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It's Friday!! What better day to grab a cat, some snacks and watch our cute lil film! Available to rent or buy on iTunes, amazon etc! Hope you enjoy it: [ Bit.ly Link ]
Evanna Lynch
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Thank you Interview Magazine for featuring me and my amazing friend Bonnie Wright for interviewing me! ❤ check out the interview here: [ Interviewmagazine.com Link ]

"I always get asked that question: 'Did Harry Potter hold your back? Was it a help or a hindrance?' And I always feel like it's been a help—it's up to me to redefine it."

Evanna Lynch discusses Harry Potter, her new film My Name...
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In case you missed it... #MyNameIsEmily opens today in NYC at the Cinema Village! Please come out to support the film if you can: [ Bit.ly Link ] For everyone outside of NYC, you can find a full list of screening dates and cities here: [ Bit.ly Link ] Don’t worry if you don’t see your city, there will be more screenings added continuously throughout the next few weeks! The film will be...
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Happy Birthday, Luna Lovegood! here is one of my favourite fan art pieces in her honour, surrounded by owls looking dreamy but a little melancholy.

(Here is the artist's Tumblr: [ Tumblr.com Link ]

#HappyBirthdayLunaLovegood #LunaLovegood #Baeis36today
Actually just over a week til My Name Is Emily hits the US :) Check out the project's page to see if it's coming to any cinemas near you.

Alternatively, it's available for preorder worldwide on itunes at this link: [ Apple.com Link ]

Thank you for all your support of our movie so far, it means the world! <3
Do you know that feeling?
Hi all! I’m excited to say that I’ll be taking part in a Facebook Live at 1.30pm GMT today with @WorldAnimalProtectionUK! We’re going to be at the Adventure Travel Show in London Tune in to @WorldAnimalProtectionUK to hear us discussing the work that they’re doing to encourage people to see wildlife in the wild, and not in entertainment. Today I'm keen to learn about the hidden cruelty in the...
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Reposting this from the amazing Elizabeth Gilbert because it is the most eloquent thing I've read that makes sense of madness.

"Darkness and evil ALWAYS have an interesting side-effect.

Darkness and evil ALWAYS give opportunities to rise."

But definitely read the whole post below.
On a secluded property in the west of Romania, captive bears live under lock and key. Year on year they remain in their cruel cages as they have done for 20 years - denied the freedom they deserve.

The man who holds them there knows his bears are illegal – but he thinks nobody can touch him. World Animal Protection needs our help to show him he’s wrong.

The new Romanian government take power...
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By Faye Thomas Photography
Happy Christmas, wishing you lots of love and armfuls of cats! ❤ #Pushkin #HappyChristmas #catsofinstagram #CattyChristmas
Something wrong with this Christmas tree...
Hooray for the lady who pretty much single handedly redeemed 2016 for me and tons of people with her magical mind and giant heart ✨ thank you @wearelumos for everything you do to light up children's lives. #lumos #QueenJo
Hello friends,

Just been spending time with the lovely folks at World Animal Protection and, in the spirit of giving, I'd like to suggest an alternative gift idea for any animal loving friends this Christmas... I've worked with World Animal Protection for the past few years and have seen how deeply they care for animals and fight tirelessly to protect the most vulnerable animals who have been...
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World Animal Gifts holiday gifts 2016

'My Name Is Emily', coming to selected Irish cinemas 8th April 2016 :)
Nasty and absolutely unnecessary to use animal fat to make bank notes. Animals are not things to be picked apart and used every which way. Please sign the petition to get this reversed.
[ Change.org Link ]

Bank of England: Remove Tallow from bank notes

With @thisisbwright and @thefashionlily post after-party when we weren't ready to quit so we traipsed around NYC in all our finery looking for the nearest bar with a juxebox. These are always the best bits.
Have a look at this thought provoking video from my friends at World Animal Protection Chickens are sociable, inquisitive and adventurous, with distinct personalities. They also experience stress and trauma through appalling conditions on factory farms. They suffer in secret for every moment of their short, miserable lives before becoming meat on a plate.

I just watched it and am wondering:...
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"We do not need magic to transform our world. We carry all the power we need inside ourselves already."
-J.K.Rowling, with some incredible words to live by AND wear on a tshirt to remind others. If you have not already purchased one of @wearelumos 's ltd. edition tshirts, then here ya go: . You could be lucky enough to win a signed tshirt by Jo. Or you could simply be buying a tshirt,...
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