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yesterday at 15:00. Facebook
The last chance to qualify for Silver Series, today at 18:00.
Silver is the only way into the professional World of Tanks league, Gold Series!

Information and signups available at [ Link ]

Good luck!
ESL World of Tanks
03/24/2017 at 15:04. Facebook
Free time on the weekend, low on your gold reserves? Maybe you have what it takes to receive some of the €750 prizepool!

Go4WoT #311 starts at 15:00 on Sunday; all the information you need to sign up here: [ Link ]

See you on the battlefield, commander!
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03/24/2017 at 13:07. Facebook
Video about another finalist who will come to Katowice. Enjoy!
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03/22/2017 at 09:55. Facebook
ESL World of Tanks
03/20/2017 at 17:02. Facebook
Another great performance by FAME - deal with it in #Go4WoT!
Second place is taken by TWB-Gaming.

More Go4WoT action next Sunday as usual, you can sign up your team already: [ Link ]
ESL World of Tanks
03/19/2017 at 20:31. Facebook
The participants of the EU Finals are decided!
Another week of League Silver Series has passed, not a lot of changes in the rankings however...

Another qualifier will happen in 2 weeks, and only 3 more weeks to go until the end of the season!
Another edition of ESL #Go4WoT just around the corner!
Clash against some of the best players in Europe and accumulate towards the Monthly Finals!

Signup and more information: [ Link ]
The #WGLAPAC Finals are headed to Taiwan!
The second edition of our 1on1 Premium Cup series is only 4 days away!

Premium only cups are reserved for our loyal followers, and always offer a prizemoney reward for the first place. €100 is the prize next Saturday, starting at 18:00: [ Link ]
The League Silver Series week 8 is over, with Team Top Adin still at the top. A big climb from FAME - deal with it, proving the top places are still not decided!

Full rankings: [ Link ]
Another edition of #Go4WoT is back on Sunday! With a prizepool of €750 and 588.000 gold, the best 128 teams will grab a slice of the prizepool!

Signups and more information: [ Link ]

We'll see you on the battlefield!
We've got another treat for our loyal ESL Premium members!
The 1on1 Premium Only cup series is back on March 18th, with another €100 as prize for the first place!

Signup for the tournament here: [ Link ]

Want to join the tournament but you're not a Premium member? All the information you'll ever need: [ Link ]
Team Top Adin at the top of another Go4WoT podium, this time in the February Finals. Congratulations!

Full bracket: [ Link ]
Great performance from FAME - deal with it in Go4WoT, a clean sweep to the first place!
Let's see if they manage to keep it up in the next weeks.

Congratulations also to TWB-Gaming and Team Top Adin, second and third place respectively.

More action next Sunday at 15:00 as usual!
Get ready for the final weekend in the League!
Another weekend is here, and that means it's time for more ESL Go4 cups!

Go4WoT starts at 15:00 on Sunday, €750 and 588.000 gold up for grabs on this one: [ Link ]

See you on the battlefield!
What an ending of a round!

The League is streaming again today from 19:00 CET here: