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Ukrainians protesting against the usurpation of power by their president three years ago
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Moscow officials and commentators have treated Barack Obama with “unconcealed hatred” at the end of his presidency, blaming him for the absence of an agreement between Washington and Moscow and forgetting how they welcomed him eight years ago and how he pursued “the reset,” Vitaly Portnikov says. On the Grani portal today, the Ukrainian analyst says that...

Obama, whom Moscow placed great hopes in, couldn't make a deal with Putin -- because of Putin | EUROMAIDAN PRESS
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The smooth slip from `Building Nation at Home` populism to `America First` populism.

Trump’s patriotism on steroids will put America last. President Trump’s isolationism is recipe for disaster and America’s decline as a world power.

Opinion | Trump’s patriotism on steroids will put America last
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When a war is over it is common for a soldier to experience difficulty returning to life in "peacetime" and to one's "civilian" profession. He himself has no clear understanding about what to make of this person that he has become, what it is that the war has done to him; and in his fear even demands of himself that his "former self" return. It is all to no avail. It's the equivalent of trying...
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Yan Petrovsky was born in Irkutsk in Siberia, and later became a permanent resident of Norway. He is also a radical nationalist and second in command of the “Rusich” task force, which fought against Ukrainian troops in the so-called “people’s republics” of Luhansk and Donetsk in 2014–2015. The Ukrainian Prosecutor General and the International Criminal Court have been investigating “Rusich”...
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Enemy of the State or its founding element? Yan Petrovsky, Russian nationalist accused of war crimes in Ukraine, was deported from Norway — Meduza
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Past 24 hours...
10 attacks on Ukrainian positions; one Ukrainian soldier was killed.

ATO HQ reports barrages in all sectors in Donbas on Friday, one soldier killed
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Good morning, World! Good morning, Ukraine!
The fiercest battles in the war took place at Donetsk Airport two years ago, throughout January 2015. Ukrainian soldiers resisted for 242 days. 58 Ukrainian fighters perished in the last days although the number of men killed in combat is still unknown. On January 21, 2015, “DNR” forces...
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One of Ukraine's most needed reforms is being attacked by the pharmaceutical mafia who are facing the tragic possibility of their corrupt money flows being cut off

Healthcare reform in Ukraine under attack of old mafia clans -
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Throwback three years ago. One of the most incredible pictures of #Euromaidan, taken on 20.01.2014 by Den Didenko in Kyiv
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How Poroshenko differs from Yanukovych

President Poroshenko has finally abandoned his Roshen confectionery factory in Lipetsk, Russia -- a source of constant criticism in Ukraine. For analyst Vitaliy Portnikov, however, the factory was a secondary issue, as was Viktor Yanukovych's ownership of the extravagant Mezhyhiria estate. He argues that what should be of primary concern to Ukrainian...
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How Poroshenko differs from Yanukovych -
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An Antonov An-225 Mriya, Airbus, and Boeing Company walk into a bar...
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Russia gripped by Trumpomania as nationalists hold an all night party

Russia gripped by Trumpomania as nationalists hold an all-night party
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Maybe Russia would stop attacking Ukraine if the latter adopted a neutral status and gave up its NATO ambitions?

Is Neutrality a Solution for Ukraine? | Infographic -
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Donald Trump Inauguration Prompts Celibration in Russia

Donald Trump Inauguration Prompts Celebration In Russia
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Eager to learn Ukrainian? Consider attending the Summer Language Institute in Lviv through Kansas University!

The Kansas University Lviv Language Institute is open to students interested in learning Ukrainian and expanding their expertise in East and Central European studies. No previous language experience is required.

During the six-week summer program, students are enrolled in intensive...
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Ukrainian Language Institute in Lviv, Ukraine | KRYTYKA
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Economics Minister Johann Schneider-Ammann hopes sanctions against Russia will soon come to an end because they affect Switzerland’s exports.

Swiss minister wants an end to Russia sanctions - SWI
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This foggy Kyiv is just as beautiful!

Video of 17 January 2017 by (c) Dronarium Украина via Наш Киев
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A baby boy has been born in Ukraine to an infertile couple after the first ever use of a new technique using the DNA of three parents

'Three-parent' baby born in Ukraine using new technique
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Poroshenko was criticized for having this factory over the 2.5 years of his presidency

Poroshenko’s confectionery factory in Russia to be closed -
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Two months following the publication of the #SurkovLeaks in December, Surkov's Chief of Staff Aleksandr Pavlov resigned and this resignation could be directly linked to the controversial leak of correspondence.

High-profile Kremlin official sacked following SurkovLeaks – media