How cute are these puffins at Vestmannaeyjar in the Suðurland region of Iceland?!
Did you know Iceland is home to one of the world’s largest puffin colonies in the world?!
Discover more about Iceland here: [ Link ]

Inspired by Iceland
Ireland is the only country in the world that has a musical instrument as national symbol: the harp. This is because the oldest known harp in existence, dating back to 1300, is housed in Trinity College, Dublin.

Samuel Beckett Bridge, in the picture, resembles a harp. It is located in the Docklands area of Dublin.
Riga, the capital city of Latvia, is characterized by Art Nouveau architecture with colored façades and statues. When walking in Riga look up and spot all the intricate faces peering down at you!

Discover Latvia: [ Link ]
Bran Castle, located near Braşov, Romania, is a fortress famous for the legend of Bram Stoker's Dracula.
Many don't know that it is often erroneously referred to as the home of the title character in the novel inspired by the history of Vlad the Impaler, prince of Wallachia, that was associated with vampirism and Transylvanian superstitions. There are many other castles described in the...
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Spring season has officially started and Europe has plenty of marvelous destinations where flowers are blossoming and the weather is getting warmer and warmer!
A typical European village scene... narrow streets, traditional houses, flowers, bicycle and cat.
Can you guess where is this tiny village located?
Hint: it does not look like, but it is a seaside resort!

Photo: RnDmS /
Happiness is enjoying a tea in the Alps.
Happiness is traveling to Europe and experiencing local culture and social encounters.

20th March 2017 is the International Day of Happiness!! ☺
According to the World Happiness Report 2017 (, the first 6 happiest countries in the world are located in Europe!

What makes you feel happy?

#InternationalDayofHappiness #Happiness2017
The Alps in Austria, Germany and Switzerland are a magical place.
Its nature, culture and food combine to a beautiful symphony of all senses. Discover some of the best corners in this region and get inspired for your own trip.

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© The Alps of Austria, Germany. Switzerland #absolutelyalps
Urlaub in Österreich / Holidays in Austria Germania - Destinazione vacanze...
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Northern lights are a truly enchanting phenomenon that can be seen in the northern hemisphere in absence of artificial lights, especially in winter from November until March. In case it's too late to go north and discover them, enjoy this 360° time-lapse video! #northernlights #visiteurope
Happy St. Patrick's Day from EUROPE (
Today, 17th March 2017, more than 130 famous city landmarks of Europe will #GoGreen4PatricksDay following the initiative of Tourism Ireland to celebrate St. Patrick's Day around the world.

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Do you see a bunny?! Or maybe a deer?!
This is an aerial view of Kernavė, the old medieval capital of Lithuania!
Today you can visit this archeological site in the Širvintos district municipality located in southeast Lithuania. #UNESCOWorldHeritage
How beautiful would it be to eat fine cuisine suspended in the air in front of the Atomium, the symbol of Brussels, Belgium?!
You can do it in June 2017 when an event will host famous international top chefs and you can reserve a suspended seat for a special dinner in the air!
Dinner in the Sky Belgium Brussels
Natural warm spring waters flow under the city of Budapest, Hungary. This is why the "City of Spas" is very renowned for its thermal baths. What you may not know, though, is that people go to the Spa to play chess!
Would you ever imagine it?! #funfact

Read more about Europe thermal baths here: [ Link ]

Széchenyi Baths, Budapest -- Travel 365 -- National Geographic
In Serbia there is a traditional tea prepared from šljivovica (a distilled beverage made from plums) when the weather is cold. It's the Šumadija tea, or mulled plum brandy.
How to prepare it? Read the recipe on Tasting Europe portal.

Sumadijski Tea | Tasting Europe
When land and water meet, the reflection creates a spectacular view. Like this one of Vah river in Strecno, Slovakia.

Find more about Slovakia and all it can offer as tourism destination here: [ Link ]
The Republic of San Marino within the Italian peninsula is a microstate and a declared UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2008.

Here is a view of the Guaita fortress, built on Monte Titano in the 11th century and used as a prison.

Repubblica di San Marino
The view of the city-state of Monaco is astonishing, even more when it's a 360°.
Check out this spectacular view of Monaco's bay and palaces.

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How can you describe the spectacular beauty of Venice, Italy, in less than 4 minutes?

This short documentary by directors Oliver Astrologo and Nils Astrologo was selected by National Geographic Travel for its Short Film Showcase and it reveals to us the pure Beauty and Magic of this unique romantic destination.
Visit Veneto
Europe Magazine is out with the March issue and a bright new style. Discover more and read about this month's topic: Europe for senior travelers.

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