A new programme to promote peace and prevent conflicts. Positive news coming from Kenya
A new programme to promote peace and prevent conflicts Positive news coming from Kenya
Between July 2015 and June 2017, the EU’s Instrument contributing to Stability and Peace (IcSP) funded, and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) implemented a project entitled “Improving Livelihoods, Social Peace and Stability” in the contested Administrative Area of Abyei (AAA) between Sudan and South Sudan, as a means to help reduce the risk of resource-based...
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Between July 2015 and June 2017 the EUs Instrument contributing to Stability

EuropeAid conference: Bridging the divide

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La pobreza, la exclusión social o el cambio climático se pueden afrontar únicamente de manera conjunta.
Mira el reportaje que dedicó el Canal 24 Horas (España) a nuestro evento del año
Wondering how we tackle climate change? The EU REDD Facility works in 6 countries to reduce emissions from deforestation and to improve land use governance. Check out [ Europa.eu Link ] #2030isnow
Today’s dominant model of farming has succeeded in supplying large volumes of foods to global markets, but is generating significant negative outcomes on multiple fronts, while alternative food systems, based around fundamentally different agricultural models, can deliver on economic, environmental, social, cultural, as well as nutrition and health fronts
The presentation is based on the...
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Todays dominant model of farming has succeeded in supplying large volumes of

EuropeAid conference: Building sustainable food systems

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Abdiwahaab Sheikh Abuukar Nur
"We see more ownership today in South-South and triangular cooperation," says Rebeca Grynspan, Secretary General of the Secretaria General Iberoamericana.

Find out more about how development has brought new ways for South-South cooperations to be successful.
Did you know that Uganda has one of the most progressive and exemplary refugee policies in the world? Once someone gets the refugee status, the person is provided with a small area of land in villages integrated within the local host community.
Through the EU Trust Fund for Africa we support the host communities and refugees to improve their living conditions by enhancing food security,...
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Angelo Masege
Opata Paul
Otim Kennedy
Today is World Refugee Day!
Thousands of people have to flee for their lives every day, and leave everything behind because of war, persecution or natural disasters. We work on changing this. In Somalia we support people in returning back to their country, assist in the reintegration process and improve their living conditions. Read the story of Ilwad who decided to go back and work towards...
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Today is World Refugee Day Thousands of people have to flee for
Uweza Patrick
We have been contributing since 2003 to the international fight against illegal logging and associated trade! How? See our video and follow our conference this week: [ Illegallogging-deforestation-conference.eu Link ]
The global number of internally displaced persons (IDPs) has reached an all-time high, as an increasing number of IDPs remain displaced for years or even decades. With durable solutions often out of reach, IDPs are “left behind” despite the promises of the Sustainable Development Goals. In light of these deeply worrying trends and the corresponding need for more effective response strategies,...
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The global number of internally displaced persons IDPs has reached an alltime

EuropeAid conference: Breaking the Impasse

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Today is the International Day for the Elimination of Sexual Violence in Conflict. We must eradicate this scourge which has endless consequences.
Conflict-related sexual violence and all forms of gender inequalities need to end for building peaceful and inclusive societies. We are working around the on achieving true gender equality, prevent conflict and sustain peace!
Discover ⤵
[ Europa.eu...
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Today is the International Day for the Elimination of Sexual Violence in
John W John
Maria Anna Wire
Il existe une communauté unique et pacifique où toutes les religions sont acceptées au lieu d’être uniquement tolérées. Et nous le savons grâce à Ousmane Drabo , lauréat de la catégorie Liberté de religion-Amateur ➡ [ Europa.eu Link ] #TellMyStory
Olga Arbol
Alfred Tioye
Firmin Gouba
Did you know that India is among the countries with the highest number of female infant mortality in the world? We work to protect girls' right to life. Check out ➡ [ Europa.eu Link ] #2030isnow
Did you know that India is among the countries with the highest
Chafu Tatu
Abdirazak Mohamud
Do not miss this touching story of a young couple escaping religious persecution. Delphine Bauer , was awarded with the Freedom of Religion or Belief Professional category ➡ [ Europa.eu Link ] #TellMyStory
Ismet Mamaj
Elvis din 41
Vinko Rajic
Living conditions of vanilla farmers in Madagascar are hard and poor. Do not miss this story by Peter Lind who won The Europe Professional category ➡[ Europa.eu Link ] #TellMyStory
Leah Lesley Christensen
Maureen Mahon
Syrian children are experiencing horrible conditions as refugees in foreign countries. The Spanish journalist Maria Zornoza won in the Europe Amateur category ➡ [ Europa.eu Link ] #TellMyStory
Stefanel Stefano
Dorotea Carro Martinez
Did you know that over 250 million people are directly affected by desertification? It is the poorest and most vulnerable populations and countries which are hit hardest by climate change impacts such as desertification, land degradation and drought.
Hassan had to leave Niger as the land he was living on became infertile. With our support in making land fertile again he could return back and...
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Did you know that over 250 million people are directly affected by
Maria Anna Wire
Thought slavery was abolished? Fernanda Maldonado, winner in the Latin American/Caribbean amateur category, tells us the story of modern day slavery in the southern part of Brazil ➡ [ Trabalhoinvisivel.com.br Link ] #TellMyStory
Alan Richard Hendrie
Jaytt Corrêa
Pedro Vinícius Figueiredo
Read the gruelling story of Shanno and her lack of access to a proper restroom and personal hygiene products Congratulations to Saurabh Sharma , winner in the Asia/Pacific Professional category and Grand Prize winner for bringing this story to all of us ➡ [ Europa.eu Link ] #TellMyStory
Natascia Pahor
Muthuraj Raman
Jagdish Khandelwal
These families are an example to all. Thanks to Umar Shah , winner in the Asia/Pacific Amateur category, we know their story ➡ [ Europa.eu Link ] #TellMyStory
Murat Hoxha