Eva Schatz
yesterday at 14:24. Facebook
Michi got the first lady of my new design-set! Thanks a lot, it was so much fun!

Eva Schatz
01/17/2017 at 18:10. Facebook
Thank you Alina!
I love tattooing girl/lady-heads so much ✨

Something different: My version of Gustav Klimt's "Judith II" on Tamara! Thanks for sitting so well!
____________________________________________________ (#artnerds: yes I know, the head on the bottom is missing, maybe we'll add it later somedays, but it looks really weird on the ellbow so we decided to tattoo it without a dead male head )
Paint, paint, paint it, girl! ✌
Thank you Sandra! (I also did the two lotus-flowers on her knees last November☺)

Office-Monday means procrastination-Monday, right? Found this board I bought last summer at @granit in Berlin behind my table and couldn't resist to 'play' with it. We have no new t-shirts or something else to sell in the shop at the moment or important news to tell (but soon), so I can't use it as a price-board, that's why I had to be kind of super poetic instead. Happy Monday my...
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Supreme Waiter.

Good morning, Miss Bookworm ! ???? Thank you Jacky!

Hello Resi ✌

Monday: Party with my girls

I love to start the new year with a lot of new 'wanna-do' drawings! This one is actually promised, but I finally had time to make a cuple of new designs during our vacation last week ✌ More soon, keep your eyes peeled!

H E L L O H E L L O!! 6 more hours until it's finally 2017 - I am so ready for new adventures! A lot of great things are in progress, can't wait to tell you more! But first: Prost! ❤ #hello2017

Everyone is posting "tattoos-of-the-year" pics & collages, so I decided to show you my vintage (fake) snakeskin cowboy boots instead. Took a little walk in the sun today - smiled and celebrated the end of this crazy year a day earlier✌ #sockgamestrong #hello2017
I love drawing-days ❤
New "wanna-dos" for 2017 are after a long time officially in production again:-)

(do not copy!)
Good Morning lovely Thursday! Little ladyhead for Isabelle, done last summer in Salzburg! I love and enjoy tattooing (girl-) faces/portraits and flowers so much! ✨

J A N U A R Y & F E B R U A R Y!!!

Last chance for a tattoo-appointment in January & February! Tomorrow and Wednesday I will answer all emails and will open my books for the very last available appointments in January & February in Salzburg (sorry for the massive delay, but a few cool things will happen in 2017 and this all had to be organized before)! For more infos & booking visit or...
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'Salome' for lovely Penelope from a few months ago in Berlin! Definitely one of my favorites from 2016! Happy Holidays! ✨

Another two of my favorite girls from 2014 on lovely Eva
One of my favorite girls from 2014
Aaaaaand here is the tattooed (and bruised) Nofretete from yesterday on lovely Caro! Thank you!

Nofretete for lovely Caro from yesterday evening! ❤
If you are wondering about the process of my tattoos - I always need/have three steps for my designs, before it comes to the actual part of tattooing: Pencil/Colour-Sketch - Ink/Linedrawing - Stencil - Let's go! Happy Weekend! ✌