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When did you begin advocating for life? Learn how to be an advocate by watching the live simulcast of Evangelicals for Life next week. Register for free here: #EFL2017 #WhyAreYOUproflie
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"Messy circumstances shouldn't determine whether a baby lives or dies." Watch Kelly Rosati speak live at Evangelicals for Life next week in D.C. Gather a group of pro-life friends and get equipped on how to stand up for the unborn in your community. Register for FREE to watch the #EFL2017 simulcast. #WhyAreYOUprolife
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PRESS RELEASE: We are thrilled to announce our 2017 Leadership Council.

ERLC: Leadership Council
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It is the position of the ERLC that the Supreme Court should not give deference to the Department of Education’s specious reinterpretation of Title IX; and moreover, that the government should not sanction the controversial theory of gender that underlies core questions about transgenderism and gender identity.

ERLC submits amicus brief in important student privacy and religious liberty case at the Supreme Court
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When did YOU become pro-life? Join other #prolife advocates next week by watching our simulcast of #EFL2017 #WhyAreYOUprolife
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Consistently, no matter who is in office, we are to pray for success. That doesn’t mean we pray for all of any leader’s ideas to be realized. But it means that we pray that he or she would succeed, would carry out an agenda that leads to the flourishing of the rest of society and, particularly, so that the church may “lead a peaceful and quiet life, godly and dignified in every way.”

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You should pray for Donald Trump no matter how you voted
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The life of the church is built on rhythms, and at times, it’s easy to dismiss these annual designated Sundays as routine or unimportant. Maybe you’re a weary warrior in the pro-life cause, or maybe you haven’t given it much thought. Either way, on the Sunday that your church celebrates and honors the sanctity of human life, here are three things to remember:

3 thoughts on pro-life Sunday
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I have painfully realized this disconnect between our advocacy for unborn life facing abortion and honoring life lost in miscarriage. A recent survey conducted by Care Net, a non-profit organization, says “more than 4 in 10 women who have had an abortion were churchgoers when they ended pregnancy.” Unfortunately, I was not surprised by this statistic.

To see firsthand the deep sense of...
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A pro-life ethic: Miscarriages and misconceptions
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Watch Matthew Sorensen of World Relief speak in a panel discussion on ministering to refugees and immigrants next Friday at 8:50pm at Evangelicals for Life. #WhyAreYOUprolife
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Next week we will gather as evangelicals to march for life in our nation's capital. Before we march, we will get equipped on how to stand up for life every day of the year, in our own communities. Over the next week we will feature various quotes from our speakers who are unashamedly pro-life. We would also love to hear from you. When did YOU become pro-life? #WhyAreYOUprolife?

Learn more:
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David Prince, author, pastor, and professor joins the podcast to share from his excellent new book, In the Arena: The Promise of Sports for Christian Discipleship. He says that we make one of two mistakes with our relationship with sports: we either idolize sports or we dismiss sports. He says there is a better way. Prince also offers helpful tips for parents in making youth sports decisions...
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The Way Home featuring David Prince
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"If we really are a gospel people, then we are a LIFE people. Join me in Washington D.C for #EFL2017." -Albert Mohler
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PRESS RELEASE: At the top of the list, the ERLC plans to address the sanctity of human life, religious liberty, and marriage and family issues. Other items are also included in the agenda.

ERLC Announces 2017 Legislative Agenda
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Invite your friends or a group from church over to watch #EFL2017 from the comfort of your own home.

The only thing you need is an internet connection and a computer.

How to attend Evangelicals for Life 2017 from home
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We know that millions of babies are being slaughtered every year. We knew that before the Planned Parenthood videos were released in 2014. But even more graphically, we know that thousands of children are being aborted every day—being ripped apart, sold for parts and sacrificed on the altar of sexual liberty and personal autonomy.

With such knowledge, we are accountable to weep, pray, work,...
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Pastors, speak up for the unborn
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Public policy advocacy is one of the many ways the ERLC fulfills its ministry in the public square. We are excited to release today our 2017 Legislative & Public Policy Agenda.

If you care about these issues will you please share this post to show your support for the work our team in D.C. is doing this year? [ Link ]
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When white evangelicals are indifferent to the history of the civil rights movement they're not just being indifferent to some remote part of American history. They are robbing themselves of part of their own family story.
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If we are not seeking to help our churches look like heaven then we are failing a biblical mandate.

Looks like Heaven: How churches can partner for kingdom diversity
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We work for justice, the unborn, the immigrant, the refugee, and the forgotten—not because it will catapult us to greatness or out of some misguided sense of guilt, but because we’re bringing the good news of God’s kingdom to bear on the world.

More than Hashtags: Fight for Human Dignity
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God loves us and He is for us, but we are not always for him.

Few moments in history are a more vivid illustration of that fact than the occasion for Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s letter from the Birmingham jail in April 1963. He was in jail after being arrested during a nonviolent protest against racial segregation. And he wrote this open letter in response to a letter signed by eight white...
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A jailhouse letter that changed a nation