Having guests over on the weekend? This Revani - a semolina cake soaked in syrup - is not only delicious, but perfect for sharing!
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Sad to be back at work? Give yourself something to look forward to and make this Soba Noodle Salad for lunch! Served cold with a delicious miso dressing, it's sure to spice up your lunchbox
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Soba Noodle Salad with Miso Dressing

Few desserts say Summer more than Pineapple Sorbet! Don't throw away that pineapple shell though - it makes the perfect serving dish! Full recipe available here: [ Everydaygourmet.tv Link ]
Making your own ceviche is so simple, and Justine's Prawn Ceviche with Corn Chips is a fresh, zesty canape perfect for your next summer dinner party! [ Everydaygourmet.tv Link ]

Prawn Ceviche with Corn Chips

Timing is everything with this super quick and super easy Pistachio Praline! It's perfect sprinkled over a cake or ice cream, but if you can't resist tucking into it on its own, we won't judge ;)
With crunchy pistachios, pan-fried haloumi and roasted beetroot served on a bed of pearl couscous, this salad is a must-have in your repertoire! [ Everydaygourmet.tv Link ]

Roasted Beetroot, Haloumi, Pistachio and Pearl Couscous Salad

Has all the festive eating gotten the better of you? Maybe this Detox Salad is in order! [ Everydaygourmet.tv Link ]

Detox Salad with Avocado and Ginger Dressing

If you're one of many who end up with leftover Christmas ham, it's perfect to repurpose for this Grilled Zucchini and Ham Hock Salad (just skip the ham-cooking part - too easy!) [ Everydaygourmet.tv Link ]

Grilled Zucchini and Ham Hock Salad

It wouldn’t be an Aussie Christmas without some spectacular seafood! You will want to savour the flavour of this Herb-crusted Baked Side of King Fish
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Want to impress with your dessert this Chrissy? Trish's White Chocolate and Raspberry Trifle is sure to blow everyone's Christmas stockings off!
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This beautiful Rainbow Slaw is fresh, delicious, and great for sharing! Take it along to your next BBQ [ Everydaygourmet.tv Link ]

Rainbow Slaw with Yoghurt, Mustard and Dill Dressing

Spread the Christmas cheer with these delicious Minced Fruit Tarts! So easy to make yourself, and even more delicious. Full recipe here: [ Everydaygourmet.tv Link ]
Ever tried scaloppini? This version is a bit like beef schnitzels, served in a rich tomato sauce. Perfect mid-week hearty dinner!
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Katrina’s Scaloppini

Do you like piña coladas? What about French toast? This dish from the dessert queen, Kirsten Tibballs Savour, is a delicious combination of the two! Coconut French Toast with sautéed pineapple! Treat yourself, it's the weekend.
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Pain Perdu

Lasagne might not be the first meal that comes to mind when planning a healthy dinner, but subbing out the meat for nutrient-rich sweet potato and spinach should offset some of that cheesy guilt! [ Everydaygourmet.tv Link ]

Pesto Sweet Potato Lasagne

These Cuban Sambos are customised to suit lovers of pork belly! All the ham and cheesey goodness, with the added treat of crispy pork belly. Stick one of these in your lunchbox - beats a cafe sandwich any day! Full recipe here: [ Everydaygourmet.tv Link ]
Christmas party season has definitely started, and these are the perfect little treats to share around! Trish from Cadbury Kitchen's Christmas Chocolate Fudge Puddings are small, sweet, and super simple [ Everydaygourmet.tv Link ]

Christmas Chocolate Fudge Puddings

If you've only got a handful of ingredients (and minutes) up your sleeve for dinner, this 4 Ingredient Prosciutto Pasta is your dinner saviour!
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4 Ingredient Prosciutto Pasta | Everyday Gourmet S6 E30

Fast Fact - As seen on Everyday Gourmet

It's always a treat when Robert Coco comes to visit, especially when he makes this delicious Caramelized Lemon Tart! If you want to attempt it too, the full recipe is here: [ Everydaygourmet.tv Link ]