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A man who believed an absurd news story brought an arsenal of guns to a D.C. pizzeria to investigate.

The combination of fake news, dangerous people who believe it and the easy availability of guns, is a recipe for disaster.

Thankfully no one was hurt this time.

N.C. man brought guns to a D.C. pizzeria to investigate conspiracy theory pushed by fake news site

A tragic milestone: Since January, there have been at least 200 shootings of law enforcement.

These shootings resulted in 259 law enforcement victims, including 56 deaths and 203 injuries.
“We want to stop gun violence everywhere. You’ve got to take the guns out of bad people’s hands. Lives are important. And nobody’s life should be taken because of gun violence," says Greg Calixte, a 17-year-old RENS player.

The New York RENS are the first sports team to #WearOrange patches on their uniforms for gun safety

9-year-old Kimi Reylander was killed when her 4-year-old brother found their great grandfather's unsecured gun and unintentionally shot her.

Reminder: Always keep guns properly secured when not in use—locked and unloaded.

A family tries to move on after toddler unintentionally shot and killed his older sister

If the NRA gets its way in Congress, people with no safety training could soon start carrying loaded, hidden handguns in every major city across the country.

This is dangerous and a serious threat to public safety everywhere.

National concealed carry is a threat to the public safety of everyone

Today, we remember the 14 people killed and 22 injured during a shooting at Inland Regional Center in San Bernardino, California.

We hold the victims and survivors in our hearts, and we recommit to acting in their honor.
Of those shootings, twice as many took place in states that don't require background checks on all handgun sales.

Gun safety measures, like background checks, help keep all Americans safe—including law enforcement.

There have been 200 shootings of police this year

BREAKING: Joe McKnight, 28, was shot and killed following an argument with another driver at an intersection Thursday afternoon in a New Orleans suburb.

McKnight played for the New York Jets and Kansas City Chiefs during his NFL career.

Earlier this year, former New Orleans Saints player Will Smith was also shot and killed following an argument with a driver near New Orleans.

Former NFL player Joe McKnight shot and killed in apparent road rage incident in Louisiana

A 14-year-old boy told Pennsylvania police that he shot and killed his mother and 8-year-old brother while they slept early Wednesday morning.

The boy told police he would've also shot his father had he been home. The gun used belonged to the boy's father.

Guns should be kept locked and unloaded when not in use, so that they don't fall into the wrong hands—preventing further tragedies.

14-year-old Pennsylvania boy shoots and kills mother and younger brother as they slept

The suspect in the shooting of a Tacoma, Wash. police officer was shot and killed by police after barricading himself inside a house and using two small children as human shields.

The officer killed was responding to a domestic violence call Wednesday at the residence.

When violent domestic abusers have guns, it puts the lives of children and women in danger, and law enforcement responding...
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Tacoma police officer fatally shot, suspect killed after 12-hour standoff

One of the NRA's favorite talking points is dead wrong.

New research shows that gunmen rarely target gun-free zones

“You don’t need a gun to try on a pair of jeans,” says CEO Chip Bergh.

Levi's to gun owners: Don't bring guns into stores

Joseph Sakran was shot in the throat as a high school senior when gunfire erupted during a fight after a football game.

Now 39, Sakran is fighting to end gun violence so others don't have to experience what he did.

"More than ever it's going to be important for us to really take a concerted effort to say that this is not a Democratic issue, not a Republican issue. This is an American issue,"...
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Trauma surgeon who survived a shooting as a teen now fights against gun violence

"I honestly don’t know if Leslie would be alive today if she had not had access to that gun. What I do know is that she got a second chance after attempting suicide twice before without using a gun.

There is rarely ever a second chance with a gun."

—Amanda Johnson, whose sister Leslie died by suicide with a gun

I wish doctors would have told me to keep guns away from my sister

Make a donation this Giving Tuesday towards the fight for a safer, stronger America free from gun violence.

Your generous gift will go directly towards fighting for the America we believe in—one where our kids aren't afraid of getting shot when they go to school or to the movies.
William Ronald Pulliam allegedly fatally shot 15-year-old James Harvey Means as he sat with friends on the porch at the home of a friend's grandmother.

Pulliam had a prior charge of domestic battery in 2013, for beating his pregnant daughter, which bars him from legally possessing a gun.

Pulliam showed no remorse for the killing, saying, “The way I look at it, that’s another piece of trash...
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Older white man shoots and kills unarmed black teen in possible hate crime

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UPDATE: Ohio State Police say the attacker purposely drove over curb into pedestrians, and stabbed people with butcher knife.

We’re grateful for the trained officers on the scene who intervened.

Please keep the entire Ohio State University community in your thoughts today.

BREAKING: Active shooter on Ohio State University campus

On June 12, 2016, 49 people were killed, and another 53 injured in the worst mass shooting in modern American history.

Read the story of what happened in the days, weeks and months that followed for survivors like Javier and Adrian, who have forged ahead after tragedy.

Orlando: The Day After