It's cheap to watch #ExtremeCheapskates! In fact, it costs nothing at all. ;) Watch wherever, wherever on #TLCgo!

Extreme Cheapskates | TLC GO
From dumpster diving to excessive recycling, these #ExtremeCheapskates will have you saying OMG. Watch now on #TLCgo.

Extreme Cheapskates | TLC GO
No time to waste! New year, new coupon goals!

The Early Bird Gets the Coupon
This #ExtremeCheapskates episodes is certainly extreme! Check it out on #TLCgo.

Merry Cheapskate Christmas | Extreme Cheapskates | TLC GO
This college couponer is legit!

Toga Party
Couponing to land a job? How does that work?

Let me Prove it to You
From dumpster diving to sharing floss, these individuals are nothing short of fascinating! Settle in for marathon #TLCgo viewing of #ExtremeCheapskates.

Extreme Cheapskates | TLC GO
With the holiday store rush underway, this moment has us cringing!

Extreme Check-Out
Well, it is National Kitten Day...

I Lick My Cat
This #BlackFriday, we hope this talent runs in your family too! #ExtremeCouponing

Passing the Torch
It's a couponing contest like no other!

All-Stars in Action!
Can you imagine what the couponers would have to say about this?!

Anfisa Picks a 300k Engagement Ring
Grocery store hacks for this week's shop [ Link ]

6 Tips for Saving Money on Groceries
Black Friday is right around the corner!

Black Friday-Aholic
I wonder how this foodie fella is celebrating #NaionalSandwichDay.

Cheapskate Foodie