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The European Commission today proposed the European Defence action plan. Collectively, the EU is the world's second largest military spender, behind the US. However, Europe suffers from inefficiency in spending due to duplication, technological gaps and insufficient cooperation. The European Defence Action Plan will boost research, reduce costs and improve cooperation. The plan is part of a...
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30 years after the nuclear accident in #Chernobyl a New Safe Confinement has been installed above Unit 4 of the nuclear power plant to make the site environmentally safe again. This new confinement is an unprecedented work of engineering funded by the Chernobyl Shelter Fund, which is managed by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) on behalf of the international donors....
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EU Delegation in Guatemala
Last Friday 25th November the EU Delegations and the EU buildings in Brussels gave their support to paint the world in orange, to say loud and clear: NO to violence against women! The campaigns continue! #OrangetheWorld #16Days #EU4HumanRights
No to violence against women! Join our voices! #SayNoStopVAW #OrangetheWorld #EU4HumanRights
"This is a special day and the beginning of new commitment" Mara Marinaki, EEAS Principal Advisor on Gender #Orangetheworld #16days #SayNOstopVAW
"Join us today to say No to violence against women" #Orangetheworld #16days #SayNOstopVAW
"Each time we mark the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, we acknowledge a failure of our societies. Women and girls are targeted – at home, in their communities or at their working place – all over the world.

Our European Union makes no exception: on the contrary, we are witnessing a worrying trend that defies achievements we used to take for granted. Women...
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"We stand at a crucial juncture in our work towards an European Union of security and defense" Federica Mogherini presented the most recent concrete proposals at the European Parliament
"Once again we gather to discuss Turkey, and rightly so. Our relationship with Turkey is at a crossroads, because Turkey is at a crossroads. Some say that Turkey has to choose between the West and the East. I don’t agree. Turkey can and should stay true to its nature, as a bridge between worlds and cultures. If Turkey moves further away from our European Union and from democracy, it would lose...
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"For many Europeans security has become a top priority. Threats have multiplied, and they have changed in nature. We cannot simply hide behind our borders: it wouldn’t be coherent with our history and our values of solidarity. It simply would not work. We must engage with the world, starting with our region. And we must engage with all our power – the power of a Union of half a billion...
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Congrats ESA - European Space Agency!!! With the successful launch of 4 satellites this week, the Galileo constellation now has 18 satellites in orbit out of the minimum 24 needed for worldwide coverage. Way to go!
"This is no time for theoretical or abstract discussions on European defence. For most Europeans security is a top priority today. " This was an important week for EU Security and Defence. High Representative Federica Mogherini gathered in Brussels the EU ministers. Together, all 28 adopted the EU Global Strategy implementation plan on security and defence. They also discussed with Secretary...
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Here are the key results from today's Brussels Conference on the Central African Republic
Three years ago the Central African Republic was on the brink of collapse. But today, the country has changed course. There is now hope for the country to embark on a journey to recovery and renewal. The International conference for the Central African Republic takes place today in Brussels, organised jointly by the European Union and the Central African Government.
Morocco is hosting this year's climate conference, which will build on the historic achievements of the Paris Agreement in 2015. These satellite images, taken by the EU Flag ship Copernicus EU Programme, show the diversity of Africa's geography and just what is at stake in our efforts to tackle climate change. Follow EU Climate Action & ESA - European Space Agency
Two intense days of decisions and discussions on the way forward for EU Security & Defence at the Foreign Affairs Council. High Represenative Federica Mogherini met with the EU Ministers of Foreign Affairs and Defence. Full recap here europa.eu/!qY43KP
"For most Europeans security is a top priority today. And they know far too well that we are safer and stronger when we work together, as a true Union." High Representative Federica Mogherini has proposed today a new Plan on Security and Defence. "This is no time for theoretical or abstract discussions on European defence. The Plan is about doing concrete things immediately and together."
"There will be an increasing demand of Europe from our neighbours and from our partners worldwide.
There is and there will be a growing request for a principled global security provider, for a super-power who believes in multilateralism and in cooperation, for a reliable, predictable partner for peace, for growth and for democracy. And there will be, I believe, arising call for a stronger...
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