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Don't sacrifice style or sharp vision at any distance – get personalised, more natural vision in any situation with #Varilux progressive lenses. [ Link ]
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Optometrist give us the gift of a clear sight improving our day to day experiences! Let’s take this day to thank the people who help us #LiveLifeInTheClear
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Eyezen lens reduces eye strain and also filters out the dangerous harmful blue light! [ Link ]
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Kids will be kids! So get Crizal Junior UV - super tough, light weight spectacle lenses for your little ones. [ Link ]
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We’ve been shortlisted for Social Samosa – Best Social Media Brand Awards, in the Healthcare category. Click to vote [ Link ] To learn more about the process, check the video.
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Uncomfortable eye wear can cause stress and mild headaches.
1 in 4 children perform poor in academics due to uncorrected vision…
Crizal lenses help your child see clearly. [ Link ]
When wearing varilux lenses you can swiftly switch from near to far viewing with ease for uncompromised natural vision. Switch to varilux [ Link ]
Now social networking can do no damage…with eyezen lenses [ Link ]
Crizal wishes you a very #HappyHoli
#LiveLifeInTheClear [ Link ]
Eating for your eye sight?
Opt for Citrus & Berries.
According to a recent study, regular intake of vitamin C is a must for eyes to function properly.
Let’s take this day to celebrate the #superwoman within ourselves and those in our life who fight like super hero’s every day! #Tag the superwomen in your life and show your appreciation towards them! #Crizal #LiveLifeInTheClear #HappylWomensDay #IWD2017
Varilux gives you dynamic clarity and greater comfort whilst providing natural vision near, far and in-between! [ Link ]
Taking care of your eyes from the harshness of modern life. They reduce strain from viewing digital devices so you can focus on what matters to you. [ Link ]
Thank you for the responses. Here a special announcement here! We have a runner up based on the decision by a special panel of judges. The runner up of #VisionYourDream contest is Yamini Nagarajan, Congratulations! You win a #Kindle!
Kindly share your contact details with us.
Thank you for the responses.
The #winner of #VisionYourDream contest is Kanchan Mital, Congratulations!
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#WhatReallyMatters is having a pet? Or having a particular breed i.e. Siberian Husky? #LiveLifeInTheClear with Crizal [ Link ]
What’s important reading news or the device you read it on? #WhatReallyMatters is the news not the form you read it in. #LiveLifeInTheClear with Crizal
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Time is Money. An expensive watch or a regular watch will tell the same time. So, #WhatReallyMatters to you, the time or a luxurious and expensive watch? #LiveLifeInTheClear with Crizal [ Link ]