Is this the coolest thing the EU is involved in? Explore the #EUArctic policy on the new webpage: [ Link ]
Here is High Representative Federica Mogherini having a chat with the EEAS trainees today. She thank them for their hard work. They have been great colleagues for the past five months, bringing in their enthusiasm and positive mind-set, and we wish them luck for the next adventures in their careers!

A new group of trainees is ready to join us on March 1. What about you? Would you like to...
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High Representative Federica Mogherini today welcomed US Vice-President Mike Pence during his first official visit to the European Union. They discussed the importance of a strong partnership between the EU and the US, which is essential for both sides of the Atlantic. The High Representative reaffirmed a strong willingness of the EU to continue building a strong EU-US partnership on the basis...
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Nel mondo si guarda all’Unione Europea come un partner forte, affidabile, cooperativo, indispensabile. Molto più forte di quanto noi stessi spesso pensiamo. E ancora più indispensabile in tempi pericolosi e confusi, in cui le regole sono troppo spesso percepite come una costrizione per alcuni invece che come una garanzia per tutti. L’Unione Europea è un punto di riferimento quando si parla di...
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High Representative Federica Mogherini welcomes Bill Gates to Brussels. Watch live as they present common ideas on development and partnerships in Africa
EU & Canada - Today the European Parliament voted in favour of the EU-Canada Trade Agreement. "Our friendship is even stronger now."
Happy Valentine's day!

…because we love to live in peace
…because we love to be united in diversity
…because we love to travel freely
…because we love having the choice to work and live in another EU country
…because of Erasmus
…because we can receive medical attention abroad with our EU Health Card
…because the EU is the biggest humanitarian donor in the world
…because we love solidarity...
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Last week EU ambassador to the United Nations Vale de Almeida received United Nations' Secretary General Antonio Guterres. The UN needs the EU as much as the EU needs the UN. Follow European Union at the European Union at the UN – New York!
#ChildrenNotSoldiers -"Child soldiers are always the victims: forced to combat, often brutally abused, and not rarely isolated when they finally manage to get back to their communities. I met Colombian boys and girls who have managed to quit the FARC's guerrilla and are now looking at their future with hope. We have the duty to keep supporting them and all the former child soldiers, to give...
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The relationship between the EU and the United States is strong and goes beyond any change of administration. Watch Federica Mogherini discussing EU-US relations with the Atlantic Council at the end of a two-day visit to Washington for talks with the new US administration and senior members of Congress
"I think of Operation Sophia as an example we should be proud of in the EU". Federica Mogherini delivered the first diplomas to 89 Libyan coast guards, trained in the context of #OpSophia to save lives in the Mediterranean and fight human smuggling. Read more here: [ Link ] and follow European Naval Force Mediterranean - Eunavfor Med Operation Sophia
EU leaders today have backed a package of measures proposed by High Representative Federica mogherini and the European Commission, to better manage migration flows and save lives on the Central Mediterranean route. “The European approach is based on partnership. We don't believe in walls or bans"

EU leaders back Mogherini's proposals to better manage migration in the Central Mediterranean
The EU supports young people in Europe & around the world. Follow EU Neighbourhood & Enlargement & #EU4Youth
"I have already made clear where the European Union stands on this. No one – no one - can be deprived of his or her own rights because of their place of birth, their religion, or their ethnicity.
This is written in our constitutions – both in Europe and in America. This is who we are, this is our identity, this is something we cannot forget. Our European history has told us to celebrate when...
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"The European Union will continue to host refugees. It's in our identity: we celebrate when walls are brought down and bridges are built" (Federica Mogherini)
#EUCulturalRelations The European Union in Jordan brought together European and Jordanian street artists to celebrate European Cinema in Amman. Do you want to know what happened downtown? Check it out here in this video! [ Link ]
Happy Birthday Erasmus!
For Federica Mogherini and Pierpaolo Crivellaro #Erasmus meant a first real taste of independence, contact with other cultures and learning another language… What did it meant for you? What might it mean for you?! #Erasmusgeneration #Erasmus30
"We remember the genocide committed here, on European soil, just two generations ago. We remember the millions of Jews murdered in the Shoah, and the many other victims. As Shimon Peres, now sadly no longer with us, once said: 'We are their eyes that remember. We are their voice that cries out.'

To those who would deny, this is our message. A message of collective responsibility.

We have a...
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