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Check out our newest infographic about our ATM training activities in 2016!

EUROCONTROL's training Institute of Air Navigation Services (IANS) in Luxembourg delivered more than 186 different courses, twelve of which were newly introduced in 2016. They covered topics as diverse as Network Efficiency, Safety, Communication, Navigation, Surveillance, and, European ATM Legislation.

The number of...
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A conditional clearance is a clearance issued by an air traffic controller which does not become effective until a specified condition has been fulfilled. Even though these clearances can be useful to speed up the flow of traffic, they can also contribute to runaway incursion incidents if they are not used correctly. So, properly using them is of great importance.

Take a look at this SKYclip...
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Conditional Clearance (SKYclip) - SKYbrary Aviation Safety
As from 1 January 2017, air traffic controllers at EUROCONTROL’s Maastricht Upper Area Control Centre (MUAC) will be providing integrated civil and military air navigation services in the Hannover Upper Information Region (UIR) – the upper airspace of the north-west of Germany. The implementation of this step concludes the successful civil-military integration project in the entire German...
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Germany completes the integration of civil and military air traffic management in its airspace | Eurocontrol
It is now twenty years since central flow management was implemented in Europe, and there have been huge savings in terms of delays and fuel burn, as well as major environmental benefits. In the near term, the use of flow management in general, and slots in particular, is set to grow with many more areas of the world. But what is a slot, exactly?

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What is a slot? | Eurocontrol
Happy Holidays!
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MUAC – Above and Beyond

The European air traffic control industry is facing continued challenges. It is essential to keep innovating and to go above and beyond. When you get off the beaten track and search for your own path, your own route, you always discover new things. It remains a challenge to provide cross-border air navigation services. But we work together and this gives us the...
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Today we join the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) in celebrating the International Civil Aviation Day!

First established in 1994, International Civil Aviation Day aims to raise worldwide awareness of the importance of international civil aviation as an engine of global connectivity. Since its origins, in the 1960s, EUROCONTROL has been contributing to the development of civil...
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Time to get networking!

Join our colleagues from the Maastricht UAC at the International Aviation Days Amsterdam. The event will kick off with the International Aviation Career Fair (IACF) - a yearly job, internship and education market for aviation students and professionals, on 9 December and will continue with the Aviation Knowledge and Career Day (AKCD) on 10 December.

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International Aviation Days Amsterdam - Aviation Academy - Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences
The use of similar call signs by aircraft operating in the same area and on the same frequency can lead to serious incidents. This safety threat is generally referred to as call sign confusion.

Check out this week's SKYclip to find out more about the ways in which call sign confusion can be avoided: [ Link ]

Callsign Confusion (SKYclip) - SKYbrary Aviation Safety
Is there a systematic way of identifying ATM security threats and mitigating them? How to apply the current ICAO and European regulations?

EUROCONTROL has extended its portfolio of ATM security courses with the aim of raising ATM security awareness, describing systematic approaches to ATM security and creating a basic understanding of the relevant regulatory aspects.

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Brand new ATM security courses | Eurocontrol
On 17 November, the air traffic control centre in Bordeaux initiated Phase 1 of the implementation of the ‘Electronic Environment ERATO’ project - a major exercise, involving changing the ways of working of all 280 air traffic controllers at the centre.

It has been a success so far. The network has registered relatively few delays and the capacity of Bordeaux’s airspace is already increasing...
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Successful Phase 1 for ERATO implementation in Bordeaux | Eurocontrol
Sending our regards to all our Albanian colleagues! Find out some interesting facts about Albania's ATM profile in today's infographic:
Attention to all recent graduates!

EUROCONTROL is offering four traineeship opportunities in the fields of communication, information management, internal audit, and aviation engineering. A traineeship at EUROCONTROL makes for a great first work experience: as an international organisation, we offer you a multicultural and stimulating environment.

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Current vacancies | Eurocontrol
SKYbrary, the electronic repository for aviation safety knowledge, has launched an ongoing series of SKYclips, short animations which focus on a single safety topic in aviation. The first topic at hand: stop bars.

Check out our animation to learn why you should never cross a lit stop bar: [ Link ]

Stopbars (SKYclip) - SKYbrary Aviation Safety
During the first EUROCONTROL Hackathon, 32 talented, curious, and open-minded students came together in the spirit of exploration and collaboration. The atmosphere was great, the location unique and the event itself a lot of fun.

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The EUROCONTROL Voluntary ATM Incident Reporting (EVAIR) was launched as the first data collection scheme organised on a pan-European level. Its aim is to learn from low-level incidents and thus help to prevent accidents and serious incidents.

On the occasion of EVAIR’s tenth anniversary, we look back into what the Agency has achieved as a result of the scheme in terms of safety improvements....
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Reflecting on 10 years of EVAIR’s contribution to air safety | Eurocontrol
For close to 45 years, the EUROCONTROL Maastricht Upper Area Control Centre (MUAC) has provided safe and efficient cross-border air navigation services to the upper airspace of Belgium, north-west Germany, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. To this day, such large-scale international airspace is still unique in Europe.
After an exhilarating three days of coding at EUROCONTROL’s training Institute of Air Navigation Services (IANS) in Luxembourg, EUROCONTROL’s first-ever Hackathon concluded with team BlueCloud from Italy being crowned the winners. Read our full report on the Hackathon: [ Link ]