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Dave and Annie are featured in @Soundbreaking tonight. A great opportunity to learn about the inspiration behind our early music videos. Tune in to watch on @PBS at 10/9c. [ Youtu.be Link ]

SOUNDBREAKING | Sound and Vision Trailer | PBS

Official website: http://to.pbs.org/2fiiwQF | #Soundbreaking Chronicling the era in which MTV forged an indelible and inextricable link between recorded musi...

Dave and The Churches , must be Eurythmics actually owned one and recorded many of their famous songs there !

Hull Holy Trinity gets hip and holy for live music gig

1984 soundtrack released this day , guess when , 1984 of course , a message from the Ministry of Love

Ministry of Love - Eurythmics

Perhaps the greatest soundtrack to a movie of one of the best novels ever written.

When Annie Lennox and Dave Stewart left The Tourists to form Eurythmics in 1981, they traveled to Cologne to work with noted German producer Conny Plank on their first album, In the Garden. Some of the musicians involved were Can’s Holger Czukay and Jaki Liebezeit (billed as “Les Vampyrettes”), DA...

Eurythmics go krautrock (and the Throbbing Gristle connection)

before, pic thanks to Chris Reno
what lies behind the veil.....
Lost in Song
Dave got da Blues ! No.1 on i-tunes No.1 on Amazon
[ Amazon.com Link ]
[ Itun.es Link ]
SEE DAVE PERFORM SOME BLUES from his new album on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon this just happens to be on his birthday FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 9, 2016 11:35/10:35C on NBC
need this more than ever now :-

How many sorrows
Do you try to hide
In a world of illusion
That's covering your mind?
I'll show you something good
Oh I'll show you something good.
When you open your mind
You'll discover the sign
That there's something
You're longing to find

The miracle of love
Will take away your pain
When the miracle of love
Comes your way again.

Cruel is the night
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Eurythmics - The Miracle of Love

Song about love's amazing power to heal.