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We shine the spotlight on how the #EuroLeagueWomen Game Day 9 action went down on social media.

EuroLeague Women: Week 9 social media spotlight and reaction
EuroLeague Women
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#EuroLeagueWomen Week 9 Top Performers: Virginie Bremont (20 PER), Sonja Petrovic (27 PER), Laura Macchi (25 PER), Nneka Ogwumike (29 PER) and Brittney Griner (31 PER).
EuroLeague Women
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Check out the best photos and all results from the EuroLeague Women Regular Season
EuroLeague Women
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There was home court joy for Hatay Büyükşehir Belediyespor as they arguably collected the best result of their short #EuroLeagueWomen history.

Home floor high for Hatay while Schio return to winning ways
EuroLeague Women
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The last 2 games of #EuroLeagueWomen Game Day 9 are finished. Are you satisfied?
EuroLeague Women
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Two more games to go in #EuroLeagueWomen Game Day 9:
EuroLeague Women
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The last 2 games of Week 9 of the #EuroLeagueWomen Regular Season will tip off today.

EuroLeague Women Preview: Thursday 19 January
EuroLeague Women
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It was a great night for teams from France in #EuroLeagueWomen.

Impressive night for French teams as trio picks up wins
EuroLeague Women
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The first part of #EuroLeagueWomen Game Day 9 is over. Do you like what you see?
EuroLeague Women
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There are 6 #EuroLeagueWomen games scheduled for today.
EuroLeague Women
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Two clubs entering #EuroLeagueWomen Week 9 still in pursuit of a 1st win of the campaign.

EuroLeague Women Preview: Wednesday 18 January
EuroLeague Women
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Exciting weekend for the #EuroLeagueWomen teams in their domestic leagues.

Roundup: Slovak Cup Joy for Piestanske Cajky
Bourges Basket makes the headlines, as our #EuroLeagueWomen expert takes a look back at Week 8 of the Regular Season.

EuroLeague Women Review: Week 8
Check out how players and coaches reacted on this week's #EuroLeagueWomen action.

EuroLeague Women: Week 8 social media spotlight and reaction
#EuroLeagueWomen Week 8 Top Performers: Yvonne Turner (34 PER), Shenise Johnson (27 PER), Sonja Petrovic (26 PER), Isabelle Harrison (32 PER) and Courtney Paris (28 PER).
Home wins for Russian duo Informal site BC UMMC/Неофициальный сайт БК УГМК and Надежда Оренбуржье. #EuroLeagueWomen

Home comfort counts for UMMC and Nadezhda
Check out the best photos and all results from the EuroLeague Women Regular Season
#EuroLeagueWomen Game Day 8 is over. Who's satisfied with the results?
Two early games to finish up #EuroLeagueWomen Game Day 8. Which match-up are you following?
There are 2 more games to enjoy in Week 8 of the #EuroLeagueWomen Regular Season.

EuroLeague Women Preview: Thursday 12 January