Imagine all you have is a small plot of land where you grow your vegetables for selling on the markets. Over the years you realise that your crop is decreasing despite all your hard work. One day it will not be enough to sustain your family.

That's the case in Myanmar where climate change is making the cultivation of crops more and more difficult. Through our development policy we assist...
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Celebrate with us the 60th anniversary of the creation of the European Development Fund which paved the way for EU support across the globe to initiatives promoting peace, solidarity, human rights and prosperity.

Happy birthday to the EU !

A force for good in a changing world
The EU is turning 60

Celebrate 60 years of peace, democracy and solidarity with us.

Stay tuned for our #DevelopmentStories quiz starting next week! You can win a Canon EOS 80D.

Imagine your children are too embarrassed to go to school because their uniforms are dirty without soap to wash and they do not have shoes, socks and school bags.

That happens in remote and impoverished villages in eastern Sri Lanka, where people still struggle to recover from decades of violent conflict.

Villagers and community members started to organise themselves into groups that are...
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The 3-year (2017-2019) PanAfGeo project is presented from its genesis to its starting implementation. The spirit and contents of this Europe-Africa cooperation action will be exposed.

Zdenka Dobiasova
International Cooperation Officer
DEVCO D4 - Africa-EU Partnership, African Peace Facility


Jean-Claude Guillaneau
PanAfGeo Project Manager, BRGM-French Geological...
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EuropeAid conference: PanAfGeo: a pan-African training programme

Poor access to energy can generate poverty, contribute to poor health & education, cause environmental damage, limit economic growth and widen gender inequality. In Timor- Leste households depend on kerosene and candles for light, creating an economic burden and health risks.

We see energy as a critical development enabler and placed it at the centre of our new EU development policy. Through...
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Universal Health Coverage (UHC) means for us leaving no-one behind, protecting the most vulnerable, and sustaining resilience.

This is what we aim to achieve with the UHC partnership in Timor-Leste and 27 other countries around the world . We support the development of strong national health policies, encourage our partners to put development effectiveness into practice and increase...
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The #EDD17 will include a number of exciting special events, including the Lorenzo Natali Media Prize award ceremony, the EU-Africa Business Forum and the World Reconstruction Conference 3.

Stay tuned for the official programme of the European Development Days and join us in Brussels on 7-8 June!

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Women & girls living w/o spend 266m hours a day finding a place to go! Lack of latrines forces people to go to the bush or gully, which puts especially girls at risk of being sexually abused.

In Lesotho we build and improve sanitation facilities to provide basic sanitation to communities, improve their health status and avoid environment and water pollution.

Read how toilets can change...
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Imagine you do not have access to water in your home and you spend on average 6 hours per day collecting water! That would be half of your day used for queuing and trekking to distant water sources. This is how daily life of many women & girls looks like.

Water is source of life and a driver of poverty reduction but it also impacts peace & political stability of a country. We work on...
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Thank you to all journalists ✍ and bloggers worldwide who have submitted their applications for the #LorenzoNatali Media Prize Stay up-to-date ➡ [ Link ] #TellMyStory
On #IntlForestDay we are celebrating with Indonesia to be the first country issuing EU Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade (FLEGT) licences and thereby shipping verified legal timber to the EU.

Illegal logging is causing enormous social and environmental damages for timber producing countries like Indonesia. It is a key driver of global deforestation and contributes substantially...
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Did you know that deforestation & forest degradation accounts for 12-20% of the global greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to climate change?

Forests perform key ecosystem services, contribute to climate change mitigation and adaptation, prevent desertification and soil erosion and protect water resources and biodiversity. If forests are shrinking from year to year they are not able to...
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It's International Happiness Day! Do you think happiness is linked to development? Bhutan does!

It's the only country in the world which measures its development through collective happiness. The Gross National Happiness (GNH) Index showed that 91.2% of people interviewed in 2015 consider themselves to be happy!

Fact is that Bhutan's development has seen impressive results in the last...
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Apps are coming in from around the world for the #LorenzoNatali Media Prize. There is still time to submit your stories. Deadline is extended to 20 March! #TellMyStory ➡ [ Link ]
Human well-being and resilient societies depend on healthy ecosystems and a functioning environment.

Two large national parks in the Altai Mountains in Kazakhstan are of high ecological and cultural value but tourism and recreation opportunities are under-developed. We worked to support sustainable tourism in the region.
If done properly, sustainable tourism can lead to better living...
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#EDD17 will focus on partnerships, because development is about all of us acting together. ⤵

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Are you a journalist or blogger giving voice to the voiceless in your country? Do your stories have what it takes to win a #LorenzoNatali Award? No matter if on print, digital or broadcast channels, you story could win ➡ [ Link ]
This is Sima, a nine-year-old girl from Idleb in Syria who attends a school supported by EU and People in Need - Official. Sima is one of the lucky ones being able to go to school, 2 million Syrian children are not. Many schools do not look like hers, they are often without whiteboards, playgrounds and even without desks.

EU and People in Need work together to support teachers and students in...
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