At 14 years old: "Take care of people, even when you don't know how."

8 Lessons That Show How Emotional Labor Defines Women's Lives
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It's Celebrate Sunday - feminist style!

What's one way in which you've seen yourself grow this week?

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Trump is trying to roll back trans rights, and we're not going to stand for it. (via The Establishment)

To Trans Young People: You Are Beautiful And Perfect Just As You Are
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One terrifying police encounter changed their "colorblind" views forever.

This White Mom and Black Son Never Talked About Race – Until This Horrific Traffic Stop
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Tip #5: "Don't feel like you have to buy what they’re selling."

7 Tips for Breastfeeding Success That No One Tells You About
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Feeling behind on conversations about standing up for trans rights? This will help you catch up.

Transgender 101: A Guide to Gender and Identity to Help You Keep Up with the Conversation - Everyday Feminism
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Hey there, community!

What specific issues would you like us to cover relating to trans rights?

Let us know in the comments!
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Do you know why Trump's anti-trans actions are so horrifying? (via Upworthy)

Janet Mock lays out why protecting trans students is about so much more than bathrooms.
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Ever had to deal with that "there are bigger problems in the world" line?

What Everyone Needs to Know About Teenagers and Mental Health
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Let's keep 'em coming - donate to Trans Lifeline! (via Teen Vogue)

Trans Lifeline Just Got So Many Donations Its Website CRASHED
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Do you know about the “citation gap” or the “baby penalty” that women experience in higher education?

Here’s What Sexism in Higher Ed Looks Like – And Why It’s a Problem
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We have to keep the big picture in mind when it comes to ending rape culture.

4 Reasons We Can’t End Rape Culture Simply By Incarcerating Rapists
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Have you noticed the trend of pinkifying STEM toys for girls?

4 Reasons Why Making STEM Pink to Get Girls Interested Is Absurd
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Even if you want to support a march, but you can't attend, you can try #5.

5 Ways You Can Be an Activist Without Hitting the Streets
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The Trump administration is rolling back trans rights - here's why safe bathroom access is crucial.

Unpacking the Public Bathroom Debate for Cis People: Why Bathroom Access Needs to Be Safe for People of All Genders
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We SURE know how this goes! (via The Establishment)

When A Woman Deletes A Man’s Comment Online
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How many have you come across in your feed lately?

5 Coded Phrases People Post on Facebook to Excuse Their Racism
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Men are hornier, women are more emotional - WAIT. Not according to these facts.

3 Reasons to Doubt the Most Widely Believed Biology-Based Gender Myths