ESL Dota 2
01/20/2017 at 16:42. Facebook
This Sunday at 14 CET we are hosting the #Go4Dota2 cup with 300€ in prize pool. Sign-up here for free: [ Link ]
ESL Dota 2
01/17/2017 at 16:34. Facebook
Today at 19 CET we are hosting our first 1on1 European Premium Only tournament with 50€ prize pool! Sign-up here: [ Link ]
This Sunday at 14 CET we are hosting the #Go4Dota2 cup powered by Sennheiser Gaming with 300€ in prizepool. Sign-up for free here: [ Link ]
Next Tuesday at 20 CET we are hosting our first Premium Only European tournament! Sign-up and play for 50€: [ Link ]
The first big tournament on the massive new patch is done so what's working best for the pros?

How the Dota 2 meta looks after ESL One Genting
Check out Red Bull eSports' MVP of #ESLOne Genting!

Our MVP of ESL One Genting is Resolut1on
This is what champions look like!
Thanks to the incredible fans here in Malaysia and everyone that tuned it!
GG Team Digital Chaos! #ESLOne
Team Digital Chaos pull through in the 5th game to defeat Newbee 3-2 & win #ESLOne Genting!
Congratulations, well deserved!
It's the Team Digital Chaos show here in game five so far! #ESLOne
Very dominant early advantage for Team Digital Chaos here when it matters most! #ESLOne
SUCCESSFUL HIT & RUN! Team Digital Chaos get off scot free! #ESLOne
WE ARE GETTING THE GAME 5 WE WANTED!! Team Digital Chaos tie up the series yet again! 2-2! It comes down to the last game. ##ESLOne
HOW DOES HE DO IT!? Sccc stays alive! #ESLOne
Let's grab a quick double kill and tp out!
Newbee win game three and are now one win away from winning #ESLOne Genting!
No matter how high the net worth advantage, Newbee's high ground defense is just too much for Team Digital Chaos! #ESLOne
HOLY SHIT!! Absolute mayhem by Newbee!! #ESLOne
You spin me right round, baby. Right round. #ESLOne
Almost the team wipe! A narrow escape by Witch Doctor, but Team Digital Chaos are doing work! #ESLOne
Dominating play by Newbee here! They wipe Team Digital Chaos off the map and GG is called! #ESLOne
The advantage clearly goes to Newbee in game one! It's gonna take something miraculous for Team Digital Chaos to turn this around. #ESLOne