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Our family is growing and getting stronger. #Preschool #EuroKids
EuroKids International
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Get all the information that you need about your child’s pre- school here. #Preschool #EuroKids

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EuroKids International
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We ensure equipment at EuroGym is child-friendly and age appropriate. #EuroGym #EuroKids
EuroKids takes care that your little children remain healthy & fit. Check out EuroGym-The Special Children’s Fitness Program #EuroGym #EuroKids
A healthy and hygienic environment at EuroKids Pre-School.
Take a look! #EuroKids #Preschool #Childfirstideology #Childsecondhome.
EuroKids ensures your child’s safety at every step. We hire female staff post a thorough background verification to ensure your child is in safe hands. #EuroKids #Preschool #Childfirstideology #Childsecondhome.
It’s time you stop thinking and start working on your dreams of owning a pre-school. It’s simple and easy. You will agree with us when you read through our Franchise Brochure. #EuroKids

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Happy Holi All!
Your child enjoys:

* Education through Interesting Teaching Aids
* Engaging takeaways in Interactive formats like
Puppet Shows, EuroMusic sessions, Rhyme Sessions & Story Telling

#EuroKids #Preschool
Your child has oodles of fun at EuroKids Preschool. Come discover your Child's Second Home.
#ChildSecondHome #EuroKids #Preschool
Come, visit EuroKids, the preschool that is full of fun, laughter, colours & exciting learning experiences.
You are your child’s inspiration, role model, friend and constant support! #HappyWomensDay
Children are made to fall in love with numbers through fun interactive activities like number recitation, learning stories and rhymes on numbers and much more. #EuroKids #Activities #Innovation
EuroKids believes that the nurturing of children in school should be in close coordination with the involvement of the parents. Hence, our Parent Orientation programme is your first guide to your child’s pre-school. Get to know his/her pre-school, curriculum, activities,
teachers and day to day aspects through this programme.
#ParentOrientation #EuroKids #Programmes
Imagine a library filled with toys. That is exactly what Learn2Play in EuroKids is all about. We have an amazing collection of educational toys to fire your child’s imagination, creativity and learning experience. #EuroKids #Learn2Play
Our teachers help your child explore creative ideas and discover their special talent through amazing learning activities. #EuroKids #Learning #Activities
We have carefully chosen every toy keeping in mind the various critical skills that toys aid in the development of young children. #EuroKids #Learn2Play
Learn2Play houses a variety of toys. From wooden board games to toy laptops, puzzles and blocks, we have selected all the toys keeping in mind the age appropriateness of children between 1.5 to 6 years. #EuroKids #Learn2Play