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Tell us what you are doing to put an end to air pollution in your city. You can check the air quality of your city here - [ Link ] #breezometer #airpollution
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Comment below and tell us what you think is causing #airpollution in your city. Keep a close check on the air quality in your city - [ Link ] #breezometer
If you thought air pollution wasn't a serious issue, think again! Here are real-life experiences from people affected by air pollution across the globe #GuardianCitiesWeek #AirPollution

One day in the life of a suffocating planet – as it happened
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To get the real-time Air Quality Index and health recommendations, click here - [ Link ] #KnowTheAirYouBreathe
Know the air you breathe and take preventive measures to protect yourself from prolonged exposure to polluted air - [ Link ]. #BreezoMeter #DrAeroguard #BreatheHealthy

Eureka Forbes partners with BreezoMeter, adding air quality data to its purifier line - ET HealthWorld
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Traffic Policemen are most vulnerable to lung diseases due to their long work hours and constant exposure to vehicular emissions.
As a part of the #BreatheLife initiative, Eureka Forbes with the help of Anti Pollution Drive Foundation and St John’s Hospital conducted the #LungFitnessTest for #Bangalore Traffic Policemen.
What about your lungs? Are they strong & healthy? Find out-[ Link...
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We conducted a #LungFitnessTest Drive in association with APD and St John’s Hospital for #Bangalore Traffic Policemen which revealed that out of 235 traffic policemen tested, 31% had reduced lung function while 20% had some form of respiratory symptoms. Have you checked your lung health yet? Find out - [ Link ]. #BreatheLife

31% of Bengaluru traffic cops have reduced lung functions: Study
On the occasion of #RepublicDay, let us pledge to build a #TandarustBharat.