It's International Mother Language Day today!

Is there any word or expression (idiom) in your language that cannot be easily translated? Let us know and celebrate the uniqueness of your native tongue!
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Welcoming US Vice President Mike Pence to Brussels to discuss EU-US relations, President Jean-Claude Juncker emphasised that the relationship between Europe and America is of great importance: "Global stability depends on good relations between the United States of America and the European Union."

The US is our longtime partner and we will continue to work closely and discuss areas such as...
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More than 22 000 people registered already for the European Solidarity Corps - a new EU initiative which creates opportunities for young people to volunteer or work in projects in their own country or abroad that benefit communities and people around Europe!

As the new initiative is shaping up, we are asking young people, youth workers, organisations, employers and other interested people for...
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What's the common link between migrating birds, a collapsing bridge and a windmill?
The answer is a bladeless wind turbine. EU-funded Vortex Bladeless converts a natural wind phenomenon, which led the Tacoma Narrows Bridge to break in 1940, into renewable energy. The turbine, virtually noiseless, works without blades, saving migrating birds from sudden collision.
The design also reduces the...
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Do you know that Erasmus+ provides apprenticeship opportunities across the EU?

An avid baker as a teenager, Gellért from Hungary , studied the tricks of the trade learned in France and improved his techniques. A two-time 'Best Cake' winner in Hungary, he now owns an award-winning bakery in Budapest. Discover the 'icing on the cake' and how #ErasmusPlus enriched his life.

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Several million tons of box waste are produced every year just to carry vegetable and fruits from the field into the supermarkets.

With the support of the EU's LIFE programme, a small Italian company has launched a special system of reusable, foldable and recyclable crates to help us move away from this "throwaway" culture. The CPR system reduces box waste to almost zero – and brings down...
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02/18/2017 at 11:14. Facebook
"Europe is not just about rules. Europe is the people, the citizens of Europe, the Member States. It is an ecosystem made up of many different languages, cultures and traditions. Despite our differences, we work together based on our shared values. Values like democracy. Freedom." First Vice-President Frans Timmermans.
Get your questions ready for our Facebook Live on 22 February, 16:00 CET.
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"We are not proud enough of what we have achieved. This was a continent of divisions, of wars, of conflicts, of divergences, differences… When I am in Asia, in Africa, people admire what we have managed to do. Europe is beautiful seen from other continents." Jean-Claude Juncker
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02/16/2017 at 14:42. Facebook
We need to take care of our own security.
Countering common security and defence challenges goes beyond the resources of individual EU countries. There needs to be a coherent EU response.
This is why we have proposed a Europe Defence Plan.
European Commission
02/15/2017 at 16:05. Facebook
We are building bridges rather than walls.

Today the European Parliament voted in favour of the EU-Canada Trade Agreement. Here's what this will do:

This will create new opportunities for farmers and food producers in the EU.

This will benefit European consumers, offering greater choice without compromising our standards.

This will really help smaller companies that can least afford the...
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European Commission
02/14/2017 at 09:03. Facebook
…because we love to live in peace
…because we love to be united in diversity
…because we love to travel freely
…because we love having the choice to work and live in another EU country
…because of Erasmus
…because we can receive medical attention abroad with our EU Health Card
…because the EU is the biggest humanitarian donor in the world
…because we love solidarity
…because we love when...
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"Oppose them!" President Jean-Claude Juncker on how to fight #populism.
A year ago, we presented our #CircularEconomy Action Plan. What has been done since? [ Link ]
In Spain, the OlivaresVivos project (Andalusia), is working on an olive growing model that is profitable and committed to nature. Supported by the EU's LIFE programme for environment, they aim to return biodiversity to the olive grove and establish a brand of certified olive oil. [ Link ]

#investEU #LIFE_programme #Spain
After the election of Donald Trump, EU Foreign Affairs & Security Policy chief, Federica Mogherini blogged that the United States had entered a totally different phase in the field of foreign policy.

To uphold European values and interests, we began to work with the new US administration as soon as it took office. We continue do so in a spirit of friendship because our relationship with the...
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"My visit to Italy is a symbol of solidarity, when the country has again been hit by an earthquake last month" -Commissioner Corina Cretu, today in Pompeii

Today President Jean-Claude Juncker also reiterated the EU's readiness to offer support after recent earthquakes. The first distribution of aid worth €30 million under the EU Solidarity Fund has already gone to rebuilding.

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Are you subscribed to Netflix or Spotify or Amazon Prime? Good News! We have just ensured that Europeans who buy/subscribe to online content services such as these can still get access when they travel in other #EU countries.

Feel at home abroad with new 'portability' rules: [ Link ]. By the way, this regulation is part of our work towards a #DigitalSingleMarket

EU and Chill
On #SaferInternetDay we are teaming up with tech and telecoms companies, broadcasters, NGOs & UNICEF for a better internet for children.

A self-regulatory initiative to address harmful content, conduct and contact online. Within the next three months, the tech and telecoms companies will present their individual commitments to improve online safety.

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Today we celebrate 25 years since the signing of the Maastricht Treaty, which has led us toward our cooperation in foreign policy, the euro and the actual name: the European Union! Happy anniversary #EU!

Find more info on the EU Treaties here: [ Link ]

#MaastrichtTreaty #EUhistory
Millions of women and children in the world need to walk dozens of kilometres every day to fetch water. With EU support to Swedish SME Solvatten, an innovative portable device gives them access to clean, hot water in homes off the grid. With its durable design it's the cheapest method to treat and heat water in rigorous conditions!

[ Link ]