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Experimental Jetset
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Experimental Jetset
12/03/2016 at 14:35. Facebook
Something psychedelic for the weekend. Via Dangerous Minds, via Genesis P-Orridge:
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Experimental Jetset
12/03/2016 at 14:27. Facebook
When in LA (and we can’t wait to be in LA again), we will certainly check this out:
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Experimental Jetset
12/03/2016 at 14:19. Facebook
Bauhaus or bust. Yet another online archive of Weimar artifacts:
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Beautifully-Designed, Downloadable Bauhaus Architecture Books

They shoot horses, don’t they? Collapsed dancer, photographed by Stanley Kubrick. Great way to start the weekend:
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‘The Athens Recorder’ (Roma 286), the publication we recently edited and designed for photographer Johannes Schwartz, as featured on Tumblr:
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Books from the Future

The NO is ON! Just letting you know that the all-purpose protest banner we recently designed for THE THING QUARTERLY (San Francisco) will be on pre-sale for only five more days (until November 28)...
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So yeah – just a heads-up!
Tropical modernism, part 2. Psychedelic living under dictatorial circumstances. Great collection of Tropicalia-related record covers:
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Link via Wichita Horyingsawad.

Gallery: Lindo Sonho Delirante: 100 Psychedelic Records From Brazil (1968–1975)

Tropical modernism, part 1. A practical guide to Tropicalia (the Brazilian movement that has been such an inspiration to us since we first came across it – which was actually during a retrospective that took place at the Barbican in London, back in 2006):
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Link via Pitchfork.

God Is on the Loose! How the Tropicália Movement Provided Hope During Brazil’s Darkest Years

In the latest issue of London-based Strike! magazine (Volume 17, Autumn 2016), there’s a short article we wrote on the subject of Provotarian aesthetics (or more precisely, the relationship between the Provo movement, the city, and the printing press). If you come across a copy, do check it out:
[ Strikemag.org Link ]
Thanks to Robbie and Hannah for inviting us.
It’s November the 21st... In other words, International Wim Crouwel Day!
[ Ssahn.com Link ]
Happy birthday to Wim (who turned 88 today) – and congratulations to Judith as well.

SSAHN – Judith Cahen / Wim Crouwel (2007)

To be a copyist, wrote one scribe, was painful: “It extinguishes the light from the eyes, it bends the back, it crushes the viscera and the ribs, it brings forth pain to the kidneys, and weariness to the whole body” – that’s pretty much the physical state of the average graphic designer (including us), come to think of it...
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Link via Alan Smart.

How to Protect Your Library With Medieval Book Curses

Modulation for the masses:
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Just surfing some spooky frequencies on a rainy Sunday afternoon. (Link via Free Music Archive).

Amplitude Modulation

Great list of Gymnopedian/bohemian behavior. And then this article doesn’t even mention the fact that Satie often introduced himself as “Citizen Satie of the Arcueil Soviet”, or that he owned (and wore nothing but) seven identical grey suits (purchased in 1895 with a small inheritance)…
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Composer Erik Satie Was So Much Weirder Than You Realize

Voodoo idols for savage times. Porcelain amulets, part of Karina Bisch’s ongoing ‘Painting for Living’ project:
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Thinking of a Marshall plan. The medium is the massage is the message, spotified:
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Link via Free Music Archive.

Hear Marshall McLuhan’s The Medium is the Massage (1967)

And who by fire?
Who by water?
Who in the sunshine?
Who in the night time?
Who by high ordeal?
Who by common trial?
Who in your merry merry month of May?
Who by very slow decay?

And who shall I say is calling?


French people urgently looking for our paperback – search no more. The publication can be found at Offprint, the art book fair that’s currently (November 10–13, 2016) happening at the Beaux-Arts de Paris:
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Photo by Femke!
Waiting for the NO! to be turned into an ON! – or the other way around:
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