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Yho! Neo clearly didn’t see this one coming. Watch the full #etvScandal episode:

It’s the end of YV & Moscow! |
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Congratulations to Altovise Lawrence who plays Chantal on #etvScandal for this achievement.

Altovise Lawrence to star in a Hollywood movie |
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Much to Siseko's satisfaction, someone is lured out of the woodwork to tell the truth about the past.

This week on Scandal! |
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Of course, Gloria’s ulterior motive is to enslave Phindi. Watch the full #etvScandal episode:

Who should Phindi ally with: Gloria or Pretty? |
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Yvonne also wants to know if Neo would ever kill for her. Tjoo! Watch the #etvScandal full episode:

Yvonne already has a divorce plan |
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[ICYMI] Craig talks about his role on #etvScandal.
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Just like that...YV is an engaged woman. Watch the full #etvScandal episode:

Yvonne Thebe is engaged! |
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Between Neo and Damon, who’s more likely to agree to marry the seductress? Watch the full #etvScandal episode:

Who will Yvonne choose as a husband? |
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Did Boniswa do right by giving Yvonne a warm klap? Watch the full #etvScandal episode:

Boniswa slaps Yvonne |
Yvonne’s bold pitch results in an equally bold proposal.

This week on Scandal! |
Will the gullible Mangi fall for Dintle’s tricks, again? Watch the full #etvScandal episode:

The ancestors are angry with Dintle! |
Who knew Altovise Lawrence who plays Chantal on #etvScandal can bust a move? Catch her on CLUB 808, tonight, 6PM.
The whole truth is out. Watch the full #etvScandal episode:

Romeo leaks Siseko’s video to the press |
Will the highly ethical Siseko take Romeo up on his illegal proposal? Watch the full #etvScandal episode:

Romeo offers his services to Siseko |
Poor Lindi! How should she deal with repeating grade 11? Watch the full #etvScandal episode:

Lindiwe fails grade 11 |
Lindi accuses Omphile of crushing on Romeo! Watch the full episode:

Does Omphile have a crush on Romeo? |
Yvonne's damage control creates a fallout for several people, and Siseko is sorely tempted to cross a line:

This week on Scandal! |
Mlungisi is determined to get to the truth and Lindiwe believes her life is over this week on #etvScandal [ Link ]

This week on Scandal! |
Quinton has serious suspicions about Damon. Watch the full episode now on e On Demand. #etvScandal

Quinton is suspicious of Damon |