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Your child has oodles of fun at EuroKids Preschool. Curious for a look? Watch this. #Childssecondhome
Eurokids Playgroup is a new environment for your child, which feels just like home. It fosters in your child learning of language skills while engaging him/her physically, emotionally and socially. #Childssecondhome, For more visit
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Eurokids Nursery program is a unique blend of imparting essential life skills through interactive and fun ways. Your child’s creativity and curiosity is effectively tapped to make him learn through exploration. For more visit
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Your Child’s Second Home is full of fun, laughter, colours & exciting learning experiences.
Tour a EuroKids preschool to enjoy the nurturing environment experienced by your child.
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Are you interested in making learning fun for your child? Let your child experience education in a nurturing environment at EuroKids Preschool. Get a Glimpse of Buddy’s World & decide.
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Questions regarding preschool admissions are of various kinds. Here’s looking at a few more answers in our Parental FAQs #childssecondhome
At EuroKids, we make each day of your child truly special. Happy Children's Day !
Have questions while selecting the best preschool for your child? Let us answer them one by one. #childssecondhome
Preschool is a huge leap for you & your child. It is natural as parents to have a few doubts and queries. Here is the first part of our checklist which answers few of your queries. Be assured!
Still unsure on how to select the perfect preschool for your child? Here’s a few elements to help you decide on the best preschool that is your #childssecondhome. To read more visit
Selecting the right pre-school is a huge task.
Here’s a few pointers which will help you make up your mind. #Childssecondhome. To read more visit
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Let your child be a pro in academics as well as sports to help him win.
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Engross your child in the world of innovative learning with Buddy. #EuroKids #Preschool
The budding talent in your little one requires an attentive eye, a little appreciation & lots of encouragement to help him/her express freely. #EuroKids #Preschool
The colourful world of tales engrosses the children when puppets enact their story. At EuroKids, we use story-telling to make learning a fun experience for your child.
A secure learning environment is our priority. Our pre-school premises are equipped with child- friendly furniture that has rounded edges to ensure that your child is always secure.
Let the Joy of Learning for your child begin at EuroKids. Hear from Prajodh Rajan, Co-Founder & CEO EuroKids.
Meet the team that has built EuroKids into the pre-schooling phenomenon!
At EuroKids, we make each day of your child truly special. Happy Children's Day !
The smile, laughter, mischief innocence of children is infectious. Let it touch our lives always. #HappyChildrensDay