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David Ortiz and Life are on the cutting edge of one of the most important discoveries of his career.

Life... after baseball.
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Team USA pulls it off!
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or ?
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Win. Dance. Repeat.

Boston Red Sox outfielders break down their victory dances:

The Evolution Of The Red Sox Outfield's Celebration Sensation
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USA does it!

With a 2-1 win over Japan, the Americans have reached the World Baseball Classic final. They'll play Puerto Rico.
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The Baltimore Orioles closer posted a 0.54 ERA by throwing a single devastating pitch — 92 percent of the time.

Sound familiar?

How Zach Britton Accidentally Became The New Mariano Rivera
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"San Francisco has always been my home and the Giants will always be my family." — Barry Bonds

Barry's Back: Bonds Joining Giants As Adviser
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"We're not going for looks. ... So who cares if we look good or not?"

Secret Behind Puerto Rico's WBC Success? Blonds Having Fun
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A Manny Machado web gem. A Bryce Harper home run.

Both catch the eye of MLB's evaluators, but who's got better positioning for free agency in 2018?

Harper vs. Machado: Whom Would You Rather Have?
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How much did a language barrier contribute to the most humiliating night of Michael Pineda's career?

The New York Yankees' Dominican righty has taken the lessons of the pine-tar game to heart.

Béisbol Life: Michael Pineda Learned English The Hard Way
Almost overnight, the 22-year-old closer for Team Puerto Rico went from a starting pitcher in the low minors to the Seattle Mariners.

Now, they're counting on him to help win the AL West.

The Legend Of Edwin Diaz
Dustin Pedroia is the oldest player on the Boston Red Sox.

But don't call him old.

Q&A With Dustin Pedroia, The Elder Statesman Of The Post-Papi Sox
Baseball has its own version of the buzzer-beater.

Who Does Each MLB Team Want Up With The Game On The Line?
To grieve José Fernández's death, Giancarlo Stanton took a life-changing journey: [ Link ]
"The most powerful people in the world would still need some type of healing process when something like that happens."

The Life-Changing Journey Giancarlo Stanton Took To Grieve
If you think the game is boring, you've never seen the emotion and national pride shown by the Dominican players and fans at the World Baseball Classic.

Gomez: Baseball Is America's Pastime, But Which America?
When you celebrate before the tag...

WATCH: Javy Baez Knew He Had The Out All Along