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In an interview for Regional International, the publication of European Regional Airlines, Director General Frank Brenner talks about EUROCONTROL’s role in improving the performance of Air Traffic Management in Europe. Catch the full interview here: [ Link ]

Frank Brenner interview in Regional International | Eurocontrol
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Civil and military coordination is an essential requirement for improved traffic management. Currently, most countries in Europe operate their own air traffic control system, which they mainly maintain and upgrade independently from each other. This is costly and less efficient than it could be. How do we enhance the capacity, flexibility, efficiency, safety and security of the European...
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Happy Saint Patrick's Day, Ireland!

In 2016, Ireland handled 610,000 flights, and this year, traffic is expected to grow by 2,5%. For more air traffic facts about Ireland, take a look at this infographic.
European flights (in the European Civil Aviation Conference area) increased by 2.8% in 2016. There was a total of 10.2 million flights, just about the 2008 traffic levels. This relatively high growth rate can be attributed to low-cost market share growth and low oil prices throughout the year, along with a stable, if low, economic growth. For 2017, the flight growth prediction has been revised...
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After fifty years, working together to deliver a better-quality forecast | Eurocontrol
Kevin De Kroes, an air traffic controller at Maastricht Upper Area Control Centre (MUAC), talks to Euronews about his challenging career. De Kroes recounts his training period, explains why he became a controller and describes how he copes with the responsibility and stress.

Find out more about becoming an air traffic controller: [ Link ].
By historical standards, delays are quite low - though it may not seem like that if you are the one delayed. However, traffic is set to increase to over 14 million flights a year by 2035. Though there is no simple solution to this challenge, it is clear that working together collaboratively is the way forward. Read on: [ Link ]

Delays – three questions and many answers | Eurocontrol
Air traffic delays occur for a variety of reasons, ranging from bad weather conditions and strikes to technical problems and shortage of capacity both in the airports and in the air. What is being done to prevent delays from occuring? Boarding Pass looks for answers: [ Link ]. #BoardingPass
Today in Madrid, the EUROCONTROL workshop on Free Route Airspace (FRA) marked the signing of a memorandum of cooperation aimed towards merging two important cross-border initiatives in the south east region of Europe – Free Route Airspaces SAXFRA (Austro Control and Slovenia Control) and SEAFRA (BHANSA, Croatia Control and SMATSA). Learn more about the South East Common Sky Initiative (SECSI)...
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New South East Common Sky Initiative | Eurocontrol
Today's International Women's Day presents us with the perfect opportunity to honour all of the wonderful women working in aviation. One of these women is Natascha Koczy, the first female air traffic controller to qualify at the Maastricht UAC Brussels sector. “Pilots were astonished. Oh, a female voice in Maastricht. That was very nice.” She expresses hope that more girls would consider an...
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EUROCONTROL is delighted to have been a Partner in the iStream project which was recognised today at the IHS Jane’s ATC award ceremony held at the World ATM Congress in Madrid. This project was the winner of the Enabling Technology Award for its contribution to enhanced capacity and safety. Read more: [ Link ]

A Jane’s ATC Award for the iStream project | Eurocontrol
This morning, World ATM Congress opened its doors to the international air traffic management community in Madrid. Over the course of the next three days, we will be showcasing what EUROCONTROL is doing to improve the performance of air traffic management (ATM) on regional and global levels.

We invite visitors to come to our stand (#849) to meet our experts and learn more about our...
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EUROCONTROL at World ATM Congress 2017 | Eurocontrol
Last year, almost 10 percent of the ten million flights through Europe had a delay of at least half an hour. What can be done to increase operational efficiency and reduce delays? Find out more this Wednesday on Boarding Pass on Euronews at 8:45 pm: [ Link ]. #BoardingPass
Though technological innovation has allowed aircraft to reduce noise by 75 percent compared to 30 years ago, noise pollution continues to pose a challenge. Moreover, there are currently more flights than ever. How are airlines responding to concerns about their carbon emissions?

Sharon Mahony, an expert in collaborative environmental management at EUROCONTROL, explains in this Q&A with...
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From 31 January to 2 February 2017, EUROCONTROL, together with the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), chaired the Final Approach Operations Symposium. Around 200 participants from over 40 countries, representing air navigation service providers, research institutions and industry, attended this three-day event to discuss issues of...
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On 29 February 1972, EUROCONTROL’s Maastricht Upper Area Control Centre (MUAC) processed the first aircraft that flew through its area of responsibility. Today, more than 41 million flights later, MUAC is not only one of Europe’s top performing cross-border ANSPs, but also an integrated civil-military service provider. Watch this short animation featuring some of the main milestones of MUAC...
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MUAC has joined Instagram! Give us a follow @maastricht_atc and find out more about the air traffic controller profession and life at MUAC with regular posts: [ Link ]
As traffic increases, the latest technologies are necessary to guarantee safety and efficiency. Air traffic controllers at the Maastricht Upper Area Control Centre (MUAC) can now rely on Radio Direction Finder (RDF) technology to further improve their situational awareness. Using triangulation software, RDF calculates accurately an aircraft’s position on the basis of its radio transmissions....
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Radio Direction Finder to support safety and productivity improvements | Eurocontrol
EUROCONTROL is in a unique position to help measure, monitor and mitigate aviation’s environmental footprint. Check out this week’s episode of Boarding Pass on the joint efforts that can help reduce noise and emissions, or visit our dedicated webpage: [ Link ]. #BoardingPass
Keen to put into practice knowledge acquired during your studies? Gain transferable skills and acquire an insight into the working methods of an international organisation through a traineeship at EUROCONTROL. We are currently looking for trainees in various disciplines, from engineering and accounting to human resources and communication.

Learn more about our traineeship opportunities: [...
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Traineeship opportunities | Eurocontrol
Mark your calendars! On 7 March, EUROCONTROL will be sharing its passion for aviation at the World ATM Congress in Madrid. Our experts will deliver a series of half-hour sessions on key developments shaping the current and future air traffic management (ATM) system.

Some of these sessions will be specifically targeted at the next generation of ATM experts. First up is a briefing on...
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Briefings | Eurocontrol