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Is it time for the government to roll out a national policy on heat protection in our schools? Here's what it may look like.

Too hot to learn: do schools need a policy on coping with heatwaves?
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It can drive you bonkers - but the good news is it won't last forever. Here's what you should know about baby talk regression.

When your child starts using baby talk again
"Read any advice book, any glossy brochure in the doctor's waiting room, and they will tell you – I suck at being a mum."

Why I'm happy to be a terrible mother
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Fruit has come off the menu for many in the rush to avoid sugar, but experts are urging people to rethink that decision.

Fat chance fruit makes you fat, study says
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The mum was reprimanded for packing a "sometimes" food in her child's lunch box.

Mum shamed by school for child's lunchbox snack with 'condescending' note
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If you're currently having sex around twice a month, then you're not alone.

Mums prefer sleep over sex, new survey finds
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Actor, William Shatner, shared details of the family's plight on Twitter - and even contacted Kraft.

Internet comes to rescue of little boy with autism who ran out of favourite food
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"I've never seen my daughter so invested in a game like she was that night."

What women’s football really means to girls
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The words “stress-free” and “party” don’t usually belong in the same sentence. Not when it comes to kids’ parties, anyway.

Tips for a stress-free kids party
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A team of researchers from the US say that it may be possible to use MRIs to predict which babies will develop autism.

New scan could predict autism before a baby’s first birthday
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"My day at school gave me a whole new appreciation for what my son does every day."

What I learned when I went to school in my child's place
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"My daughter feels comfortable discussing some things with me via text that she would never bring up to my face." (via Daily Life)

I gave my tween daughter a phone, and I have no regrets about it
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Should we be giving our kids more plastic or lasting memories?

Why holidays are worth a million toys
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An online group aiming at strengthening bonds between dads and daughters set up the best photo comp ever.

This daddy-daughter Disney hair contest will gladden your heart