Eton Shirts
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The quintessential casual staple: [ Link ]
Eton Shirts
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At the late night dinner go for a blue on blue look. [ Link ]
Eton Shirts
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It only gets better with time. [ Link ]
Yes or no? Denim shirts with classic suiting? [ Link ]
One of our most popular denim shirt is now back in stock. For spring we've also made it with our soft button-down collar. [ Link ]

The Eton Denim Shirts
The perfect weekend outfit. Discover style expert Andreas Weinås' tips on how to wear our versatile denim shirts. [ Link ]
How do you get the most out of your denim shirt? Discover style expert Andreas Weinås' best tips on how to elevate our most popular indigo styles. [ Link ]
Complete your business outfit with our crisp linen pocket squares. [ Link ]

White & Blue Linen Pocket Square
Classic doesn't always mean expected. [ Link ]

Eton Shirts
An innovative take on the ultimate wardrobe staple. [ Link ]

White Polka Dots Twill Shirt
25 years ago we launched Eton Etastar, the first crease-resistant shirt in 100% premium cotton. The very first retailer to launch this style was world famous department store Harrods, who since then has carried our shirts and accessories.
Styling tips for your daily routine. [ Link ]

Spring/Summer 2017
Although we only make men’s shirt & accessories, numerous incredible women have built and continue to elevate this company. To all of you, Happy International Women’s Day!
The perfect start of the week.
Discover our airy version of the classic Gingham check shirt. [ Link ]

Blue Gingham Cotton & Linen Shirt
A new take on classic neckwear. Woven with silk & cotton yarns for an extra soft touch. [ Link ]
The ultimate tie experience. [ Link ]

The Grenadine Tie
The biggest trend at The Oscars? Navy tuxedos! Perfect your tux with our Satin Striped Evening Shirt. [ Link ]

White Satin Striped Evening Shirt