There’s nothing hotter than being able to say, “Would you care for more vichyssoise?” Knife Fight
The best youth football teams in the country take the field when Friday Night Tykes returns, Tuesday 9|8c on Esquire Network.
Sure, when you guys get together irreparable damage is done to your livers. And somebody usually gets arrested. But isn’t it fun? Lucky Bastards
Wine is a language of romance. Those who speak it fluently will not only impress their date, but the hostess as well. Uncorked
Taking a stroll down the good beer aisle is a rite of passage. Much like a bar mitzvah. Mazel tov. Brew Dogs
Gladiators of the gridiron come in all sizes.

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When someone tells you money can’t buy happiness, you can tell them they’ve never ridden in your car. Joyride.
The cleanliness of a man’s car often parallels the order of his life. This person is obviously a murderer. Spotless on Esquire
It’s time for a change. Embrace your quarter-life crisis. It’s a thing. Or at least that’s what we tell our girlfriends. Wrench Against the Machine
It's 2017; everything's infused with truffle oil and smattered with aioli. So embrace a fuller body, it’s too delicious not to. #TheNextGreatBurger
Start small. Maybe today you shovel the driveway. Maybe tomorrow you're running from an ill-tempered 2,500 lb bull.
You’ll never know if you can do it unless you try it. And if you try this particular sport and fail...Godspeed.

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Imagine if he had ordered well vodka. She almost certainly would not have made those sexual innuendos.

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You can never have too much insurance. Because as they say, nothing parties like a rental.

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This is the year to quit. Because lawmakers are pushing for a bill that will soon make it legal to slap smokers in public.

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According to many reliable aviation experts, the chances of this happening on your next flight are low to quite low.

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Start your resolutions off with a little action this year.

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