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Okay! So, Gontse has doubts going through with the divorce for he son's sake. Would she be doing right? #tvScandal
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[ICYMI] She played victim and painted Neo as a cruel person.

How Yvonne got herself a new Blesser |
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[Watch Full Episode] Has Layla discovered Siseko and Romeo's secret? #etvScandal now on eOn Demand: [ Link ]
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Happy Birthday to Mapaseka Koetle and Marjorie Langa! This is why we love the characters they play on #etvScandal

3 Reasons why we love Dintle and Gloria |
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YV never ceases to amaze us. Here's how she got Siseko to take care of her bills. #tvScandal

How Yvonne got herself a new Blesser |
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[Watch] Yho! We're so afraid for Ndu. Full episode now on eOn Demand: [ Link ]
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So, Yvonne and Siseko are keeping another secret from Boniswa? They never learn! #etvScandal
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[Watch] Gontse wishes bad upon Phindi. Full etvScandal episode now on eOn Demand: [ Link ]
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Has Ndu lost both Phindi and Gontse? #etvScandal
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[Watch] What does Neo want from Siseko? Full episode now on eOn Demand: [ Link ] #etvScandal
Do you feel sorry Phindi? #etvScandal
Layla makes an accusation and a pair of conspirators realise they could be in serious trouble.

This week on Scandal! |
#SceneOfTheWeek When you discover who the side dish is, what do you do? Let her keep him all to herself.
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Gontse dealt with Phindi in the most sophisticated manner. Would you have done the same thing? #etvScandal #MarriageProblems
There's still some time for you to vote for #etvScandal. Lines closes tomorrow at 9:30PM.
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Would you have reacted the same way if you were Gontse? #MarriageProblems
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