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Genuine. Heartfelt. Real.

The emotions of NCAA March Madness:

WATCH: UK Teammates Overwhelmed With Emotion After Heartbreaking Loss
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There are great sports stories everywhere. Parents who love their kids. Athletes who have overcome odds.

But it doesn't happen every day, several times a day, like it does at the Special Olympics World Games.

Isaacson: The Special Olympics World Games Have Ended, But The 'Brave Attempt' Lives On
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Each of the teams in the Final Four had a unique, and in some cases unlikely, path to Phoenix.

One team is here for the first time in school history while another is appearing for the first time since 1939.

The Moment That Brought Each Team To The Final Four
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Sometimes, the game lives up to the hype.

North Carolina. Kentucky. What a show. What a finish.

WATCH: Monk Ties It, Maye's Clutch Jumper Sends UNC To Final Four
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A blue blood and a Cinderella join a Duck and a Zag.

The Final Four is set!
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After Kentucky ties it with a late 3, North Carolina answers with a last-second shot for a record 20th Final Four trip!
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"The first thing I thought of was 'Sesame Street,' 'Canvas Street.' So I wrote a jingle for 'Canvas Street.' And I was like, 'Whoa, no — street?' It can be bigger: 'Canvas City.'

Baxter Holmes on Kobe Bryant's next move:

Kobe Offers Insight Into Post-NBA Storytelling Venture
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Inside the "Crystal Ball Of Canvas City" lies the secrets to Russell Westbrook's and James Harden's respective games.

WATCH: Inside Kobe Bryant's Musecage, Part Two
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In the first part of Kobe Bryant's Musecage, he teaches "Little Mamba" the difference between light musings and dark musings.

WATCH: Inside Kobe Bryant's Musecage, Part One
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The program became conventional under John Thompson III ... but the Hoyas could change all that by turning to their greatest player.

Adande: Ewing Would Be A Good Choice To Lead Georgetown
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Brandon Harris, who lost the LSU starting job last season in Week 2, expects to graduate this summer and be eligible immediately as a graduate transfer.

Ex-LSU QB Harris Transferring To North Carolina
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Before this year, South Carolina Men's Basketball had a total of four NCAA tournament wins in its history.

It now has four in the last 10 days.
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"I truly feel there has to be co-MVPs."

Westbrook or Harden? Kobe says why not both?
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Cinderella dances on!

Sindarius Thornwell's 26 points leads 7-seed South Carolina to a thrilling victory vs Florida. On to the Final Four!
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The San Jose Sharks center was taken to a Nashville hospital after suffering the injury late in the second period.

Sharks' Couture Takes Deflected Puck To The Face
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Canvas City: Musecage debuts today on NBA Countdown on ABC. Join me as I analyze the game in an unexpected, family-friendly way. #musecage
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In 1967, Kathrine Switzer became the first woman to officially run the Boston Marathon.

Her bib number, 261, is now inspiring women everywhere.

WATCH: SC Featured — Legacy of 261