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At EuroKids, we provide a comfortable learning environment for
your child where he/she can play, learn and grow in the protective
care of our loving and understanding teachers. #Child #EuroKidsInternational #PreSchool #Teachers
EuroKids wishes everyone a very Happy Pongal!
Let the sky be filled with innumerable colourful kites. Let it be a reminder of the happy times in the year ahead. Happy #MakarSankranti
Bonfires, bhangra dance, gajak, puff rice. Lohri is here! Let’s celebrate Lohri this year in the traditional colours of Punjab. #HappyLohri !
EuroKids cares about the health of your child whilst at pre-school. Our special initiative called ‘Wellness@EuroKids’ ensures that periodic health checkups are conducted by expert pediatricians at the pre-school, to make sure that your child always remains healthy and happy.
Just because it's cold, it doesn't mean you have to stay inside! Here are a few #FunTips that will keep children active! #Winter #EuroKids
When the temperature drops, children need extra attention to stay warm! Use these tips to keep them warm. #Winter #HealthTips
Teachers at EuroKids, have special skill sets to help develop and enhance Executive Function Skills in young children through classroom learnings, activities and fun play. Our efforts are directed towards designing early care and education programs to support the development of these skills.
The development of Executive Function Skills is vital for the healthy growth of your child. EFS benefits your child’s concentration, focus, discipline, working memory and helps in pursuing his/her academic goals.
Think of a child’s brain as an Air Traffic Control mechanism. Just as an air traffic controller at an airport, has to ensure that several planes have to take off and land at the same time, the brain too must be conditioned from an early age to manage multiple capabilities, remember information, focus its thinking, filter distractions and switch gears effortlessly. Hence our preschool...
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Executive Functions Skills are identified as a set of skills that help the brain to plan, manage, control and enhance their ability to handle multiple tasks effectively and efficiently. It is the development of the brain’s ability to hold information and use it, adjust to different situations & work around it, control impulses and act rationally.
Let your child participate in the joy of giving and learn the importance of giving presents as well as giving love to all.
Santa has arrived! We hope your Christmas gift is delivered to you
and has brought a glittering smile on your face. Merry Xmas!
EuroKids has been a pioneer of innovation in early child care & education. This is reflected in our curriculum design which is based on the research findings by Centre on The Developing Child at
Harvard University which focuses on building ‘Executive Function Skills’
Children actively participate in the learning process when it is made fun and interactive. We ensure a fun learning experience for children through our Next Gen Innovations.
Our little Picassos in the making!
We plan and design fun activities to help your child explore and discover new things to learn every day. #Childssecondhome
A phonics class underway. Phonics is a part of the innovative teaching initiative SPEAK which helps children in word recognition, reading and spelling.
Your child has oodles of fun at EuroKids Preschool. Curious for a look? Watch this. #Childssecondhome
Eurokids Playgroup is a new environment for your child, which feels just like home. It fosters in your child learning of language skills while engaging him/her physically, emotionally and socially. #Childssecondhome, For more visit