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What is the most spoken language within your company ?
Showcase your english writing skills in your resume with a few simple tips: [ Link ]

How to Show Your Writing Chops on a Resume
Inventing new words allow you to make language better at expressing what you mean. Learn how to make up new words: [ Link ]

Go ahead, make up new words!
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What is the difference between compliment and complement ? Learn more: [ Link ]

Compliment or complement? | OxfordWords blog
Are you ready to test your level of English? Try our test here:
What are the other ways of saying "SORRY" ? Enhance your english vocabulary: [ Link ]

Oops! 6 Alternatives to “Sorry” for When You Mess Up
Share if you agree: "Your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other." -Abraham Lincoln
Does being bilingual change your personality? Find out here: [ Link ]

Does being bilingual change your personality? | OxfordWords blog
Fear is a barrier to learning – and an unnecessary one at that. Don't be afraid of making mistakes when learning English!
What is the difference between "each" and "every"?
Discover it here: [ Link ]

Each and Every–What’s the difference?
DID YOU KNOW? Countries with High English Proficency are more innovative. Learn why : [ Link ]
Try to pronouce out loud “Does this shop stock short socks with spots?". Learn more about tongue twisters: [ Link ]

Try Tongue Twisters Today!
DID YOU KNOW? 65% of companies with inadequate English skills among employees believe it impacts their global competitiveness.
What are the 10 common mistakes made by english learners?
The answer is here: [ Link ]

10 mistakes made by learners of English | OxfordWords blog
What is your next challenge?
Study English every day - even if it's only for 15 minutes. It helps you keep the words and grammar you learn fresh in your mind. #TOEICTestTips
DID YOU KNOW ? 66% of companies believe inadequate English skills will challenge their ability to expand.
Moving forward with a goal in mind helps to shape your future. Don't forget to plan for your TOEIC test today. Book here: [ Link ]
Discover how Starbucks used the TOEIC® Tests for career measurement and advancement: [ Link ]