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What's the deal with the muddy waters in the San Francisco Bay?

Muddy Waters | Exploratorium

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The world turned upside down. #cameraobscura
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Surf's up! A glimpse #behindthescenes in our Editorial department.
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Ooblek. Flubber. Silly putty. Ketchup? It's true, your favorite condiment is a non-newtonian fluid! Understanding how it's properties work can help you get the best out of your bottle without the mess.

How to Get Ketchup From a Bottle Without the Wait, Watery Goo and Splatter

The fog bridge. Always magical. #exploratorium #sf #fog #fogbridge #fujikonakaya
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Reminder: We are open from 10am–5pm on President's Day ☔

Exploratorium Open President’s Day | Exploratorium

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Frozen flower for teacher activity #flowerpower
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"We need to tell more diverse and realistic stories about AI if we want to understand how these technologies fit into our society today, and in the future."

We Need to Tell Better Stories About Our AI Future - Motherboard

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Addicted to your phone? FOMO and anxiety play a role in the compulsion to constantly check what's going on online.

Why We Compulsively Check Our Phones

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Important questions to ask on #DayofFacts - From our blog post: [ Explo.me Link ]
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Some tips and tricks on investigating the integrity of any scientific claim you may read in the news for this #DayofFacts

Can You Believe It? Seven Questions to Ask About Any Scientific Claim

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#FlashbackFriday: Remains of the day. After the Exploratorium moved in 2013, a ghostly outline of the Angels Column remained.
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Tonight: Join us for an evening of transmuted cinema with Barbara Hammer

Changing the Shape of Film: An Evening with Barbara Hammer

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Did you know: Zooplankton flock to blue and green lights but not orange and red?

At the exhibit Plankton Rainbow, you can observe this phenomenon in action. Plankton's ability to sense blue and green light help guide them to their food source at the surface of the ocean.
Local physics teacher Bree Barnett Dreyfuss shares a cool (or should we say hot?) experiment she did using our thermal imagining camera exhibit!

Nothing's as cool as seeing the heat

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After Dark: Extended Cinemas

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Happy Valentine's Day #science #evidence #inclusion
Exploratorium staff shenanigans on Valentine's Day! #museumlove #sciencelove
Today we observe the diverse ways in which love can be found. Explore more at storycorps.org. #ValentinesDay StoryCorps

Connie and Blanca Alvarez