Learn2Play houses a variety of toys. From wooden board games to toy laptops, puzzles and blocks, we have selected all the toys keeping in mind the age appropriateness of children between 1.5 to 6 years. #EuroKids #Learn2Play
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Enjoy the best pre-school facilities for your child with EuroKids.
Let your child enjoy a warm caring environment with 100% safe and non-toxic toys in our toy library. #ChildFirstIdeology #ChildSecondHome
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EuroKids ensures your child is in loving and caring hands. Our teachers undergo training on regular intervals to be updated with new teaching methods and skills to remain the best in the business. #ChildFirstIdeology #ChildSecondHome
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Learning is no fun without some play. Our classroom activities are a mixed bag of fun games mingled with core learning concepts to help fuel your child’s curiosity & creativity. #EuroKids #Activities
Eurokids provides innovative learning kits for every child as they step into the new world of education. These learning kits are designed to aid your child’s growth and development. #ChildFirstIdeology #ChildSecondHome
EuroKids ensures your child receives close attention and care with adequate levels of patience and understanding. The
Teacher Student Ratio at EuroKids is 10:1 which ensures every
child’s growing needs are addressed properly to help them grow to their true potential. #ChildFirstIdeology #ChildSecondHome
EuroKids has been a pioneer in the field of pre-school education and this is reflected in our curriculum. Our curriculum is based on research findings by the Center on The Developing Child at Harvard University which focuses on the development of Executive Function Skills to help children in today’s modern world. #EFS #EuroKids
EuroKids Pre-school is a perfect learning experience for your child. Let your child enjoy quality education in a fun and engaging manner through our 360-degree engagement. Choose EuroKids as Your Child's Second Home. #ChildSecondHome #Preschool #EuroKids #ChildFirstIdeology
EuroKids Pre-school offers a comfortable and nurturing environment for your child. At the core of our pedagogy is the ‘Child First’ ideology which ensures we provide an environment that is not only safe but just like home. #ChildSecondHome #ChildFirstIdeology
Buddy encourages our students to interact with one another and share stories by participating in group activities like picture talk, special reading and games!
At EuroKids, enjoy discovering the enchanting world of alphabets as Buddy uses exciting learning patterns, stories & rhymes!
Education is the beacon of light that guides everyone through the journey of life. May Goddess Saraswati bless your every endeavour, help you at each step and guide you to the path of success.
Buddy at EuroKids makes learning the magic of numbers so interesting by teaching our students all about numbers with interactive games and rhymes!
At EuroKids, Buddy ensures that the classroom environment is lively & exciting by involving our students in fun activities like crayon doodling, clay moulding & pattern writing on sand!
Today, being our republic day, we hope that your child’s learning experience is as vibrant as the tricolor and as rich as our Indian heritage. #RepublicDay
Your child learns by exploration and discovery at EuroKids. As a part of our curriculum, we make use of scientifically designed games, toys, books, stories, puppet - shows, music and outdoor experiences to help your child find his/her feet in this wonderful pre-schooling world.
At EuroKids, we provide a comfortable learning environment for
your child where he/she can play, learn and grow in the protective
care of our loving and understanding teachers. #Child #EuroKidsInternational #PreSchool #Teachers
EuroKids wishes everyone a very Happy Pongal!
Let the sky be filled with innumerable colourful kites. Let it be a reminder of the happy times in the year ahead. Happy #MakarSankranti
Bonfires, bhangra dance, gajak, puff rice. Lohri is here! Let’s celebrate Lohri this year in the traditional colours of Punjab. #HappyLohri !