ESL Dota 2
03/24/2017 at 14:40. Facebook
Meruna's amazing Wraith King cosplay was the gold standard at ESL One Frankfurt last year.
Who's gonna be up to the challenge at ESL One Hamburg 2017 this year?
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ESL Dota 2
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And we're already on a new patch - 7.04 is live now!
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Which amazing cosplays would you love to see at ESL One Hamburg 2017 this year?
Be a part of the ESL One Hamburg 2017 Cosplay Competition this October and showcase your craftsmanship!
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Announcing the ESL One Hamburg 2017 Cosplay competition - be a part of Europe’s biggest Dota 2 cosplay festival!

Announcing the ESL One Hamburg Cosplay competition
This is not a drill!
There we have it - the #KievMajor teams are set!
Who are your favorites for the trophy and who could be a sneaky contender?
Did you know Kunkka is banned from setting sail in Hamburg?
Also, apparently Tidehunter sits on the city council. #FailBoat
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Did you know Ancient Apparition has the second highest Agi gain for Int heroes?

Let's be honest, you actually forgot that AA still exists.

ESL One Hamburg 2017 ➡ the return of AA?
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Did you know that when Rubick steals Underlord's Dark Rift, the gateway will always send your team to Hamburg?
Free transportation to ESL One Hamburg 2017! ????????????

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Hamburg - Treant Protector's vacation destination of choice!

Also, do you think Treant learned invisibility primarily to hide from vegetarians? #ShowerThoughts #ESLOne

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Why isn't there a bridge across the river in mid lane anyway?
Who thought that was a good idea?

For all your Dota 2 and bridge needs - ESL One Hamburg 2017 has got you covered!
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