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As an EU citizen, you have the right:

-To move and reside freely within the EU ☑
-To be protected by the diplomatic and consular authorities of any other EU country ☑
-To non-discrimination on the basis of nationality ☑
-To vote for and stand as a candidate in European Parliament and municipal elections ☑

...and much more when travelling, moving abroad, studying or as a consumer - take a...
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This is the state of EU Trade with the world - We are determined to counter the trend towards unilateralism: 31 million jobs depend on exports in the EU alone.

We are convinced that by working together with like-minded partners we cannot just improve opportunities for our economy but shape globalisation to ensure it fits our values of an open, fair and rules-based society.

All about our...
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Registrations for the #EUSolidarityCorps just hit 20,000! A message from President Juncker ➡ "Thank you to all those who have signed up. Your commitment to helping and supporting people in need and your willingness to make a meaningful contribution to society is a true inspiration and something that our Union needs more of"

All about this new initiative on:
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We were live with Vice-President Maroš Šefčovič to discuss the #EUSpaceStrategy.

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Imagine charging your e-reader with solar power while reading on your sofa?
That's made possible with indoor solar cells. Supported by the EU's LIFE programme, Swedish start-up Exeger has come up with a way to produce these solar cells in an eco-friendly and cost-efficient way: [ Link ]
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2016 was a very exciting year for Europe's space community, including a new space strategy for Europe, a successful launch of new satellites and new European space services. So join us for a Facebook LIVE about space on Monday at 16h30 CET with Vice-President Maroš Šefčovič!

Tell us what YOU would like us to ask the Vice President by posting your question below ⬇
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What if your skin could heal much quicker?
Researchers from a Czech small business supported by the EU are working on a specific growth protein that can help skin repair itself faster than normal.
It will help treat serious wounds such as burns, diabetic foot ulcers, bone regrowth, certain cancers or other traumas. More: [ Link ]

#investEU #SMEs #SMEInstrument
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Have you ever been to Essen ? It is the European Green Capital for 2017!
This initiative rewards cities which are making efforts to improve the urban environment and move towards healthier and sustainable living areas.

Investment in the city’s green transition is helping to create more new, green jobs. Essen has set itself the objective of creating 20 000 jobs in the environmental sector by...
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Looking for more authenticity when you travel?

Smartphones have made exploring the world much easier. However, many travellers miss one thing: the authenticity of the visited places. EU-funded Withlocals application promises to connect people across cultures and bring them a real, local experience through delicious food and unforgettable memories: [ Link ]

#investEU #SMEs...
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Did you know? This year, #Erasmus turns 30!

The celebrations will kick off next week, so stay tuned!

Erasmus+ offers the possibility to students, staff, trainees, teachers and volunteers of all ages and from all over the world to gain valuable experience abroad. #ErasmusPlus
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Make some space for us in your agenda on Monday 23 January (16h30 CET)! We're landing with a Facebook live conversation on the #EUSpaceStrategy with Vice-President Maroš Šefčovič.
And if you can't make it, ask your question now ⬇

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Planning to set up a business in another EU country? Wondering how to start and what the rules are?

Ask our Your Europe experts in a live chat on Monday 23 January between 11.00-13.00 CET: [ Link ]

You can submit your question now on the wall of the event. In addition to English, our experts can reply to your questions in French, German, Italian, Bulgarian, Greek, Swedish and...
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"An earthquake in Italy is an earthquake at the heart of Europe. In questo momento siamo tutti vicini all'Italia."

We stand fully ready to mobilise all instruments at our disposal. Working 24/7, the European Emergency Response Coordination Centre monitors disasters and hazards and coordinates the EU's disaster response by matching offers of assistance to the needs of the disaster-stricken...
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"Un discours seul ne déclenche pas des négociations."
"A speech alone does not trigger negotiations."

The Single Market is one of Europe’s major achievements. By allowing people, goods, services and capital to move more freely it opens up new opportunities for citizens, workers, businesses and consumers. It is an engine for building a stronger and fairer EU economy.

Find all about it and our latest actions for a deeper and fairer internal market here - [ Link ]
How much do you know about European films?

Test your knowledge and get a chance to win a trip to Festival de Cannes - Page Officielle in May: [ Link ] Good luck!

On this day in 1958 we held our very first meeting!

Established by the Treaty of Rome (1957) the Commission of the European Economic Community (as we were then called) set out to achieve two main objectives: economic and social progress; and an ever closer union among the peoples of Europe

#EU60 | This year we mark 60 years since the signing of the Treaty of Rome ✍ Also referred to as the...
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"We can and must ensure that war does not give way to a lost generation" UNICEF Ambassador Liam Neeson on #MADADfund.

Read more about the objectives of the 'MADAD Fund', the EU Regional Trust Fund in response to the Syrian Crisis here: [ Link ]
With the winter cold creeping in, does your roof need extra insulation? Maybe nanotechnology can help. Aerogels are nano-materials, considered to be the best insulation materials in the world – 10 cm2 of aerogel has twice a better insulation effect, than mineral wool.

Until now however, they have been very costly to produce. Horizon 2020's SME Instrument-funded SME-Quartzene project has...
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Feeling drained? The Horizon 2020's SME Instrument – funded SOMA project might help you beat stress at work with smartphones. The German project develops a tool for the early detection of work-related stress resulting in negative health outcomes, such as burnout or depression.

The tool makes a diagnostic by using indicators like speech patterns, sleep and typing behaviour. A smartphone app...
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