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Eve Beauregard
01/13/2017 at 04:05. Facebook
Proud to be in the MCV Pacific #30Under30 this year for my work at Robot House and Hammerfall Publishing!
Hey lovelies, want to get me a Christmas gift?

If you're enjoying the holidays with some games this year I'd really encourage you to donate to SpecialEffect to share that experience with gamers with disabilities. I just sent through what I would've spent on a big lunch today, and it took about 7 seconds.

I know the SE team personally, they're good people. They provide a totally free service...
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Donate | SpecialEffect

Q&A Catch up time! Ask me (almost) anything
Hit me with your best pre-sleep podcast recommendations, folks!
Watchdogs 2 and PSVR fun today, what are you up to?
Happy Friday, nerds <3 any plans for the weekend? My best friend is getting married tomorrow!
Last schedule of the last day of the last show of the year. WE DID IT FAM.
10:30am: The Great Debate - Is VR Better Than Real Life? Main Theatre and/or streamed at twitch.tv/pax
PAX Aus Saturday! Here's where I am:
3:00 More Than A Game
6:00 Sexy Stats
PAX Aus Friday! Here's where I am:
3:30: Plastic Wax Presents LEGO Star Wars
5:00: GWENT Live!
9:00: Whose Panel is it Anyway?
Had a really wonderful time sharing years of cosplay business experience with GCAP attendees today! My lecture was focused on helping publishers and studios learn about the complexity of cosplay communities, and how to engage and work with cosplayers.
Here at #GCAP16! Giving a talk at 2 and hosting a fireside chat at 5.
I'm missing Halloween this year, so here's a suitably on-trend throwback from me and What a Big Camers.
You do you, Harleys. Whether you've been a fan for 10 days or 10 years, she's a hopeful, complex and powerful lady.
Busy busy week of games week prep! How's your day going?
I hope they are handing out free birth control at the Han Solo spin off screenings otherwise we'll all be pregnant
Waking up like #WonderWoman75
Back to Belle
I'm speaking/panelling/jumping about on stage at Melbourne International Games Week 2016 at GCAP and PAX Australia! Here's my schedule as it stands, come along and say hi!
Some travel snaps from my time in Warsaw! I'm at the airport on my way home to Sydney. The flights add up to about 20hrs - wooo.
Next up for me is Melbourne Games Week!
I'll post my full crazy schedule soon, but I'm speaking at GCAP and PAX Aus this year on about... 8 panels/stage shows/lectures/things. I'm excited, but have a lot to do!

See you at the finish line. x
It's my birthday! Thank you CDPR for such a special gift. Brb crying.