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For every 20 minutes you spend staring at the computer, spend another 20 seconds looking at objects 20 feet away. Take your eye protection one step further by switching to lenses that protect them from eyestrain like Eyezen’s. Understand more first at [ Link ]
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With #ClearVisionWinter, starting & maintaining a beach bonfire while enjoying every bit of it is something to definitely do this #winter.
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#DidYouKnow that the chances of a road #Accident goes up noticeably in #Winters due to excessive glares from incoming cars and trucks?
Now Anti-reflective #Crizal lenses give comfortable winter driving no matter if it’s day or night by reducing glare from headlights and street lights. This #ClearVisionWinter [ Link ]
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Bifocal lenses can cause an off-balance. Varilux S Series lenses use revolutionary Nanoptix™ Technology to virtually eliminate the off-balance feeling, so you can feel more confident on the go. [ Link ]
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Eyezen lenses are specially enhanced to help reduce eyestrain, no matter what game or what device you’re playing it on. [ Link ]
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Age is nothing but a number when you wear our Progressive Lenses it allows you to adjust your focus smoothly and see all ranges of vision clearly. [ Link ]
Essilor wishes you all a very happy #Pongal!
Enjoy this #MakarSankranti with clarity like never before.
If you must stream your favorite Netflix show before you sleep, at least be a responsible junkie by caring for your eyes. Don’t let harmful blue-violet light from your screen take the relaxation out of your night! Learn how Eyezen protects you at [ Link ]
Anti-Reflective lenses are clean, clear, and glare-free so they’re virtually invisible to those around you. Now, people will see you instead of your glasses. At this #ClearVisionWinter, see better at [ Link ]
The list of the top must-have fashion trends this winter has arrived! Complete your fab-winter outfit with clear vision lenses that suit every look you can conjure up this season
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Don't sacrifice style or sharp vision at any distance – get personalized, more natural vision in any situation with Varilux progressive lenses. [ Link ]
Some studies have shown that blue and purple foods, like blueberries, contain substances that protect eyes from stress and prevent cataracts. The same can’t be said of blue-violet light, which can be harmful to your eyes. #seenoblue Find out how you can protect your eyes with Eyezen lenses: [ Link ]
One of the unknown way to minimize #Winter dry eyes is to keep a jar filled with water in your room as water will evaporate and improve humidity in the room. By doing this, you can really see a difference in how your eyes feel. #EyeTips #ClearVisionWinter
The Winter Woes result to itchy, dry eyes that may cause pain, blurred vision, a burning sensation, or even watery vision as our eyes try to compensate for the dryness.
See better, look better, feel better. A crisp, smudge and scratch-free view, through a lens that looks as good as it did when your glasses were #BrandNew.
At this #ClearVisionWinter, see better at [ Link ]
Why shift to #ProgressiveLenses for a better vision and #Lifestyle? Because Bi-focal lenses only allows you to see far away and up close. The middle ground is still a little blurry. This will never happen with Progressive lenses, know more at [ Link ]
Minimize the impact with Eyezen lenses, designed to reduce the blue-violet light from your computer and devices. Look forward to sweet dreams tonight! Find out more [ Link ]
Essilor Wishes You A Happy New Year!
January is notorious for an early sunset and inadequate lights on the road that follows, and that can lead to a lot of hazardous issues on the road. Worry not, with progressive #Varilux lenses, you can get sharp vision at any distance, even in low light. Which makes it your ideal night-time driving partner. [ Link ]