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Nothing like a Mabbitt Monday to start your week off right!
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We need more songs for our ‘For The Fans, By The Fans’ playlist on Spotify! Keep the suggestions coming! [ Link ]
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All of our merch is on sale on our website now!! [ Link ]
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We're going back on the road! Catch us on the way to the So What Music Festival and get your tickets now!
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Caption this!
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#TBT to Thrasher at Welcome to Rockville!
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Cool, calm and collected. #Thrasher
Just a reminder that you can stream every single one of our albums at [ Link ]
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#TBT to the Picture Perfect days
Don’t forget that Thrasher will be at the Slidebar in Fullerton tomorrow as a guest DJ for #EmoNightOC! Come out for a hell of a time!
We’ve added some more of your suggestions to our 'For the Fans, By the Fans' playlist on Spotify! Comment some more songs we should add below and give the playlist a ‘follow’ to stay updated! [ Link ]
If you had to pick!
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#TBT to Guitar Hero Craig!
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Come join @kthrash at the Slidebar in Fullerton Jan 11th! #repost @slidebar
Jan. 11th Sad Tunes & Stiff Drinks for #EmoNightOc featuring resident selector Dan Arnold (@spiritdanimal) and Kevin Thrasher of @escapethefate - link up and cruise through. We're gonna get moody with it. #emonightoc #downtownfullerton
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