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Discover 17 inspirational quotes to get you in the holiday spirit: [ Bit.ly Link ]

17 Christmas Quotes to Get You in the Holiday Spirit

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That's correct, it's Singapore!
Located in Southeast Asia, Singapore is the world's only island city-state. Unlike many other densely populated countries, Singapore - with more than 50% of its area covered by greenery - is an enchanting "Garden City."
Would you like to visit this city one day?
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❓ Which city pictured below has English, Malay, Tamil and Mandarin as official languages?
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That's right, it's a wreath!
A wreath is an assortment of flowers, leaves, fruits, twigs or other greenery that is constructed to resemble a ring. In English-speaking countries, wreaths are used typically as household ornaments, mainly as an Advent and Christmas decoration.
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Holiday Quiz: What's the name of this holiday decoration that adorns doors and walls?
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Hot chocolate, candy, minced pies, Christmas pudding and pigs in blankets are examples of indulgent holiday food.
What do you eat during the holidays? #LifeAfterTOEIC
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Have you or your students been studying for your upcoming exam this holiday season? Plan ahead and book a test now: [ Bit.ly Link ]
Best wishes for the holiday season! Follow us in December for a month full of english learning, TOEIC® Test tips and winter festivities. Like our page here: [ Facebook.com Link ]
Best wishes for the holiday season! Follow us in December for a month full of english learning, TOEIC® Test tips and winter festivities. Like our page here: [ Facebook.com Link ]
Does the holiday season and bequeathing gifts warm the cockles of your heart?
Learn all about the language of gift-giving here: [ Bit.ly Link ]

It is better to give than to receive

Whether you think the TOEIC test is easy ("a piece of cake") or not, we recommend planning ahead to #AcetheTOEIC #EnglishIdioms
Is the TOEIC test "a piece of cake" for you?
What does this expression mean? #EnglishIdioms
Looking for teaching ideas? Try this article about dogs in China, complete with sound recording, to test comprehension skills and get your students talking English: [ Bit.ly Link ]

Try this: Why it's a dog's life in China

Find out how hot dogs, a symbol of New York City, incited food contests…available in 3 levels of English: [ Bit.ly Link ]
"Black Friday" originally meant something much, much darker: [ Huff.to Link ]
Happy Thanksgiving! Traditionally a day of giving thanks for the season's harvest, families in the United States use this occasion to gather together for a turkey dinner.
What family-oriented holidays are celebrated in your country?
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For many people studying English, spelling can be confusing given all the idiosyncrasies that make up the written language.
Discover the top ten misspelled words: [ Bit.ly Link ]

Top ten misspelled words in our corpus | OxfordWords blog