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Sometimes you just want to be left alone. #knowthatfeeling
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"I've missed birthdays, Mother's Day, Christmas. I don't even know if she's lost her front tooth."

Sally Faulkner says she still hasn't spoken to her kids
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The worried mum said she got a "spicy, burning feeling" in her mouth when she tasted the Nurofen following her daughter's initial reaction.

Mum warns parents to 'taste test' children's Nurofen after daughter's reaction
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Is it OK to buy cheap school shoes? Read what the health experts have to say.

The real difference between $12 and $160 school shoes
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These new classmates share more than just a name. The coincidences are amazing!

Double take: Two Olivia Chens roll up for first day of school
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This Australian study's findings provide an interesting insight into the diagnosis of ADHD in school children.

Why a child's birth date predicts whether they'll be medicated for ADHD
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Our thoughts are with Thalia's grieving family and all those left devastated by the Bourke St attacks.

'She should be playing with that bear, but she's not here'
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Cake ideas, food suggestions, and party games are all here!

My Little Pony party ideas
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This is definitely worth a try when it comes to fussy eaters.

How my son became an adventurous eater
Sometimes you've just got to get back to basics ...

5 ways to keep toddlers and preschoolers busy
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Have you reached this point yet?
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You can freeze these yummy treats so they are ready for when the kids head back to school.

Prepare in advance lunchbox muffins
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A holistic approach to health and wellbeing is better than any fad diet.

Taking the diet out of 'diet' books
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