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Essen is aiming to create 20,000 jobs in the environmental sector by 2025, one of the many reasons it is taking over as European Green Capital 2017.

Read more about Essen's green credentials and the Official European Green Capital Award​: [ Link ]
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This Saturday, Essen in Germany will officially take over from Ljubljana as the European Green Capital for 2017!

Read more about the handover ceremony: [ Link ]
And see why Essen won the title for 2017: [ Link ]

cc Official European Green Capital Award
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EU countries are developing strategies to work towards making their marine waters as clean, healthy & productive as possible!

Learn more about how countries come up with these strategies, and read the latest European Commission assessment of how they monitor their marine waters:!Ph48Dk
Ireland was one of the first countries in Europe to introduce a levy on plastic bags. Since then, the number of plastic bags used has fallen by 95%, resulting in a big reduction in litter!

Learn more about how the consumption of lightweight plastic carrier bags is being reduced across the EU: [ Link ]
#CircularEconomy – it's time to close the loop! [ Link ]
Green bonds were first issued in 2007 and have shown huge growth since then, financing projects on renewable energy, energy efficiency, low carbon transport, waste & pollution to name but a few.

The European Commission recently published a new study on how to build on the success of green bonds and fulfil their huge potential! Learn more about the study: [ Link ]
Investment in new technology has revolutionised waste management in Poland’s Lubelskie region, dramatically increasing the amount of waste that can be recycled and composted, and reducing the amount of biodegradable waste destined for landfill.

Learn more about this EU-supported project, a finalist in the 'Sustainable Growth: Circular Economy' category of the RegioStars Awards 2016: [...
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According to the OECD, we are on course to lose another 10% of land species by 2050.

At EU level, nature and biodiversity are protected by laws on habitats, birds, illegal wildlife trade and managing invasive alien species. Learn more about what we're doing: [ Link ]
Wishing you a Happy New Year and a prosperous 2017 from all of us in EU Environment!
SAVE THE DATE for #EUGreenWeek 2017!

Read about the follow up to EU Green Week 2016 as well as what's coming up for next year on Commissioner Karmenu Vella's blog: [ Link ]
Various species of rosewood, geckos, lizards, parrots, sharks, rays and fish, Europe's only primate the Barbary macaque, as well as the world's most trafficked mammal, the pangolin, are just some of the species that got better protection at this year's CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species) meeting that came to a close on 4 October.

With all 20 of the proposals put...
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The German city of Essen is set to take over as European Green Capital in 2017!

Discover how it's transforming itself from an industrial to a green city when it comes to nature, biodiversity and integrated environmental management: [ Link ]
Poaching has reached unprecedented levels for some species, and the world is currently facing a dramatic surge in wildlife trafficking.

Earlier in 2016 we published the EU Action Plan against Wildlife Trafficking that will play an important role in pushing for greater enforcement, better cooperation, and more effective prevention: [ Link ]
Galway in the west of Ireland will take over the title of European Green Leaf in 2017, awarded to smaller cities across the EU for their environmental achievements.

Learn more about why Galway won, and what it's doing on sustainable transport, biodiversity and land use, waste management and more: [ Link ]
Season's Greetings to all our followers wherever you are!
'Seasons' is an EU-supported film shot on Natura 2000 sites throughout Europe. Directors Jacques Perrin and Jacques Cluzaud, along with their team, got up close and personal with the animal world to show you Europe's incredible nature and biodiversity.

Check out the Seasons website (in French): [ Link ]
Or learn more about Natura 2000 sites and how they protect habitats...
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Stretching over 18% of the EU’s land area and almost 6% of its marine territory, Natura 2000 is the largest coordinated network of protected areas in the world.

At this year's Natura 2000 Awards, when entrants are recognised for their big efforts to preserve our natural heritage, the winners came from Bulgaria, Latvia, Spain and the UK, as well as cross border applications from Belgium and...
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When you think of 'recycling', your first thought might be glass bottles or paper, but have you ever thought of the huge effort involved in recycling ships to make sure it's done in an environmentally friendly and safe way?

A list of 18 shipyards in 10 European countries has just been adopted, where all vessels flying the flag of an EU country will have to be recycled. Read more on our...
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EU laws protect all wild birds in Europe and the most rare animal/plant species and natural habitats. They are vital to preserve our natural heritage!

We have just done a comprehensive evaluation to make sure these EU nature laws are still doing their job. The conclusion is that they are fit for purpose! However, cooperation with local and regional authorities and stakeholders will be stepped...
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