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Seeing as it was UN #WorldWaterDay this week, let's all get smarter about using water!
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Happy 25th birthday to the EU Ecolabel! It's been helping people lead a healthier, safer, more sustainable lifestyle since 1992.

Look out for the 40,000 EU Ecolabel products and services! [ Link ]
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'You never miss the water til the well runs dry'.

Learn more about saving water - download our factsheet in your language ➡ [ Link ]

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Today is United Nations #WorldWaterDay and this year's theme is wastewater.

To help save conserve this precious resource, the European Commission is coming up with common rules on quality for water reuse in the EU. Learn more ➡ [ Link ]
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Agriculture uses up more water than any other sector in southern Europe, accounting for more than 50% of the total water demand - and in some cases reaching even 80%.

The 'ReQpro' project in Italy, co-financed by the European Commission through the LIFE programme contributes to the protection of water resources by re-using wastewater for irrigation. Learn more about the project ➡ [
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On 22 March, UN #WorldWaterDay focuses on the theme of wastewater ➡ [ Link ]

Follow us this week to discover its untapped potential and what we're doing to help save and reuse water ➡ [ Link ]
Fancy a lazy stroll or bike ride through a unique nature reserve? Here's a tip for Amsterdam: The beaches, forests and lakes of the Amsterdam Dunes. But the dunes are also a major source of drinking water for the Dutch capital. With the support of the EU's LIFE programme, the Dutch Waternet Foundation has restored the habitat, combating invasive plants and preventing ponds from drying...
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Ladybird Farm in Hungary is a leisure park with a difference. With a wide range of attractions for adults and children, it meets 80% of its energy needs from sustainable sources. Visitors can also 'pay' part of their entrance fee in recyclable household waste!

Read more about Ladybird Farm in the latest 'Environment for Europeans' article ➡ [ Link ]

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Fully applying EU environmental rules could save the European economy €50 billion every year in health costs and direct costs to the environment.

Check out our interactive map to see how your country is doing when it comes to implementing laws on nature, waste, air and water ➡ [ Link ]

Plastic waste, including marine litter, is a huge problem – and it's one of our #CircularEconomy priorities ➡ [ Link ]
Did you know that almost 10 million tonnes of litter end up in the oceans every year – that's a truckload a minute. This is why the EU recently put forward 14 sets of actions to improve international cooperation, reduce human pressure on the oceans, and improve research and data collection.

Read more in the latest 'Environment for Europeans' article ➡ [ Link ]
On #WorldWildlifeDay it's a good time to remind ourselves that globally, wildlife trafficking is 3rd only behind the narcotics and illegal arms trades in terms of value, and worth €8-20 billion annually.

Since the EU Action Plan against Wildlife Trafficking was published last year, we've stepped up enforcement & partnered with the business sector to crack down on wildlife crime. Read more...
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Guess what is the biggest threat to wildlife and biodiversity on the planet? It's us humans!

Human activity and economic development often have a negative impact on ecosystems. But we can change that! Well managed protected areas can stimulate local economies and create jobs, such as Zakouma park in Chad which has received EU support since 1989.

Through healthy ecosystems we can actually...
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The European Solidarity Corps is a new EU volunteering scheme that will offer Europeans aged 18-30 the opportunity to contribute to causes close to their hearts, while also gaining work experience - including in the area of environment!

By the end of 2018, up to 2,000 people will get the chance to help out in one of the 27,000 protected areas in the Natura 2000 network and get involved with...
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Invasive Alien Species are animals and plants introduced into a natural environment where they are not normally found, with serious negative consequences for their new environment.

The EU Science Hub - Joint Research Centre app has a range of info about 37 of these invasive alien species in Europe, and allows you to flag the exact location and send a photo if you see one of them. Learn more...
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The 'European Tree of the Year' isn't a contest for the most beautiful tree, but one with a story rooted in the lives of the people and the community that surrounds it. This year there are 16 entries from all across Europe!

Vote for your favourite tree before voting closes on 28 February ➡
Several million tons of box waste are produced every year just to carry vegetable and fruits from the field into the supermarkets.

With the support of the EU's LIFE programme, a small Italian company has launched a special system of reusable, foldable and recyclable crates to help us move away from this "throwaway" culture. The CPR system reduces box waste to almost zero – and brings down...
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