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"The fact that I’m in people’s lives for such big occasions—it’s really quite humbling. It’s just little old me in South Wales with my laser cutter and my hammer being involved in so many peoples lives over the years—it’s quite an incredible thing.” Read how Elise Williams turned a fascination with vintage cutlery into a thoroughly modern personalized homewares business.
The fact that Im in peoples lives for such big occasionsits really

Featured Shop: Goozeberry Hill - Etsy Blog
Jane Conarchy Longo
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Start their love for cacti from a young age. [ Link ]
Start their love for cacti from a young age
Elysse Frye
Liz Bonnette Carter
KayDee Joy Thorpe
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We'll take it all. Boston retail store Olives & Grace uses Etsy Wholesale to find items for their shelves. Find Etsy in a store near you: [ Link ]
Well take it all Boston retail store Olives Grace uses Etsy Wholesale
Olives & Grace
Jenny Frazier
Laura Moore
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Simply slide on tassels, beads, or brass charms to these hoop earrings for a stunning (and stylish) look. Get 9 ways to customize hoop earrings on Etsy Studio. [ Link ]
Simply slide on tassels beads or brass charms to these hoop earrings
Vintage 70s, 80s, 90s toys/stickers
Kathy Kimberling Lechowich
Kara Moge
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"We wanted to make products that didn’t just look good, but that would really hold up; we wanted to design durable equipment that would be with our customer for a long, long time—and maybe even be passed on to the next generation, like an heirloom.“ When Matt Reynolds couldn’t find golf accessories to suit his needs (or his style), he decided to design his own. Discover Bluegrass Fairway.
We wanted to make products that didnt just look good but that

Featured Shop: Bluegrass Fairway - Etsy Blog
Sara Marie Johansson
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Monday vibes. [ Link ]
Monday vibes
Humberto Hernandez
Gladys Walker
Heather Jackson
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Need a smile today? We've got you covered. [ Link ]
Need a smile today We've got you covered
Karen Cronian Hurley
Lisa Wood
Natasha Spear
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The world is waiting. Ready? Let's go. Explore travel-inspired finds: [ Link ]
The world is waiting Ready Let's go Explore travelinspired finds:
Theresa Raker
Rebekah Noble
Ash Adams
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What would summer be without a chunky turquoise ring (or eight)? Shop trending summer styles: [ Link ]
What would summer be without a chunky turquoise ring or eight Shop
Jocelyn Jordan
Rick Slaugh
Kayla Fish
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Mega knitting, achieved by Etsy shop DeBrosseNYC.

Get the pattern here: [ Link ]
Or complete the project with this kit: [ Link ]
Corinne Sartori
Laura E Brown
Isa Harrison
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Weekends were made for breakfast in bed on pressed flower trays. Learn how to make it on Etsy Studio. [ Link ]
Weekends were made for breakfast in bed on pressed flower trays Learn
Priscilla Christine H
Terry N Ron Burrows
Simone Peluso
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"My granddad was really into carpentry, and I remember as a kid, he bought me a little basic toolset with a saw and a tiny drill—I was probably about five or six. I used to mess around and cut up pieces of wood—not really making anything, but I liked to feel like I was doing something." For this UK-based woodworker, a side project to pay for a wedding snowballed into a full-time creative...
View details ⇨
My granddad was really into carpentry and I remember as a kid

Featured Shop: BespOak Interiors - Etsy Blog
Rachel Andrews
Lori Beth Kidd
Sybil McGuire
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Stitch your favorite leaves and plants. No green thumb required. Shop embroidery patterns, like this one by Etsy Studio seller SarahKBenning. [ Link ]
Etsy 05/18/2017
Gloria Ortega
Gloria Ortega
Gloria Ortega
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Been there? Scratch that. [ Link ]
Been there Scratch that
Katy Schlais
Allyssa Marie Gregory
Katina J. Vasquez
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A flower that lasts forever. We'll take a dozen. [ Link ]
A flower that lasts forever We'll take a dozen
Steve Palfy
Christina Manolopoulou
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Cascades of flowers create a *very* romantic look (no matter the occasion). [ Link ]
Cascades of flowers create a very romantic look no matter the occasion
Caroline Laine Duret
Jen Razzano
Jesse Belmar
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It's your birthday and we've got a gift for you. Shop emerald jewelry (even if your birthday isn't in May). [ Link ]
Its your birthday and weve got a gift for you Shop emerald
Kristin Jarvis
Ester Park Mendoza
A Storyful Life
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Keep making, wherever you go. Etsy Studio is partnering with JetBlue to take over terminal 5 at JFK airport. If you’re traveling through NYC, stop by to craft in-terminal or grab a DIY to make in the sky. See you there!
Keep making wherever you go Etsy Studio is partnering with JetBlue to

Craft with Etsy Studio and JetBlue

Justin Fouche
Bianca Maria Mesa
Anshu Bhatnagar
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Two needle-felted cats. Two reasons to smile today. [ Link ]
Two needlefelted cats Two reasons to smile today
Leah M. Gnau
William Wood
Renata Nigmann Buchko
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Giving flowers is even sweeter when you give them in a hand-decorated vase. Ready to try this DIY? Find it on Etsy Studio: [ Link ]
Giving flowers is even sweeter when you give them in a handdecorated
Jasmine Shaw