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A week from tomorrow, hundreds of #TGC17 attendees will come to our TGC pre-conference in Indianapolis. Join us!
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2017 ERLC/TGC Pre-Conference | ERLC
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"It seems to me in many ways that women, in conservative evangelical churches, don’t seem to be as mobilized as in previous times in church history." -Russell Moore speaks with Jen Wilkin on this episode of Signposts. Read the transcript here:

Signposts: A Conversation with Jen Wilkin
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We are fine with other stories about where the world comes from because we have the Better Story. We have thousands of years of history that support that glad submission to the Word of God leads to human flourishing. -Matt Chandler

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Why would parents who carefully monitor what their children watch on tv or what movies they go see fail so spectacularly when it comes to the technology their children use?

5 warnings about Christians’ thoughtless use of technology
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The government should leave the church free to carry out its mission of preaching the gospel, caring for the poor, ministering to the vulnerable and advancing the gospel all around the world. -Russell Moore

Learn more about this new 6-week study on Religious Liberty from the ERLC and LifeWay Christian Resources: [ Link ]
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On Monday, the Senate Judiciary Committee began hearings on Judge Neil Gorsuch, President Trump’s nominee to replace the late Justice Antonin Scalia on the Supreme Court. Although the nomination process continues with public witnesses, Judge Gorsuch gave his final appearance on Wednesday.

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4 things you should know about the Gorsuch hearings
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Abortion. Euthanasia. Surrogacy. Cloning. Some of the most contentious and disputed issues of our day are matters of bioethics, an interdisciplinary field that addresses what we should and should not pursue in matters of life and health.

Why Christians should care about bioethics
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What motivates the CEO of a luxury goods company to leave it all behind to work on behalf of the most vulnerable around the world?[ Link ]
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Steven Harris, the ERLC’s director of advocacy, told Baptist Press, "Judge Gorsuch has consistently demonstrated a robust and insightful understanding of religious liberty in America.

Gorsuch defends religious liberty ruling in hearing
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In his opening statement Monday (March 20) and in responses to questions this morning (March 21), the nominee to the high court assured the Senate Judiciary Committee of his willingness to rule against President Trump, who nominated him.

Gorsuch and the first two days of hearings
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Need a podcast to listen to on your drive tomorrow morning? Download the latest ERLC podcast.

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Sexuality, religious liberty and cultural engagement
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Dan Darling and Joseph Williams discuss why Southern Baptists should be thrilled with Judge Neil Gorsuch as a Supreme Court Justice. Joseph Williams is Associate Counsel for Public Policy with the ACLJ and an ERLC research fellow.

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When Jesus saves us, He brings us into a kingdom. A kingdom that no government can control.
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Our concepts of being pro-life and pro-human dignity must be rooted in the scriptures.

A hymn that teaches us about human dignity
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Here’s why Southern Baptists should be excited about Neil Gorsuch.

5 reasons Judge Gorsuch will make an excellent Supreme Court Justice
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Today is World Down Syndrome Day. Here are 5 facts about Down Syndrome.

5 Facts about Down syndrome
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Which social media hills are worth dying on? Read more on
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Here's a statement from our ERLC executive committee trustees and Russell Moore about seeking unity in the SBC.

Seeking Unity in the Southern Baptist Convention