A candlelight vigil will be held at 6:30 p.m. Monday, Feb. 20.

Kalamazoo mass shooting victims to be remembered on 1-year anniversary

Happy Presidents' Day!

They might not have agreed on much, but these presidents agreed on at least one thing—dangerous people shouldn't have access to guns.
This is a huge threat to public safety in the Sunshine State.

Loaded, hidden guns could soon be allowed at NFL games and Florida schools

Carmelo Anthony is one of the NBA's most dominant players.

Tomorrow he'll take the court as a NBA All Star who's standing up to gun violence.
"When the physical wound is repaired, there's still another wound—one that can be lifelong," says clinical psychologist and Loyola University Chicago criminology professor Arthur Lurigio.

"Once a child has been shot, their illusion of safety is completely and utterly shattered."

For children who survive gun violence, road to recovery can be long

"We hear a lot of rhetoric from this new administration about violence in America. We share the goal of keeping our communities safe—but we are certain that the gun lobby’s agenda is precisely the wrong prescription."

Congress shows its hypocrisy on gun safety

This decision is a major defeat for the NRA.

Physicians do not leave their free speech rights at the clinic door. Doctors can – and should – talk to their patients about responsible gun ownership and the risks that come with having unsecured guns in the home, just as they would with any other safety concern.

Federal Court Rules Against NRA: Doctors Can Talk to Their Patients About Guns

If only Congress spent as much energy closing dangerous loopholes in our gun laws.

The NRA just persuaded Congress to legalize the killing of bear cubs in wildlife refuges

Senate does the NRA’s bidding and lets 75,000 severely mentally ill people buy guns.

Can’t balance a checkbook? Here, have a rifle

Here's how the dangerous "boyfriend loophole" is putting women's lives at risk.
BREAKING: Congress just took their first action on guns of the year, voting to weaken our background check system and make it easier for dangerously mentally ill people to get their hands on guns.

The same people who claim we should enforce the gun laws we have on the books just made it harder to enforce laws that prevent dangerous people from getting guns.

Congress just repealed rules to keep guns from the mentally ill

“I know absolutely there is nothing I could have done, even had I been armed at that time."

Former Montana high school principal who was shot at school speaks out against guns on campus

The greatest threat of violence to women isn't strangers in a dark alley—it's people they know, like a husband or a boyfriend.

Yet the laws that the gun lobby claims protect gun owners acting in self-defense rarely work for women going to court against their attacker.

The false promise that 'armed citizenship' will keep women safe

The Senate is discussing a resolution RIGHT NOW to weaken our background check system, making it easier for dangerously mentally ill people to get their hands on guns. They could vote as early as TODAY on this measure.

Call your senators NOW and ask them to oppose SJ Resolution 14. Text 'VOTE NO' to 64433 to be connected to your senators, and pass it on!
Davis' college basketball career could be over—all because someone had a gun.

Towson basketball player John Davis shot in knee during drive-by shooting

Domestic abusers are prohibited from buying or owning a gun if they’ve ever been married to, lived with, or had a child with the victim.

But a dangerous ex-boyfriend or dating partner? There’s little stopping them from getting a firearm.

The "boyfriend loophole" puts women's lives in jeopardy—it’s time to close it and prevent dangerous people from getting guns.

The dangerous loophole in our gun laws that's killing women

We don't think guns belong on college campuses.

Neither did the founding fathers.
If President Trump really wants to improve safety in America, he should start by making sure dangerous people don't have access to guns.

Since 1975, zero Americans were killed by terrorists born in the seven nations in Trump’s travel ban.

In that same period, more than a million Americans were killed by guns.

Husbands are deadlier than terrorists

That's 93 Americans too many.