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I became vegan the day I realized standing up for the rights of others was more important to me than any perceived benefits I would gain from their exploitation. ~quotesonslavery.org

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Cassie is an orphaned lamb rescued by a close friend. You can read her story and follow her new adventure's here.. <3

Cassie the Lamb

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This is a quote from the 'From Animals to Anarchism' pamphlet, which can be downloaded for free here: [ Dysophia.org.uk Link ] and paper copies are also available: [ Activedistributionshop.org Link ]
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#veganchalkchallenge by Jocelyn Cole.
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As a classroom activity, hatching projects are undeniably popular with teachers and primary school pupils, but one wonders how many of them have thought through the consequences in terms of the educational outcomes for the children, the welfare of the animals and the impact on local animal sanctuaries? Animal Aid contacted 17 sanctuaries around the UK and, of those, 15 said that they are now...
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For more information on going vegan please download this free Vegan Guide [ Goveganworld.com Link ]
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A Tibetan Buddhist monk who has been described as ‘the happiest man in the world’ has said that adopting a vegan diet is his secret to lasting happiness.  Matthieu Ricard, who lives on a monastery in Nepal, was given the moniker by scientists after he took part in a 12-year study into meditation and...

'Happiest man in the world’ says veganism is the key to happiness

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"In retrospect, having been fooled by the allure of humanely slaughtered meat, I see the great irony of this labeling ploy. Marketers have to work harder to desensitize people who are more aware of the truth. Consumers who have some understanding of the injustice of slaughtering animals but choose to pay for it anyway have to work harder to remove themselves from the reality of their own...
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How joyful to know that I may live without harming you...
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"I watched the ants. I watched the bees. Observed the clouds and the wind. I began to notice the subtleties in nature. I watched mother squirrels, rabbits, horses, and yes, the cows (I’m from Colorado). I watched animals nurse their young just as I did, until it was time for them to chew the grass. And I wondered why humans would nurse their young, wean them, and then proceed to take milk from...
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Carnage is now on the BBC i-Player #carnage [ Bbc.in Link ]
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If you feel you would like to help, here is the link. M Butterflies Katz Long-Term Vegan Animal Rights Advocate lost her home and her belongings in a recent flood..

[ Givealittle.co.nz Link ]


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Professor Tom Regan, named as one of fifty visionaries who are changing the world, has been writing about (and advocating for) justice in terms of an abolitionist approach to animal rights since the 1970's. For more on Tom's original and groundbreaking work on animal rights and abolitionist veganism, please see his website:

#abolitionistvegan #animalrights #veganism #vegan
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“The greatest problem on earth today is the notion that some lives matter less than others. We imagine that non-human lives hardly matter at all. We live as though our difference from other species entitles us to use them and that they exist for our benefit. This view is not only inaccurate, it is unethical.”
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Stories of resistance.
Courtesy of Animalista Artist
In this video clip Mark Kermode discusses Simon Amstell's forthcoming film 'Carnage', which is due to be shown on the BBC i-Player tomorrow (Sunday 19th March) at 9pm.

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Kermode Uncut: Carnage

www.bbc.co.uk/markkermode Simon Amstell has made a film called Carnage which will be available on the iPlayer later this month. Here is my take on this smart...

This is a good article from Ed Winters that looks at some of the recent marketing ploys from a dairy industry desperately trying to reassure consumers.

'The food industry has frequently been accused of using clever marketing to create an idyllic image of animal agriculture, with terms like 'free range' being widely debunked by critics as nothing more than a cynical attempt to persuade...
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Asda Deletes Vegan Facebook Comments After 'Free Range' Milk Row