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What role can trade play in growth and development? Have you ever thought about this?

For #TBT, we meet Nestor who believes it’s paramount for trade to be sustainable and inclusive. In 2016, he intervened on a high level panel alongside CEOs, a Commissioner, and other development actors to defend his ideas.

Are you actively strengthening local markets?
Are you supporting synergies between...
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What brings us closer to achieving #SustDev, financially supporting individual development projects or helping governments invest public money where it is most needed?

Our work is based on both! We support partner countries through budget support operations, which are direct financial contributions to the country's administration. But we also carry out concrete projects and actions to...
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Sustainable agriculture and sustainable fisheries remain a driver to reduce poverty and create shared prosperity.

In Nicaragua the EU improved the living conditions of 46 coastal communities by promoting commercial species farming while preserving local biodiversity. Maria and many other women's income has increased while working in fish cooperatives.

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Peut-on parler de développement sans partenariats?

Pour Sana, les partenariats sont indispensables dans l'implémentation des ODD. En 2016, elle en a parlé auprès de ministres, de David Nabarro, et de partenaires de la société civile.

Toi aussi, t’en connais un rayon sur les partenariats avec la société civile? ????
Tu veux venir en parler sur la scène internationale?
Les #EDD17 ont un...
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Journalist, Tanya Farber won a #LorenzoNatali by telling Lindi’s story. Lindi was kidnapped and raped for 4 days because she loves another woman. Are your stories giving voice to voiceless like Lindi? You could win a #LorenzoNatali#TellMyStory ➡ [ Link ]
How can we Europeans contribute to the prosperity of other countries? Through the creation of business-friendly environments for example!

In the case of Nigeria this means reducing the cost and time of land property registration. The registration process involved lengthy delays, bureaucratic difficulties and high costs – not encouraging conditions for businesses, right?

Read how...
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“The EDD Young Leaders Programme breaks down barriers between high level representatives and young people, for example I could discuss my thoughts and ideas around Ebola with the Director General of WHO and government officials,” says Shakira Choonara, a Young Leader from 2015.

Do you have innovative ideas to tackle the world’s challenges?
Are you ready to discuss them with high level...
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An important part of our vision for a new European development policy is creating decent jobs, particularly for women and young people. We see it as key for achieving inclusive sustainable growth and prosperity.

In #Bangladesh for example we are stimulating job creation through business reforms. Fighting corruption, unduly administrative burdens and poor infrastructure is needed to attract...
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Htet Khaung of Myanmar won for telling Wut Yee’s heart-breaking story. Wut Yee’s family sold her virginity to survive. Could your story win a #LorenzoNatali? #TellMyStory ➡ [ Link ]
Social justice is about ensuring same opportunities and privileges for everyone, and decent employment is one of them.

In Honduras 44% of the population is under 19 and not trained. Guess what this means for their future prospects but also for the country's prosperity?

With the EURO +Labor programme we want to overcome the lack of job opportunities young people are facing in Honduras ⤵

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It’s World Day of Social Justice! How would you feel about not having the same opportunities and privileges as others in your community?

That is what often happens in Latin America where inequalities are extremely high. This is mainly due to poverty but also because of unequal access to basic social services, discrimination of vulnerable groups, lack of human rights & informal...
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In 2007 we have been part of developing an agricultural strategy in #Tajikistan. Since then we carried forward our work on developing the private sector in the area of agriculture for improving access to finance for farmers as well as their competitiveness.

For the implementation of the agricultural strategy we equipped public institutions with a food security data management system and...
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On connaît un bon moyen de créer des emplois locaux tout en capitalisant sur l'incroyable créativité en Afrique de l'Ouest : la mode éthique !

Avec le Centre International du Commerce (ICC) nous venons de lancer de nouveaux projets au Mali et au Burkina Faso qui vont créer jusqu'à 7 000 nouveaux emplois. Avez-vous déjà acheté de la mode éthique ?

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We know a good way to boost local jobs and build on the incredible creativity in Western Africa: ethical fashion!

Together with the @InternationalTradeCentre (ITC) we are launching new projects under the Ethical Fashion Initiative in Mali and Burkina Faso which will create up to 7,000 jobs. Have you already bought ethical fashion?

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Lorenzo Natali Media Prize is open until 10 March! Are your stories about #poverty, #education and #gender good enough to win? ⤵
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