

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