The presence of a gun during a hate crime can cause devastating harm—even when it's not fired.

More than 2 million American children live in homes with unsecured guns.

Smart guns would help prevent unintentional child shooting tragedies.

Find out why they aren't available yet. (Hint: The gun lobby)

Who killed the smart gun?
It would be nice if Congress spent as much time working to close loopholes in our gun laws that allow dangerous people to have guns.

Thanks to the NRA, it could soon be legal to kill bear mothers and cubs in their dens in Alaska
"We support the Second Amendment. Many of our volunteers are gun owners or they're married to gun owners. This is not being anti-gun, this is about supporting the responsibilities that go along with gun rights."

Gun safety advocates are showing up at statehouses across the country fighting dangerous gun laws
Ayana McAllister, 19, was killed Monday when gunfire erupted on the set of a music video.

During the presidential election, McAllister expressed being moved by the "Mothers of the Movement" – women who have lost children to gun violence – after hearing them speak at a Hillary Clinton rally on her college campus.

Sadly, just months later, she became a victim of senseless gun violence herself....
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College freshman on spring break killed during shooting in Washington, D.C.
The NRA has described Judge Gorsuch as an “outstanding choice" -- and they're all-in, with $1 million invested in his nomination.

That's seriously alarming.

We need to know: Will Gorsuch rule in favor of the safety of all Americans -- or in favor of the gun lobby and their dangerous agenda of guns everywhere.

Why the NRA is betting big -- $1 million -- on Trump Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch
Attacks on one of the most vulnerable populations in America are on the rise.

We must #DisarmHate

(Graphic via
The NRA's leaders are spending a million dollars to pressure the Senate to confirm Judge Neil Gorsuch.

Why are they going all in? Well, some of Judge Gorsuch's past decisions show he may be out of line with the vast majority of Americans—including gun owners and NRA members—who agree we need to enforce the gun laws already on the books. Instead, he's shown a willingness to make it more...
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Demand the Senate to ask Judge Gorsuch about where he stands on guns
Americans deserve answers from Judge Gorsuch on where he stands on guns, and his view of the scope of the Second Amendment.

Gorsuch view on scope of Second Amendment a judicial mystery
The NRA loves to say the only way to stop a "bad guy" with a gun, is a "good guy" with a gun.

Well, when you look at the cold hard facts: That very rarely happens.

How often have good guys with guns stopped mass shootings?
Guns help turn hate into murder #DisarmHate
We agree. Guns have no place in our kids’ schools.
Who doesn't love St. Patrick's Day? Between the parades, the step-dancers, and everything turned green—really, what's not to love?

But next year's celebrations could look very different: If the NRA get their way, dangerous people could legally be carrying hidden, loaded guns at next year's parades and in bars packed with partiers.

Tell Congress: We can't let this happen.

Guns at the St. Paddy's Day parade? Not on our watch
Our military leaders—like most Americans—support common sense solutions to end gun violence.
"I am shocked that some in Congress are currently supporting a new piece of misguided and dangerous legislation that would make it easier for veterans who are at risk of facing a mental health crisis to get their hands on a gun."

—Retired United States Army General Peter W. Chiarelli

Our veterans in crisis need our help, not a gun
Over the weekend, a photo of a young man in a suit “air humping” the “Fearless Girl” statue went viral.

The statue happened to be rocking a Moms Demand Action hat at the time.

With rape culture, sexual violence and guns being a lethal combination—we don't find anything funny with this stunt.

The Fearless Girl and the Wall Street bro (And the Red Pom Hat)