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What is it like to be a student air traffic controller? Watch our video to find out what students and experts have to say.

On 7 March, MUAC will be giving a presentation about the Ab Initio Training at the World ATM Congress in Madrid. You can also visit our website to learn more about the selection process and the training: [ Link ].
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The period from February to the beginning of March is generally known as the ski axis period, when traffic from Northern Europe, mainly the United Kingdom, to the French and Swiss ski stations is at its highest. Last weekend was the first of three busy weekends in 2017 for ski lovers. Find out how the Network Manager keeps track of demand and availability: [ Link ]

Does your Valentine ski? | Eurocontrol
Interested in becoming an air traffic controller? The time is now! The new session of student training is scheduled to start in October 2017.

Check out this interview with Nicolas De Koninck, recruitment specialist at MUAC, about what it takes to become a 'master of the skies.' MUAC will also be attending several education fairs, starting today with Einstieg Köln, followed by Einstieg...
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From simple toys to important work tools, for surveillance or transport, drones have taken on an increasing importance. However, they can pose a threat to air traffic when they enter into airspace. What is being done to keep drones and scheduled passenger flights operating safely? Check out the second episode of Boarding Pass to find out. #BoardingPass

Visit our website for more information...
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It is important to strike a balance between safety and innovation when integrating drones into airspace. Boarding Pass looks at how technology can help. Tune in to Euronews tomorrow at 8.45 PM, or check out the second episode on [ Link ].
Do you have an interest in human resources, knowledge of statistical analysis, and an unconditional drive to turn your ideas into reality? Then this traineeship opportunity might be for you!

The Maastricht Upper Area Control Centre is looking for an enthusiastic trainee to participate in the recruitment, selection and follow-up of Air Traffic Controller Students (Ab Initio). The trainee will...
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Traineeship Ab Initio Recruitment | Eurocontrol
2016 proved to be an exceptionally busy year for the Network Manager. The network traffic reached an all-time high of 10,190,903 flights, surpassing the former record set in 2008, while minimising delays by half.

Read on for more milestones, and be sure to take a look at our selection of articles covering major achievements, events or challenges for the European aviation network in 2016 in...
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Overview of 2016: the busiest year on record | Eurocontrol
Kenneth Thomas, head of unit at EUROCONTROL, talks about the European Aviation Crisis Coordination Cell (EACCC), which is tasked with the coordination of the management of crisis responses in the European ATM network.
In this Q&A for Boarding Pass we ask: Who is responsible for managing a major crisis in airspace?

Find more information on disruption and crisis management: [ Link ].
Do you want to find out what goes on behind the scenes to make flying in Europe safe, punctual and efficient? Interested in the new technologies being used by air traffic controllers? Or what is being done to reduce aviation’s impact on the environment?

These are all topics covered in 'Boarding Pass' – a new series on Euronews in cooperation with EUROCONTROL. Be sure to tune in this Wednesday!
Check out our newest infographic about our ATM training activities in 2016!

EUROCONTROL's training Institute of Air Navigation Services (IANS) in Luxembourg delivered more than 186 different courses, twelve of which were newly introduced in 2016. They covered topics as diverse as Network Efficiency, Safety, Communication, Navigation, Surveillance, and, European ATM Legislation.

The number of...
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A conditional clearance is a clearance issued by an air traffic controller which does not become effective until a specified condition has been fulfilled. Even though these clearances can be useful to speed up the flow of traffic, they can also contribute to runaway incursion incidents if they are not used correctly. So, properly using them is of great importance.

Take a look at this SKYclip...
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Conditional Clearance (SKYclip) - SKYbrary Aviation Safety
As from 1 January 2017, air traffic controllers at EUROCONTROL’s Maastricht Upper Area Control Centre (MUAC) will be providing integrated civil and military air navigation services in the Hannover Upper Information Region (UIR) – the upper airspace of the north-west of Germany. The implementation of this step concludes the successful civil-military integration project in the entire German...
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Germany completes the integration of civil and military air traffic management in its airspace | Eurocontrol
It is now twenty years since central flow management was implemented in Europe, and there have been huge savings in terms of delays and fuel burn, as well as major environmental benefits. In the near term, the use of flow management in general, and slots in particular, is set to grow with many more areas of the world. But what is a slot, exactly?

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What is a slot? | Eurocontrol
Happy Holidays!
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MUAC – Above and Beyond

The European air traffic control industry is facing continued challenges. It is essential to keep innovating and to go above and beyond. When you get off the beaten track and search for your own path, your own route, you always discover new things. It remains a challenge to provide cross-border air navigation services. But we work together and this gives us the...
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Today we join the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) in celebrating the International Civil Aviation Day!

First established in 1994, International Civil Aviation Day aims to raise worldwide awareness of the importance of international civil aviation as an engine of global connectivity. Since its origins, in the 1960s, EUROCONTROL has been contributing to the development of civil...
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Time to get networking!

Join our colleagues from the Maastricht UAC at the International Aviation Days Amsterdam. The event will kick off with the International Aviation Career Fair (IACF) - a yearly job, internship and education market for aviation students and professionals, on 9 December and will continue with the Aviation Knowledge and Career Day (AKCD) on 10 December.

Find more...
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International Aviation Days Amsterdam - Aviation Academy - Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences