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'My Name Is Emily', coming to selected Irish cinemas 8th April 2016 :)
Evanna Lynch
11/30/2016 at 10:12. Facebook
Nasty and absolutely unnecessary to use animal fat to make bank notes. Animals are not things to be picked apart and used every which way. Please sign the petition to get this reversed.
[ Change.org Link ]

Bank of England: Remove Tallow from bank notes

With @thisisbwright and @thefashionlily post after-party when we weren't ready to quit so we traipsed around NYC in all our finery looking for the nearest bar with a juxebox. These are always the best bits.
Have a look at this thought provoking video from my friends at World Animal Protection Chickens are sociable, inquisitive and adventurous, with distinct personalities. They also experience stress and trauma through appalling conditions on factory farms. They suffer in secret for every moment of their short, miserable lives before becoming meat on a plate.

I just watched it and am wondering:...
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"We do not need magic to transform our world. We carry all the power we need inside ourselves already."
-J.K.Rowling, with some incredible words to live by AND wear on a tshirt to remind others. If you have not already purchased one of @wearelumos 's ltd. edition tshirts, then here ya go: . You could be lucky enough to win a signed tshirt by Jo. Or you could simply be buying a tshirt,...
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As if the perks of being vegan aren't enough, my friends at @beyondskin sent me another pair of their amazing shoes!! I don't know that I'll ever be sassy enough to leave the house in a pair of shorts shorts w/ thigh-highs but I will try these and their amazing new range of all vegan boots are available at their online store . Cos you can be as fashionable as you are compassionate ...
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This is Pushkin He is so named because of his relentless pushiness. He arrived uninvited to my family's house in Ireland after they had just gotten a new kitten and they didn't feel they had space for yet another cat. He was also putting the regular Lynch cats off their food so they tried to make him go away. But you try telling a cat no. Cats always know what they want. Pushkin stayed and...
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These bloody beautiful people took me out to dinner and made my 25th birthday so happy thank you everyone for your love and warmth and kindness today. I have realized that birthdays are days to receive love and be supercharged by it cos there are days when it feels absent and you need to reach back to these moments and refuel. Today has made me more determined to be a light-warrior and spread...
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Itโ€™s #InternationalTigerDay today and I'd like to say something chirpy and cheerful like 'Happy International Tiger Day!' but then I see a video like this and I realise today is actually a day to get serious and expose the exploitation of these magnificent, beautiful wild cats. Today just for a couple minutes, I ask you to watch this video and imagine you are this tiger, drugged out of your...
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My fabulous friend, Bonnie Wright, designed a limited edition shirt for everyone to buy and share. 100% of the proceeds will go to FilmAid International, a non-profit that harnesses the power of film to inform, educate and inspire refugees around the globe. Get your tee here: represent.com/filmaidbonnie
[ Youtube.com Link ]
Here is a video of the work I do with CIWF (Compassion In World Farming) on a farm in Arkansas making the switch from a factory farm to free range. The chickens and I would appreciate if you'd watch it and investigate your opinion on factory farmed meat.

I didn't know much about the practices of factory farming before this trip or how it is so easily allowed to happen. I...
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Evanna Lynch kicks open doors on factory farming

Visit www.ciwf.com/ChickensDeserveBetter to take action! Actress and animal lover Evanna Lynch joins Compassion in World Farming to kick open the doors of a ...

Had an awesome morning reading your fabulous book @diana.bunici !! This is the exact book I needed as an artsy Irish youngster who hadn't a clue where to begin manifesting my farfetched dreams. It's packed with incredibly wise, witty, insightful interviews from personalities in Ireland who are out there making an impact and getting shit done. It's reminded me that if you ever think things just...
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"Vegan: To love without boundaries defined by privilege or species."
Proud to be a part of this peaceful protest. Thanks @veganlife_mag for this amazing tshirt. This definition is exactly what veganism is about to me; purely and simply, Love. โคโœŒ #vegan #veganlife #love
Helloooo! Something a little bit crazy & different to my usual fluffy posts...

I'm performing in a show called the Pussy Party this Wednesday 7pm at the Electric Lodge in Venice, CA! There will be many female artists showcasing their work and I will be prancing about in one of the scenes throwing sweets etc at the audience. Pussy Party is a celebration of progressive women's art in motion!...
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Salon San Juan

If you live in Ireland and wanna see a very nice/sad/beautiful/weird/different film, go this week!! It will be leaving cinemas very soon! My mum is about to see it for the 5th time and can't fill every seat simultaneously despite her best efforts so please join her in this quest :)

It's showing at:
Cineworld, Dublin
IFI, Dublin
IMC, Dun Laoghaire
Light House, Dublin
Movies @ Dundrum
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Thank you to @dearbhla.mup and @gitzer33 at @brownsugardub for the fabulous makeup and hair look for tonight at the IFTAs.
And a special thanks to my friend and amazing stylist @thefashionlily for putting together the outfit - Katie knows best!!
And of course thank you IFTAs for an inspiring night celebrating Irish talent in tv and film.
After an especially fancy week, I must apologize for...
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Thank you @beyondskin for my super swanky and stylish vegan shoes!! I love them! This brand are proving that you can be vegan and still be a shoe lady, that this lifestyle is NOT about deprivation or sacrifice and that you can always find cruelty free ways to express your style โค These ones and many more non-leather, beautiful shoes are available on their website ! #veganshoes #Alexa...
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"Working with people is part of what drew me to film. I am not made to write in a garret alone. Directing involves collaborating and encouraging others to give their all. I love it. I was good with people before motor neuron disease, able to disarm them, put them at ease. But all my tools are gone. Body language, touch, varying tones of voice, a few stories, a relaxing joke. Gone. Nothing left...
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Lights, camera, nerves: how can I direct a film when I canโ€™t speak?

Here are a few pictures from the United NY Half Marathon last Sunday and one with the team from World Animal Protection! It was an exciting, mad, FREEZING-COLD, fun and exhilirating morning and I really enjoyed the experience. I was honoured to be running representing one of my favourite charities and all the beautiful animals they save.

I have to say it didn't feel like 13.1 miles and after...
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'My Name Is Emily', coming to selected Irish cinemas 8th April 2016 :)